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  1. Haha wow and I missed it, great work though
  2. sooby Mills wrote: Hi... Sorry if i missed this... I noticed that my Avi's ankles are lumpy..it's like when my legs get to my ankles, they are bigger than the ankles and so they look like i'm almost wearing trousers by the shape of them,(well, not quite that bad but you know what i mean), Tho i'm not wearing anything on them...I tried changing my avi in edit, but i cant seem to hit the right note...anyone can help? I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance My viewer is FS 4.2.2 It is the default mesh of the Second Life avatar that is created this way, unfortunatelly. Unless you wear an alpha layer and separatly created bare feet, it will have this appearance.
  3. maxgertler1 wrote: Hey, i'm looking for data for my college paper, so if anyone could be so kind as to comment with answers to the following questions it would make my life much easier. 1. What gender is your character? 2. Do you feel the second life community is sexist? Why or why not? 3. As a male/female in second life, do you feel at all limited by your gender? Is there anything you can/can't do? 4. Do you think the real outside world would be more or less sexist then in second life? Why? Thank you SO MUCH, i really appreciate it! 1. Female 2. Yes, there are different attitudes, behavior ... you name it towards women in comparison to men. Like in RL. 3. As a female, personally, no I don't feel limited by it and it doesn't stop me from doing what I want to. That is not to say, the community isn't sexist as for my reply in #2. 4. You might want to rephrase this question, it is a bit unclear. What do you indicate with "would"? In comparison to what conditions? Or if I thought this before I joined SL? Or, do I experience the RL more or less sexist then SL? I go for the last alternative and believe that is hard to seriously compare. You need to have similar situations, age group etc to do a relevant comparison here. Spontaneously I do believe that those who are sexist in RL just show their true nature in SL and might appear even more sexist there. Less barriers and people "hide" behind their avatars and feel anonymous.
  4. Porky Gorky wrote: Cool thanks. In that case then, although I won't be dying tomorrow, I will be spending the day in Swedish hell. Well even if it isn't THE date, it sure felt like it this morning with -15ºC (= 5ºF) and lots of snow.
  5. I love the idea and would be happy to help out. I'll get back to you inworld
  6. Czari Zenovka wrote: And then there are some of us who CAN'T use DD yet!!!!! Czari, what viewer do you use? I had the same problem with the merchant outbox (because of old and apparently ancient computer). The only one that works for me to use is Cool Viewer, none of the rest unfortunately ... I tried basically all of them too Maybe doesn't help but could be worth a try just for the purpose of get the Merchant outbox. At the moment I use different viewers for different purposes (i.e... Firestorm for mesh uploads, Singularity for normal usage along with Cool Viewer). All the other crashes before they even started.
  7. ghettoboy123 wrote: I ment stuff like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Big-cuddly-stuffed-animal-Teddybear-with-5-sitposes-Heart-poofer-Snow-white-In-giftbox/588567 High quality and big of course! Hi ghettoboy, I see my items there If you don't want the teddy bear, have a look at the other stuffed toy animals I sell, I could easily make one of those similar to the bear. Both mesh and sculpted, whichever you prefer. Different sit animations available too. Send me an IM please Regards Lutricia
  8. Thank you all who has messaged me. I post this reply just to let you know this subject is no longer active. I partly found what I was looking for and rebuild it to my likings Again, thank you for all the suggestions and help provided!
  9. I am about to do some changes to my main shop and is looking for a good prefab store. I could build it myself but I'm both lazy and too busy and browsed a bit to find some on the marketplace. Beautiful buildings, but unfortunately, the one I find, is mostly either too big or too small. I need a store, preferably medieval style or slightly to the gothic side, of maximum footprint of 64x128, preferably about 64x100. It should be maximum one level, open spaced and airy, high ceiling and divided in sections of say 5 or more areas or at least the possibility to arrange items in sections with a center entrance or corridor where you can overlook the store sections slightly. Preferably (maybe obvious) low on prim, not over 500. Any suggestions? Please send me a message here or landmarks inworld etc.
  10. As for rigged mesh animals, they are designed the same way you create rigged mesh for human avatars. You use a software such as Blender or Maya for example and rigg the mesh creation to the SL skeleton. You need animations for quadruples in Second Life for the rigged mesh to behave like the animal you designed though.
  11. gaycommunist wrote: Though I am using a skybox I am wondering if this would still effect the price (just in case my renter wants to use the ground for something and is disgruntled to see so much ugly stuff.) My advice would be not to let the "ugly stuff" on the neighbor parcels on the ground effect the price if you purely advertise it as a skybox rental. If the renter wish to use the ground it is up to him and/or her, but not your intent with the rental. gaycommunist wrote: What should I rent this parcel for? How do I successfully market it so I get a buyer fast? What should I invest in? The price should at least cover the cost and give you profit, what else would the meaning be to rent out? Maybe not the first months, but calculated to pay off in the long term at least. In the cost I include investment in gadgets, furniture, skybox, marketing etc. I would invest in a security gadget for privacy, a nice furnished low prim skybox with many usable functions or empty one that you fill with low prim furniture with nice animations and good functionality. I'd also add the ability to play music or videos perhaps as well and control the lightning and locks of windows and doors. If possible a little outdoor area with the whole skybox "encapsulated" in a big sphere to enhance the experience of nice environment. In the advertising, high light what makes your skybox stand out to all the others existing, think of how what would make you choose this one over the others available for maybe even a lower fee? Good luck!
