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  1. Not sure if I'm moving to a Victorian, leaning more towards stealing their details to add to my Winchester. They are definitely bigger then the Traditionals, I could see how they filled up more of their lots.
  2. This is the truck-with-tree I got in my front yard as a decoration. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NOW-BACK-The-Holiday-Rockwell-Truck-Limited-Edition/8219154 Very happy with what I got though I had to download/edit/upload the texture to get rid of the snow. It looks great with the snow on it, I just don't feel like adding snow to the rest of my house and lot so that the truck doesn't look comically out of place. Once I figured out how to easily edit it I ended up with a backyard packed with about a half dozen trucks of various colors like some vehicle hoarder.
  3. For when the "No Soliciting" sign isn't taken seriously enough.
  4. Just shave 11 LI off my set of Winter Premium Gift Lights (from 52 down to 41) by changing its physic type to none after linking a cube of physics type convex hull to it as root. Was hoping for more of a LI savings but it'll due for a month and save me from buying or making light strings.
  5. I suspect it'd be easy enough for them to just stop the updating of the map tiles for those regions for however long they want.
  6. Something different (SSPE359)
  7. Often I've gotten it to work by copying the link to an external web browser.
  8. Perhaps do a winter wonderland build up in a skybox. Or get a parcel on the snow part of mainland (Sansara?) for a couple of months.
  9. I suspect a too strong influence of a land barons lobbying group that prevents the Lindens from doing something like this.
  10. Sainte Helene + Bellisseria = inheritable as senile eels
  11. This thread always gives me the mental image of a calm pool of water frothing up after a chunk of meat has been tossed in.
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