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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: Eek that will stop your heart. The emails seem to be dribbling in now, about 7 hours after the sales were made. I have and have had the same problem for at least the latest 2 weeks now. There are sales and the emails are sometimes delayed up to several hours after the actual transaction.
  2. When I first noticed this odd behaviour, I filed a ticket and asked what is wrong or rather, what am I doing wrong for my listings to drop when I edit and try to improve the item. At that time, it was only for the normal listings and changes to them, things were acting up. The answer I got was only the standard, like sorry you are having a problem bla bla and then that they could not tell me how their algorithm for listings worked ... as if I asked for that. Then I was sent a link to the general help advice about how to list your products for sale on the marketplace ...
  3. Yes, I did this too .. not that fun. A change of a miss-spelled word and it went down to the bottom. I just got surprised over that it happens even for listing enhancements now as well. Totally defeats the purpouse.
  4. Paranormal Putzo wrote: So far after being charged it's still in the same spot. how soon did yours drop down after you listed it? Basically just some minutes after I noticed it in viewing my own store that the latest listing enhancement items were on the bottom.
  5. Thank you, I thought it was me doing something wrong. The worst is they seem to drop AND stay there. At least for the latest days. mtwtfss71, I noticed the same. Anything you do after it is listed, any change, will drop it. I know until recently, you could at least correct errors in your listings. This I feel that is totally wrong. As it is now, we can't even add missing information or similar to a listing now without loosing the position.
  6. I recently took some listing enhancement and noticed, the items dropped to the bottom when sorting on relevance. Has someone else experienced this? I can understand and also noticed, it may do the same if I do a change in the item title or the description. Fair enough, the algorithm may put it down or the relevance result be affected. But, to drop it for listing enhancements? That feels like totally against the purpouse of wanting to use the listing enhancements in the first place, i.e. I'm punished for using their service for advertising. Am I doing the listing enhancement wrong in some way (not that I know of how to do them differently, but anyhow)?
  7. Really you have not done anything wrong. She is obviously an alt of someone, minding her comment in relation to her birthdate. When the weekend is over, I'm sure Linden lab will remove it (flagged too for unrelated).
  8. Good to see it's not me seeing these ads, I thought my viewer had some issues first time I saw them. As someone stated earlier, they are genuine Google Ads but they are really placed all over the site and at some pages. What I feel is most disturbing is that, how they jump in and basically occupies the screen at some pages. If they going to use them, the very least they could do is place them correctly.
  9. I'm having an early spring cleaning of my too big inventory! Bargains for you! All I find that are transfer, I'll regulary put out for sale (0L, 1L, 5L etc). Help me free some prims for more bargains to be available! LIMO
  10. Finally! Very useful features, thank you!
  11. You will find quite a bit of information here as well, might be useful when you are a new merchant: Selling in the marketplace - guide
  12. It could also be the file format the pictures are in. For example .tga or .psd doesn't work, you need them to be saved in .png or .jpg (some other file formats are also accepted but can't remember which).
  13. paratracker wrote: I want to thank the vendors that have been including pic(s) of their product(s) in the delivery box/bag. Although it's true that one could easily add/wear apparrel to see what it looks like, the downside is that you need to have the appearance dialog open so you can undo changes after trying things on. Also rebaking and changing back takes a lot longer than opening & closing a static pic. Obviously, I keep those pics around to save time when I'm browing through less familiar corners of my closet (inventory). Thank you for the feedback, I always do that in my products, simply because I like it myself, but wasn't sure if others were of the same opinion
  14. Sephina Frostbite wrote: I bought heels and they worked awesome when I went to put that on again and it had a whole bunch of trialges (I am assuming error) and then that part of the shoe is missing. Should I buy another pair, I dont how to find out who the creator is. Thanks.. Are the shoes made of mesh or sculpted prims? Make sure your graphic settings are set high enough to display them properly, especially LOD settings. Also give time for the items to rez properly, maybe your internet connection are temporarilly slow or similar? Try to attach/detach, relog etc. You find the creator by right click on the heels either when wearing them or rezzed, click edit and then in the object field you should be able to see the creator. Otherwise, from your inventory, right click the heels, choose properties. That too should give you the name of the creator.
