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  1. I suggest re-evaluating everything you have in the house on a LI basis. All too often creators get lazy and put little or no effort into optimizing their creations and though their wine bottle, for example, may look incredible it has an outrageous LI of 10 (I wouldn't expect it to be more then 1). Being that the house itself isn't costing you any LI the 175 of your parcel should be plenty, you should be able to free up quite a lot by weeding out the heavier LI items and replacing with better optimized stuff.
  2. My first Linden Home was a Mountain View where I spent much time as a dangerous newbie experimenting with prims and scripts. One experiment I most remember was creating a room sized hollow cube and then for reasons I can't recall setting it Physical. Later I found it on top of the house sitting at a wonky angle, I cringe thinking what that must have done to sim performance as it wiggled its way up there. Can't recall anything special about the area it was in and after a while I decided I was better off building my own structure then trying to improve a Linden Home though I'd make repeated attempts in the future, my most outrageous example below. First mainland build was on Carrick. Learned a lot about first checking the area for issues like ugly neighbors, with tunnel vision I fell for the view of the ocean and grabbed a 512 sq.m parcel then soon expanded into the next two. Despite the ugly builds, and more that sprung up right in my view of the ocean, I had a blast building and realized I really should have given more thought to the internal setup before putting so much into the exterior. Just visited Carrick after I forget how many years and surprisingly things have improved there quite a bit. Still if I ever build again on mainland I'll likely pick a different location.
  3. Any system where a Linden is giving a home to a specific person would open the Lindens up to accusations of favoritism, that's my guess why there isn't and never will be a sign up sheet.
  4. They should have some sort of "all gone, but we're always making more" message in that menu
  5. My main complaint about my house is that due to the mole landscaping I can't bring a driveway to the front, I've manage to drive in/out the side but that involves dodging a bush and a tree. Also the whole neighborhood is kind of in a grid pattern and void of any bodies of water, boring compared to many other areas. But being what it took to snag the house I decided to just stick with it and adapt. Maybe after supply has reached demand I'll try for a better place, it's also pretty likely I'll get too settled in to ever move.
  6. Was once an old cemetery, they relocated all the old grave markers but can't come to an unanimous decision if they can get away with just leaving the graves.
  7. When I snagged my house about a month ago I had an auto-refreshing window open on the second monitor while doing work on the first monitor. I'd notice when the page refreshed and have my mouse over there in an instant, still saw a lot of boats and houses slip past before I finally got one.
  8. You need to do the following to increases your tier
  9. Great roadside parcel, flat, 1024 sq.m square in shape. Only asking L$3000. Have enjoyed it for over a year but moving on to a new space. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/November/201/219/84
  10. Flat and reasonably regular shape, easy to build on. Developing branch of SL Railroad and abandoned parcel bordering two sides (best neighbor is no neighbor ). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xanthorhoe/100/83/47
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gibbosa/77/230/33 Roadside parcel in beautiful area on the Heterocera Atoll continent. Has view of the Linden Ocean and is protected on three sides by Linden Road, SL Route 5, and a Linden waterway. Tier can be covered by 2048 tier level + 512 from premium membership + 10% group bonus.
  12. @Mercury Like all trends all we can do is laugh at it and endure, and hope that what comes along to replace it isn't quite so bad.
  13. I'd say this is an example of someone with too much time on their hands :smileylol:
  14. Though not mainland, and not RP specific, I recommend the Linden Wilderness area at Leech (link here)
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