  12. That RL is a scary thing but nothing in comparison to the magic box change, totally understand
  13. Jessa Alberti wrote: How effective is mp for showing homes? Anyone have any success? Showing homes? Could you please specify what you mean, for selling furniture, skyboxes, land ...?
  14. Storyof Oh wrote: On my last visit to my marketplace account i saw a message re some listings disabled (mainly due to maturity changes) I have made some changes but now cant find the message to make sure I have sorted everything. Does anyone know where marketplace alerts are stored? or these type of messages? I have looked in obvious account places with no luck. Go through https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#adult-guidelines and from there try to identify if there is anything you might need to change, unfortunatelly they only seem to send out a generic letter that doesn't specify what is wrong with the flagged item.
  15. Chosen Few wrote: In your options box for Open Scene in Maya, hit the checkbox for Ignore Version. Now you'll be able to open .mb's and .ma's from all versions of Maya. When opening scenes from newer versions, you'll get a warning, stating that some data has been lost, but that's usually not a big deal with simple scenes like this. Scenes that contain complex functionality will likely break, since Autodesk loves to change how MEL works, from version to version. But things that are common to all versions, like basic geometry, skeletons, etc., usually survive. I use Maya 2009, and I can open the Standard Size files, with no apparent troubles. While that's obviously not a guarantee it will work with 2008, I have a prettys strong suspicion it will be fine. Wow, this worked great! Exactly like you said, I got a warning stating some data had been lost, but seemingly so far, nothing seems affected. Chosen Few wrote: Lutricia Roux wrote: 3. Any other suggestions to solve this that I haven't thought of? Is there any option in newer Maya to save for older versions? If so, would there be anyone with newer versions that could help out here please? Maya's never had an option to save for older versions. It's always been a mild annoyance. However, it's never been a showstopper, because of the Ignore Versions option, and because .ma is easy enough to edit. I can see what you mean now, when it is this easy, there isn't really a need for it either I guess. Chosen Few wrote: Lutricia Roux wrote: The problem is that I can't access the text file when it is saved as ".mb" (appologies if this is wrong, my memory fails me and at the moment I cant access the computer with Maya to check if I remember correctly). The reason you can't open a .mb in a text editor is because it's NOT a text file. The letters "mb" stand for Maya Binary. It's a binary file, which can only be read by Maya itself. The reason .ma files can be opened in a text editor is because they ARE text files. The letters "ma" stand for Maya ASCII. ASCII, by definition, is text. I expressed myself a bit unclear and not complete, I was going to say that previously when having access to the .ma file/ASCII file, I managed to open "newer" files by changing the version number in the text file. What I thought of to check was if it worked or not, but should have approximatelly the same effect as for checking the "Ignore version number", I remember I got the same warning message about lost data that time as well. Anyhow, Chosen - thank you SO much for your fast respons and the advices. I greatly appriciate it!
  16. Hello! I'm wondering if someone could please help me out here, I am interested in access and test the so called "StandardSizing" package provided for free on the marketplace. My problem is that (last time I checked at least) that the files are saved as ".mb" and are for a much newer version (2012 I believe, I'm on Maya 2008). I did tried to contact the one who was named as creator of the box when I got it but no luck yet. I'll try to see if I can find out who else of them are involved, that might help out. In the meantime, I'll try to see if I can get some advice here :) I think I managed previously to solve this for another file by opening the ".ma" file and change required version to the one that I have. The problem is that I can't access the text file when it is saved as ".mb" (appologies if this is wrong, my memory fails me and at the moment I cant access the computer with Maya to check if I remember correctly). My questions are as follows; 1. Is there anyone who knows if it is possible and if so, how, to convert a ".mb" file to a ".ma". file? 2. Is there someone with never versions of Maya that could save these files as ".ma" for me instead of ".mb"? Send me a message please and I get back to you with my email address (if it isn't already there in the profile). 3. Any other suggestions to solve this that I haven't thought of? Is there any option in newer Maya to save for older versions? If so, would there be anyone with newer versions that could help out here please? Thank you in advance :) Regards Lutricia
  17. Instructive tutorial! I tried to download the "standard size package" and discovered they had only a ".mb" file included for Maya 2012 I believe. I have an older version of Maya and would need to access the ".ma" file of the "standard size package". I tried to contact the one who provide the package without luck. Could you (Sae Luan) or anyone else send me the package saved as ".ma" files instead? I managed before if I'm not mistaken to change the version number required to open the files that way. Regards Lutricia
  18. I'm from Sweden and met my husband in SL four years ago, he lived in Australia at that time. We are now married and living together in Sweden. You never fail until you stop trying. ~A. Einstein
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