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  1. No there isn't and yes someone should. But that particular someone seem not to bother about this functionality
  2. Cheryne Jewell wrote: 70 items each server, I need more. Each catalogue can contains more than 1.000 items so... how to rez more than 20 servers? Is there a reason you only put in 70 items per server? Otherwise, just fill each server up with more items. I know they load slower and slower but you can also use the Hippo Inventory script to quickly sort the items without sitting and wait for the items to load, delete doubles etc. My servers have held up to 600 items without problems.
  3. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: see also here : http://www.dgp4sl.com/Updating_a_Direct_Delivery_Product_on_the_SL_Marketplace.pdf Darrius Gothly made a useful "how to update a MP item" guide. Good one! Bookmarking it
  4. Here is some basic information: Edit listed items on the MP Note that you do not need and should not delete the existing one, you upload the updated version only and in edit associated object you change the old for the new.
  5. Rya Nitely wrote: Did someone say we can talk about anything since this is an old thread? ooooh now this is tempting Not to mention it may be off subject too
  6. Vagos Melson wrote: My gf bought some clothes from a store inworld. Clothes not delivered. She contact the seller, but no reply. Again and again. She contact the Linden team , anf they say that they can do nothing and just keep contact the seller ..... What if the seller not login ever again in game ???? So, someone takes real money in a game, because of a script not delivering the items, and game operators can not do anything ?????????????? How long time has passed since she contacted the seller and how did she contact the seller? Check Czaris advices above and perhaps it is so simple the seller is on a RL holiday without internet connection or even wanting to connect to internet while on holiday? I don't know about the U.S. but I suspect it is the same as in Europe, i.e. holiday season. I know myself I had once an angry customer that had a misunderstanding when purchasing an item from me from the marketplace. After trying to get in touch without instant response from me he added a really bad review about my crappy customer support when I was in fact on a 5 weeks RL trip “down under” without any possibility or even desire to connect to Second Life. Things like this can happen and the seller may be unable to respond without trying to "take your money".
  7. Tari Landar wrote: We seem to have a lot of those things with the mp, lol. I'm not surprised, seems to be a never ending list of "those things"
  8. I don't really care about the Item ID missing as such either, it was more a thought if it somehow could be connected to the problems with the new payment system since I never noticed it before.
  9. I noticed something strange in my account transaction history, I don't know if anyone else seen it too. Normally, when an item is sold at the marketplace, in the account transaction history, it says Order ID plus Item ID. Check the below, one order only says Order ID, not Item ID: I never seen this before, I seen since I noticed it yesterday several occations with this missing item ID. The transactions go through though. I updated my JIRA for no payments with this information too although I don't know if it is connected or perhaps should be reported as a separate bug. Has someone else noticed this or has an explanation to why some items ID are not shown?
  10. @Arwen, yes exactly. This contradictory information plus silence about what is going on is really annoying. To me that is more saying, we have no clue of how to solve this.
  11. I have over 500 I use the Elite servers and have multiple ones as well. I just wonder if there is an upper limit, I searched the forums and the support site without any information and hope some other active user may know.
  12. Emma Krokus wrote: Ok, so we don't file a JIRA for missing payments but do we have to open a support case for them instead? So confused... :womanmad: I opened a support case but was told to file a JIRA and the support case was closed. Now, also the JIRA is closed. Perhaps, I should open a new support case now and see the latest advice for the day? Really this is getting ridicilous. At least, give some information on what steps you are in the process to resolve this issue and give coherent instructions to us merchants.
  13. CommerceTeam Linden wrote: We’d like to clarify that Merchants will receive their failed payments whether or not they file a JIRA for this issue. As always, we welcome your help in troubleshooting the root cause of this issue via the JIRA process. You previously stated that we all should file JIRA for failed payments. Now, I just got my JIRA closed (!) with the reason that it was a duplicate?! What do you want us to do here, really? Now, we should not file JIRA but just sit and wait for a vague we will be paid without even approximation of time when?
  14. If you provide a bit more information of what "type" of avatar it is, it may be easier to advice you. Is it mesh or is it a regular skin/shape avatar?
  15. This is aimed for Hippo users, does anyone know how many items you can put in your servers? That is total number, including note cards, objects, textures etc.
  16. Arwen Serpente wrote: The only two other consistent "oddities" that I see following the conversion are: ~ The L$ Balance in the upper right hand corner of the MP pages constantly disappears - since I can't see the JIRA/Bug Reports, I don't know if anyone else has reported this (I have to believe they have) ~ When I purchase something, my transactions say "Currency Linden". When a customer purchases from my store, the transaction is from "Commerce Linden" - maybe I misread the blog announcement, but I thought that everything was supposed to be from "Currency Linden" now. I experience exactly the same as you state above, actually I didn't notice the Currency Linden vs Commerce Linden until you pointed it out and I checked. Added it to existing JIRA too.
  17. I'm not surprised. Too bad they don't live up to what they state, but that is perhaps too much to ask
  18. Rya Nitely wrote: Thirdly I have seen IMs put into comments - long conversations with disgruntled customers. One such review was flagged and nothing happened to remove it. So, I don't know about the TOS there. I rather guess they did a mistake in reviewing the flag or the reason for it? Sharing IM:s should as I understand it, be prohibited no matter if it is a review or not? I would hope it is the "share without consent" that is of relevance.
  19. Qbic wrote: ... I wanted to know your opinion about the eventual TOS infringement because I'm not sure about those points : - IM copy/paste with name on review ... You can file an abuse report for this alone, it is against the Community Standards to share IM:s: "Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited." Source: Community Standards. (TOS are to be find here). Other then that, I'd recommend to contact support and ask for support. To me, without being in authority to state this, it is abusive behaviour. If it is of any comfort, a flag usually boost the relevance for you item in search no matter bad or good and customers seem to be curious why a seemingly good product only have one star and therefore it may even get more "good" attention. If you flag it, make sure to add a comment to the reviews. I had this advice from Linden support myself. That way they can see your reason more clearly for the flagging too.
  20. Among all the bugs I seen here since I started on XStreet this is by far the worst and unfortunatelly I think you are right there Pamela.
  21. Arwen Serpente wrote: waves to Lutricia Just responded in the other thread to you - Start a JIRA/Bug Report and put your order numbers/info there for the transactions that are failing to be credited to your account. Keep it bookmarked and update it everytime a transaction fails. waves back I saw the reply, thank you for starting these threads in the first place, I would not been aware otherwise. That is a great advice, I start a JIRA/Bug report but smart to bookmark it and update it with future ones, I was just wondering how to go about it if it would happen more times. Just hope they solve this soon, it is very time consuming to sit and monitor every transaction. Again, thank you Arwen
  22. Hm yes I see, I was just informed of the U.S. holiday too so I guess it takes some days now.
  23. The issue with no payments is still active, I just had a notification in email about a purchase but no payment in-world or in the transaction history. I don't know if it was a multiple item purchase (only one from me) but for sure I don't have split profit so it is affecting normal transactions too. Filed a JIRA and ticket and awaiting response.
  24. I haven't had an issue until now when I noticed email of purchase but no payment notification in-world. Filed a JIRA and ticket and awaiting response. Has anyone got paid yet of those of you that had issues previously?
  25. Just happened to me too, email about sale but no payment came through in-world, that is why I noticed it. Filed a JIRA and ticket and awaiting response. Has anyone got paid yet of those of you that had issues previously?
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