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  1. So i really love the babygirl looks as in the style and fashion side of things, this really appeals to me a lot. I love dressing up in clothing from Crazy Kitty etc and wearing cute hairstyles. The thing is i have no interest in relationships in SL so i'm not looking for or wanting a Daddy at all. The question is can i be i still be classed as a babygirl without a Daddy? I think of myself as one and i want to be one i just have no interest in being with a Daddy. I'm kinda confused about it all?
  2. I tried the Legacy demo and i really love the default skin that comes with it. The problem is when i tried bakes on mesh option it switched to my skin which i don't want to use. I guess i must have messed up or is there a way to keep the Legacy skin and use Bom so i can add tattoos and what not. I really love this skin so much.
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