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  1. Really hope all this doesn't get this thread locked
  2. I'm sticking with my PO'd poltergeist theory.
  3. Something that will help with griefer teleporting is setting a Landing Point. In About Land under the Options tab at the bottom right is the Landing Point options. Position your avatar at the point you want anyone teleporting to your parcel to land and click Set, then under Teleport Routing select "Landing Point". Or you could just select "Blocked" for Teleport Routing and anyone teleporting in to your parcel just dumped just outside. Of course Landing Point doesn't apply to your own avatar so they can still pop around as much as you want.
  4. Knutz Place Not terribly original, and not consistent if I put a 's in there or not.
  5. It blows off the region's Moderate rating several times over.
  6. I'm definitely rooted and not totally sure why. When I finally managed to get my Traditional there were several things I wasn't satisfied with, but with how hard it was to get one at the time I reasoned it was better to just wait till more homes were available. That time came and past and I'm still in the same Trad. I was impressed by the Victorians when they came out, but apparently not impressed enough to give up my Traditional. Whatever new styles come will they appeal to me enough to finally cause me to move, or have I become too deeply rooted to this one house?
  7. Just when I thought I'd seen everything on this ship.
  8. I had explored the SS Galaxy back when the Lindens had taken it over, and had forgotten about it not long after that. It could have easily been deleted and I'm not sure anyone would have remembered it. Glad it's here now in a much more visible spot.
  9. I'm one of those that never tire of playing with blocks and I like SL so much because you can rez so many in almost infinite configurations, and it's a hell lot cheaper then Legos
  10. To do a roof corner like below start with a cube, Taper both X and Y to 1 to turn it into a pyramid, then Top Shear X and Y to -0.5 (or whatever combination of +0.5 and -0.5) to slant it in the needed direction. To texture the sides I switched Mapping to Planar otherwise the texturing was skewed.
  11. It's fun to set everything to black and white and grays and listen to people complain about textures not loading.
  12. Open-access As in having vehicle access to the road from your home lot not blocked by vegetation and fences etc on Linden Land. My main gripe about my current home is being nearly blocked off from the road by bushes and wooden fences, I do manage to drive in and out of the backyard though that involves dodging a tree then a bush.
  13. Saw the crowd on the map and went to check it out, took forever for my old computer to rez the scene. Quite a while till everyone was actually wearing their clothes 😉
  14. Maybe they're trying to make something like the RL Winchester House, a confusing mess of additions. But seriously I hope they take it down AND continue practicing building up in a skybox or at a sandbox.
  15. Just did a quick cam'ing around my neighborhood of Tradition homes and found 4 that are in Governor Linden's name. Never thought I'd see any of them unoccupied.
  16. During or close to initial release one of my alts got a house boat, found he could hardly move because of the lag, and abandoned it and managed to get a traditional. Back then ban lines were appearing because someone hadn't disabled that yet. Shortly after he abandoned the traditional too because renewal for his premium was coming up, I was impressed with the new linden homes but not impressed enough to continue paying for two premium accounts and I didn't feel like giving up Knutz's mainland parcel. But I wouldn't be able to forget about Bellisseria. I think it was a post on VirtualVerse (once SLU) that renewed my curiosity and I found myself frequently visiting the new continent and reading here. On mainland I had always gotten bored with my parcel fairly quickly and moved but this time decided to give the new Linden Homes another try. It was about a week of auto refreshing, mad clicking, cursing, then repeat till I finally snaged one. That was back on Aug 5 and I'm still on that same parcel. I was disappointed that landscaping prevented me from having a driveway to the front of the house and much more spectacularly scenic areas are not very far away, but the effort I put into getting the place stopped me from abandoning and retrying and I like the ways I have adapted and settled in. Like I said in another post I doubt the new Victorians will make me abandon my current place, I'm probably going to borrow details from them to vicky up my own place.
  17. Not sure if I'm moving to a Victorian, leaning more towards stealing their details to add to my Winchester. They are definitely bigger then the Traditionals, I could see how they filled up more of their lots.
  18. This is the truck-with-tree I got in my front yard as a decoration. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NOW-BACK-The-Holiday-Rockwell-Truck-Limited-Edition/8219154 Very happy with what I got though I had to download/edit/upload the texture to get rid of the snow. It looks great with the snow on it, I just don't feel like adding snow to the rest of my house and lot so that the truck doesn't look comically out of place. Once I figured out how to easily edit it I ended up with a backyard packed with about a half dozen trucks of various colors like some vehicle hoarder.
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