  15. Eeilee wrote: I'm not sure where eles to put this so I opted for this forum. When I got up this morning, there was a message on my Marketplace home page stating that a demo of an avatar was removed but it didn't tell me why. This demo item has been up for over 2 months. I double checked the item in my inventory to be sure it was okay and had the demo in it (just in case it was removed due to customer complaint of some sort) Where do I go to find out why this was removed? And how do I go about making sure this doesn't randomly happen again? You can file a ticket including the URL to your item and ask them for advice if you are insecure. Also check these links: Listing guidelines and Category guidelines
  16. Eeilee wrote: Should have read through the forums before I posted Looks like they think that listing an avatar demo under complete avatars is the incorrect category. Where else would/should I list this? The demo includes skin, shape and mesh body part demos. List it under the next section that you feel is appropriate, not directly under Complete Avatars, that may be the issue. For example Complete female avatars with clothing, Monster avatars etc.
  17. First, a big thank you for these advices, they are incredibly helpful to achieve a effective and structured workflow for future projects! Chosen Few wrote: Lutricia Roux wrote: I export the skin weight maps, fix the UVs, import them back and try again. I'm not sure why you chose to go about it that way. Exportation of the the skin weight maps is only necessary if you're going to detach the skin from the skeleton, and then re-bind it later. Did you do that, and just forget to mention it, or did you not do it? So you know, you don't actually have to detach. You can adjust the UV's while the model is still rigged. It's hardly the recommended approach, but you can do it, as long as you don't perform any operations that might conflict with the existing history. Be sure to delete non-deformer history very often, as you work, and absolutely remember to do it at the end. The only history that should still exist when you're done is the deformer history (so the skeleton can function). To avoid conflicts, it is often better to make a copy of the model, make your UV changes on the copy, and then after you're done, copy the UV's over to the original. This way, there's far less chance for things to get borked, since you're only making one big change to the original, instead of a million little changes. You'll still need to delete non-deformer history afterward, of course. Actually, I'm not sure either. I believe I had a major "brain fart" plus that my memory fails me which doesn't make it easier to clarify my odd actions. What I didn't know though, was that it was possible to edit UV's on a rigged model. That may been the reason too, I was trying to fix what I thought was broken after my UV editing (detach, attach and import skin weight maps) but instead adding even more problems. This is good news and great advices. I knew about the option to copy UV's but never thought of approach it this way. Chosen Few wrote: Lutricia Roux wrote: Q1: This step puzzles me, should this really be possible, isn't the skin weights reliant to the UVs and the actual rig would be destroyed now by me editing the UVs after the actual weight painting? If you altered the UV's on the model, then the old weight maps should no longer have been applicable. Something must be missing from your description of what you did. Did you perhaps add a second UV set? If so, you could have kept one set for weight mapping, and used the other for texturing. This, just as above, is another example of where making a copy of the model could have been the best solution. After the UV changes were done, you could have copied weights from one model to the other. The Copy Weights function doesn't have to care about UV's, and since you weren't altering the actual geometry of either model, you would have gotten a perfect 1:1 projection from one to the other. I agree, this was my understanding and part of the reason I got totally confused. I must have forgotten an important step here, but at least that is clarified, it should not work to import the skin weight maps to an UV set that I edited after the export. When you say it, it just dawn on me, why didn't I think of this! I should have copied the skin weight instead, I knew that it didn't care about UV's instead the actual geometry, but it never dawned on me until you mentioned it here. Anyhow, this is as I said before, great feedback and reminder. There are some other problems I had that I now can go back and fix in other projects! Chosen Few wrote: Lutricia Roux wrote: Q2: Do anyone have an idea of what it is that makes Maya crash on export like this? I never experienced similar. Without examining your scene file, I can make some educated guesses as to what might be going on. My first guess is the one I already mentioned. Perhaps you've got multiple UV sets in place, and the exporter doesn't understand the structure. Another