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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: well, I just really do not like being forced into the role of unpaid beta tester. I have to test my own products myself; I think the LL devs might look into testing theirs. Agreed
  2. Arwen Serpente wrote: I heard back from Support and they said the Commerce team is working on it and the credits back to the affected accounts. We'll have to wait and see if they do reimburse us (those affected), but it sounded as if they will. Thank you for sharing the information, that sounds a bit more reasonable.
  3. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Not to me but I have seen posts about it on this forum. Don't expect to be paid. LL will just send you a message to contact the customer for the payment. They take no responsibility. This is ridicilous, how can they not take responsibility for a system they are in charge for and is apparantly not working?
  4. Lasher Oh wrote: I've never heard or seen who got the invites but I'm pretty sure they chose folks who were happy to tell them what they wanted to hear rather than what they really needed to. Obviously you didn't heard or saw who got the invites. To be sure the participants didn't leak informaton, they had to be evicted. Duh!
  5. Rya Nitely wrote: It would be helpful if they had a small group of merchants to consult with. But, then their updates would risk to be useful? Such rebellious ideas you have!
  6. Have a look at this thread and the advices given, it may help you
  7. This message comes for me basically every time I upload new items. I simply ignore it, since it always after some minutes waiting shows up at the marketplace anyhow.
  8. I had the same thing happen to me about a week ago, whole cart full of items for purchase, later when I was going to check it out, it was empty.
  9. This is ridicilous that it can't be handled in a more reliable and secure way then this. I'm glad for your sake you had the notify on rez script, otherwise it is basically impossible to keep track on what is delivered vs paid when the automatic system fails.
  10. I experienced everything from say from about three days to up to a week for the money to be transferred to Paypal.
  11. Marcus Hancroft wrote: Howdy, Trinity I've seen the "Transfer Failed" message many times recently. When that comes up, I usually wait a few minutes and the item(s) disappear from my merchant outbox. Once they do that, regardless what the server said, there they are in my Manage Inventory screen and I'm able to list them with no problems. I've also seen the "Success!" screen and the items take a while to disappear from the outbox. I've never had one NOT disappear after some time. When I first saw those, like you, I kept clicking the "Send To Marketplace" button. Then when I went to my Manage Inventory screen, ka-boom! there were two or three copies of it sitting there for me to delete. I have this basically everytime I transfer new items. An error message comes up, saying transfer failed, but then they disappear from the outbox and uploads to the Marketplace. First times I thought it was really an error and tried to delete, send, resend and ended up with lots of duplicates to remove I'm on a very slow internet connection too so that they don't move over instantly is usually common for me, they appear to be stuck first but after a while and counting to 100000, they do move over.
  12. Try to experiment with creating an alpha layer for the torso or other parts you wish to prevent from poking through the box as well.
  13. Poenald Palen wrote: You can mail them all by hand, comment on something you see in thier profile (if able to see it) and just do so many a day. Sounds crazy, but might be fun. I might be doing this myself soon lol. The boxes are quicker and work for those profiles you can't see. For 800+ customers? Even if you do say 20 a day, that would take 40 days ... You're kidding right? Poenald Palen wrote: There are also update scripts out there that you can put in your objects. They do save time, they work on rez and you must watch for instructions because the free script based ones (or similar coding) mean that the server must be never drezed if you move it you attache it to your hand and drop it to the ground at the new place and always pray it is not returned or breaks) so be careful if you choose one of those for the future. Not all are like that though, some are tied to a external server (simlar to what the mailer boxes use for name2key services, they use a website to store info and register in world sending servers ect) so...yeah, read up on those! That means the scripts would need to be put in to the already existing boxes. Maybe an idea for future items but not a solution as for updating existing items. I followed this thread because I'm also interested in a way to efficiently send updates and unless you already have an existing update system, I think what Zanara suggest above seem to be very efficient and smart solution. I never thought of exporting the transaction history and use it like that, but seems to me like a great solution. Best would of course be if they added some more features to the marketplace for us merchants, like bulk redeliver ... but that is I think a very rebellious and futuristic idea
  14. I have experienced items disappering like this for two reasons. The first was a huge inventory loss, several folders were gone with sculpted prim maps. It was some years ago but I contacted support and they did restore the inventory for me. The other time it happended was just after I purchase a product. Once I rezzed it, it "poofed" away and I got a message or something with link to information from Linden lab and the item were replaced by a prim or something. I understood it as it was an item that had been removed because it had been stolen. As for shapes, I don't know if they just disappear or if they replace it like they did for me with a single prim item? Have you tried to contact support and see if it may be an inventory failure?
  15. I got an odd email too on 18th March, not a delivery failure as yours but from from aditi+service@mail.secondlife.com and link to https://marketplace.aditi.lindenlab.com/ I never used MP or tested it at Aditi so kind of confused what is going on.
  16. Type in "Invisible avatar" in your inventory search and you will find it in the Library.
  17. Apelles, did you get the problem sorted out? The reason I ask is that I experience about the same problems myself and are trying to find someone to help out.
  18. Great that it helped, I done the same things quite some time myself Have a very slow internet connection so quite common for me.
  19. Perhaps I'm wrong but it looks like your UV map is not properly unwrapped or has errors. How does it look in your 3D program when you render it?
  20. Yes it is possible to join both rigged and unrigged mesh with regular prims. If Second Life is slow it may tike some time for the mesh to load properly and during that time you can't modify it, that may be the reason it doesn't work. Try to keep the mesh and the prim selected in edit mode and wait for them to load properly and see if that helps.
  21. I filed a ticket for this and was encouraged to create a JIRA. I would suggest those of you that experience the same issues as me to do the same, hopefully this may be fixed later on ... in a perfect world Anyhow, here is the informative URL to create a JIRA I was given: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-report-a-bug/ta-p/733545
  22. I've used DD almost since it started and had not had issues with it until lately, actually it started just after they announced the improved email notifications. Kind of ironic.
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