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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me identify what skin the model for Alantori Ryan hair has on? The skin appears to have a few light moles. Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if you rez something like a car in the sandbox, can someone come and take it away from you for good? Meaning, can you lose items in it and not have them come back to your inventory?
  3. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great new year so far. However, I am not. My fiancee and I's landlord recently raised the price for our modest skybox and it turns out we aren't in the financial situation to continue to pay anymore. We currently have around 2 weeks left until we're homeless. I was wondering if any of generous and helpful people have a house or skybox that you're not currently using or rarely use it that we can live in and rez a baby we got? Our home is really the only thing keeping us on sl nowadays. We thought we were set with our current rent situation,
  4. Hello everyone! Do you guys have any recommendations for shops to get nice men's clothing for a Gianni body? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you and have a great day! -William
  5. Hey everyone! Merry belated Christmas XD I was wondering if any of you know places/landlords that are willing to let people live there for cheap and/or buy for cheap.
  6. Hey! Do any of you know some good clothing stores to check out for a gianni body? Thanks!
  7. Hey! I was wondering if you guys know any stores like "Onsu Mainstore" for beautiful skybox homes for purchase (not rentals)? I'm specifically looking for some that are at least 40x40 meters or smaller! Thanks! 😄👍
  8. Thank you all so much for your help and advice! Really great seeing all of the nice responses!
  9. HEY EVERYONE! 😄 I was wondering if any of you would be beyond generous by giving me any unused male heads, skins, mesh body, hair, and/or apparel that you might have laying around in your inventory. I'm currently not in the financial situation right now to purchase any L$, so I figured why not ask you guys for stuff you may not need anymore. I love Second Life and would absolutely love to feel confident playing as my avi and feel like I fit in, as well. Anything is very much appreciated! If feeling generous please send to: WilliamJL Thank you! 🙏
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