possibility is that in having done so many things out of the typical order, you may have created a mathematical impossibility somewhere, which Maya is unable to resolve for export. Every Maya scene, under the hood, is a large database of equations and variables. When you perform operations out of order, and especially if you don't delete history at the right times as you go, it's easy to create paradoxical situations, in which the math simply can't work anymore. I probably don't have to tell you this, but to avoid such problems, you should do things in the expected order. If you find you need to make changes later that go out of order, whether because you forgot to do something or just because you changed your mind about something, you should take whichever path is least likely to cause conflicts. If I were to find myself in a situation in which I needed to alter the UV mapping and material assignments of an already rigged model, here's how I would handle it: 1. Make a copy of the model. Set it invisible, so it can't be messed with, and leave it alone, for now. 2. Detach the original skin from the skeleton. Delete history. 3. Make the needed changes to the UV map. Delete history. (Note: This would be a really good spot for an incremental save, if you haven't been doing them regularly all along. Save the scene as a new file, with the same name, but with a number after it, such as _001.) 4. Make the needed changes to the materials. Delete history. (This would be another really good place for an incremental save (_002).) 5. Bind the skin to the skeleton. 6. Make the copy visible, and copy weights from it to the original. (_003) 7. If you're satisfied that the original is now functioning properly in all respects, delete the copy, and clean up the scene. (_004) 8. Now you can safely export, and upload. Of course, it's also possible that the scene file simply got corrupted, through no fault of yours at all. It happens. Either way, it's crucially important to do those incremental saves regularly as you work, so that if and when there is a problem, you can step back to an earlier version of the scene, from before the problem existed. That way, you only have to redo some of the work, instead of all of it. I thought of the multiple UV maps first too and it was one of the things I looked at first. I deleted the one I didn't use and had just the corrected one. Most likely I did something wrong here but unfortunately I can't remember all the steps. Anyhow, one good thing to check first. I would believe as you say it became so many changes out of order that Maya simply couldn't handle the data. It makes sense when I see your explanations of the proper workflow and the things I "should" have done. This step by step workflow you provide is excellent and one of the things I keep forgetting, to do incremental save as you go and after crucial steps where you simply need to redo all of the work if you mess up later on. Chosen Few wrote: Lutricia Roux wrote: Q3: Suggestions of things to try to enable to export, is it my computer lacking enough memory, can I alter some settings in Maya etc? I think it's unlikely that the problem has to do with computer memory or Maya settings. Since the weight maps worked when they shouldn't have, and since problem started after material assignments, my best guess, again, is that you've got multiple UV sets in place, and possibly something in your shader networks is royally messed up, as well. If you want to try to save the scene, I'd suggest you dig deeply through your UV set editor, hypergraph connections, outliner, and hypershade, to look for anything that might be out of whack. If you find anything at all that doesn't absolutely need to exist, nuke it. If you find any improper connections, break them, and reestablish them correctly. Etc., etc., etc. Of course, this assumes that you already know what all the correct structures should look like in the first place. If this kind of thing is beyond your knowledge or comfort level, don't attempt it, because if you don't know exactly what you're doing, you could easily make things worse. It doesn't take much to utterly destroy a Maya scene, if you just start poking it with a stick. Sometimes, the best solution is simply to start over. You mentioned the model isn't terribly complicated. Chances are it won't be difficult for you to recreate, then. And the good news is you're all but guaranteed to do a better job of it this time around, since you're now intimately familiar with what mistakes not to make. You'll certainly UV it, and get all your materials in order, before you rig it this time. Absolutely, I doubt I will ever forget to fix the UV's before the rig now when I accidentally discovered the mess it can create. Since the model wasn't that complicated, I'll try to start from fresh and follow your advices instead. I just wanted to know, what I was doing wrong, not to repeat the same mistake again and again. Now I know and I also got some really helpful advices to improve things, thank you Chosen!
