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  1. i tried to get all my lindens out by Aug 1, but i can't find out if i succeeded. Why do they have to make everything so hard. Also, can I pay for my premium year, etc. with lindens?
  2. The operative word here is " it seems". So if i dont' want to have any dollars in Tilia any more and NOT give my social security number and operate inworld purely with lindens and have people who pay me for inworld work send the money directly to paypal - Does that mean I am "INACTIVE" and subject to a charge? If I buy lindens with paypal account - does that mean I have to give my social security number? I'm getting pretty fed up.
  3. i had SL up and running beautifully on my new Dell GE 15 Laptop with Nvidia GEFORCE 1050 ti graphics card. Then i ran into other problems (static) that the techs from Dell, in trying to troubleshoot did a reset to factory, which did not reload right (the problem turned out to be a bad motherboard which has since been replaced). Some apps were left off. The next guy did a complete update. I have a list of the missing files. Since then neither SL or Firestorm will load my inventory (folders yes, items no), I also have no groups, and names are gone...only UUID. I still land in my nome and see all my rezzed items. most stuff other than those are working. EVerything works on my old Lenovo laptop with Win 8.1 and a much weaker graphics card. It's all there. I am in despair. I've uninstalled, manually uninstalled everything in the directories...though not the directories themselves...done a clean install of SL viewer and nothing seems to work. HELP? do i
  4. I got a new Laptop..a Dell G3 15 and we had some problems with it. Their support techs reset it to factory and when it was reloading it reported problems reloading some apps. The next tech did not reset it when I told him of this, instead he updated WIN10. Ever since then, I get to region capabilities..and 3 attempts, load as a cloud and no Inventory in SL viewer, it reports 8,000 in FS viewer, but they don't appear. My groups are 0 and everyone is UUID numbers. This only happens on the Dell. Everything is normal on my old Laptop that runs Win 8.1 and has all it's applications. I don't know if this matters, but the MS Visual C++ redistributables, both 64 and 86 2010 are among the list of missing apps. Also when I did a compatibility check it reported incmpatible program
  5. I have just retired and will be traveling and I need to know if there's a used gamer laptop good enough to run SL so i can build and hear music and occasionally hostess. I have found some for under 1000 with 8GB dedicated graphic NVIDIA 860M. when i look at the system requirements the numbers on NVIDIA graphic cards are lower than that. Have they not updated it or are the lower numbers better. I am not a hardware person (In case u couldnt' tell)
  6. It's a mix between your skin and how you change the numbers in APPEARANCE on your head and face and such. (get a modifiable one) and ALWAYS try on the demo - especially if you can't get a modifiable one.
  7. Why do I see a truncated listing in Events - Live Music. In a full search i can find the musician, in the regular search - only a few listed and not the ones I'm looking for. Even if i look for the time I know he's playing and use all categories - NOT there. Listed fine inworld. But full listing with pics,etc. no.
  8. Ok...I accept that I can't downgrade until my premium quarter is up in January BUT I was told that in order to downgrade I have to abandon my land. So I abandoned my house in Tseki. For these three months can I own land and receive my stipend?
  9. I downgraded my account today. My premium was taken out on Oct. 31, 2013. I realized i can't afford this and downgraded. I gave up my land and was immediately downgraded. Then I received a msg that seemed to say they will keep the whole premium that ends in Jan 2014 - but i don't get the priveleges for those 3 months??? That was NOT clearly stated in the downgrade warning. Hell - it wsn't stated at all. silly me..i assumed a morality to Lindens that apparently isn't there and thought it would be prorated and some of what I'd paid would return to my paypal account. Can it be that the owners are so greedy they will take money for which no value is given?
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