  18. Syle Devin wrote: Would investing more time and selling working items that aren't fullperm be better? There is so much fullperm mesh but does it sell better than mesh furniture and props that are already set up with textures and animations? Personally I believe, the most important is that you provide good quality, no matter if you choose to do it as ready made sets or as templates for further modifications. Especially for the full perm mesh templates, there are a lot of mesh template sellers but unfortunately few with really good quality. No matter which way you choose, invest time in quality for the customer. Syle Devin wrote: How do you go about selling fullperm items? Fullperm Mesh? Fullperm Sculpts? There is a special category for mesh items, see Building Components/Mesh creator tools. List them there Otherwise, can you clarify what you mean? How to sell full perm mesh? Or full perm in general? I thought your question was about full perm mesh templates vs mesh items?
  19. Hello, I have a bit of odd problem I've been trying to solve without any luck and thought I give it a last try to solve it by asking here for advice before I start over from scratch. I'm working in an old Maya (2008) but have so far managed to both rig, export, upload etc mesh and successfully import to SL. This last job is giving me a bit of a headache though. I'll try to describe it in detail in case someone perhaps might be able to point out where I go wrong. First thing was that I forgot to set the UV maps before I did the actual rigging. I exported the model, uploaded and realized I forgot the UV mapping. Fair enough, I thought. I export the skin weight maps, fix the UVs, import them back and try again. Export worked good, uploaded to SL and mesh looked ok. Q1: This step puzzles me, should this really be possible, isn't the skin weights reliant to the UVs and the actual rig would be destroyed now by me editing the UVs after the actual weight painting? Again, I forgot to set different textures for each face. Back again, apply textures to selected faces and now the problem starts. Everytime I try to export the mesh, either unrigged or rigged, Maya crashes. Other parts in the scene works, but not the actual body of the character (i.e rigged clothes etc export without any problem). The model is not extremelly detailed, not high count on anything, which I thought was the issue first, because previously I had to export the scene in parts for Maya not to crash. Q2: Do anyone have an idea of what it is that makes Maya crash on export like this? I never experienced similar. Q3: Suggestions of things to try to enable to export, is it my computer lacking enough memory, can I alter some settings in Maya etc? Note, I have even tried to import the mesh into a new scene, new skeleton, rig it and ... crash. Always after I apply textures. I tried to apply both the standard Maya textures (checkered) as well as own created ones. No luck. I also (since I think as I ask in Q1, that it does affect it) detached the mesh from the skeleton, deleted all history, attached again so it shouldn't be affected by my previous mistake. No luck. I know it is a lenghty post, please ask if I need to clarify some steps, thank you!
  20. We have a wireless USB modem that I run SL of (if that is what you mean with "stick") and it works perfectly well for SL. That is, until the limited data usage is consumed, which for SL doesn't take long and then it is slow because our provider start to limit the speed. To share the connection, we often have it connected to a router too, but both solutions works for SL. My advice would be to check/compare what data amount the provider offers you and to what speed (and if they start to limit it after a certain amount is consumed as well).
  21. Thank you Pamela and Happy Lazy Holidays to all One more vote for the favorite forum!
  22. Is it a totally new item? Otherwise this may be of help. I had the same issue and contacted support, the advice I got (and which worked) was to first unlist the item, then choose cathegory, and list it again. Just thought I provide the information if someone else had similar issue with already listed items.
  23. I don't have that problem of being stuck in "Chargin, cannot edit right now" issue but what I do notice is my ads keep going although I have set them not to continue. Just like Triple describe above. Is there anyone who knows what or even if there is anything to do with that as well?
  24. If the problem is not what was said above, that the group will be deleted if no one but you joins within 48 hours, you could also submit a ticket for help. That is possible although you don't have a premium account. Go to https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ and click Submit a Support Case form.
  25. Perrie Juran wrote: The other problem which you may not have realized is how small a sampling you are going to get. If you asked us, "does sexism exist in SL," well yes it does. How much or how bad it is, the responses you'll get will be based to an extent on the individual point of views of the responders. Be more specific and you may get more and better answers. Indeed I agree, to perform a task like this takes lot of preparation to nail down the questions to be precise and leave no doubts to get more qualified and relevant answers and get something relevant to present. As you can see of my reply, question #4 was very unclear and opened up for a lot of answers, thoughts and ideas, which isn't desirable for the survey.
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