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  1. paratracker

    making alpha's

    So far everything has been about coloring over the technical skin, but there has been no mention about how to construct a single alpha for a mid length dress or something like a mesh body alpha - those are single files not obviously derived from a technical skin of upper or lower body. Anyone have a suggestion on how to approach that?
  2. Given those (posing) complications, rotating the emitter prim so it points at the target eliminates most of the messy stuff. The problem is thereby reduced to capturing a desired rotation, so we know how much to rotate the emitter prim. I thought grabbing the LookAt would be better than jumping in and out of mouselook. Alt-click, prim rotate, emitter on. Is there nothing other than dropping into mouselook available for obtaining a direction vector?
  3. If you think for a minute, you'll realize that most of the stuff in-world does not lie along the normal vector roooted at your breast bone, so a Sieg Heil pose doesn't help a great deal. Thanks for trying.
  4. Thanks, I'll try that. If it's possible to point my arm in that direction, can you suggest functions I should look at?
  5. I would like to use the LookAt as the target of an emitter, but I can't find a function that retrieves the LookAt vector. Any suggestions?
  6. In a script, I want to retrieve my LookAt vector, but I can't find an LL function that retireves it, only sets or rotates around it. What should I be using to retrieve my LookAt?
  7. Discovered it's Phoenix-Firestorm specific. Tried Singularity & Exodus, both were fine. P-FS previously showed Post button, but would fail on upload, then Post button never enabled (so no failure to upload possible), now multiple sims are autologging me out. P-FS has gone unstable.
  8. Haven't been able to post an image to profile feed for about an hour. Is there anything I can try to overcome it?
  9. logged out and back in - noticed it working again...
  10. Thanks for the redirect... this is what I found there: <menu_item_check label="Mini-map" name="Mini-Map" shortcut="control|shift|M"> <menu_item_check.on_check function="Floater.Visible" parameter="mini_map" /> <menu_item_check.on_click function="Floater.Toggle" parameter="mini_map" /> </menu_item_check> World Map shortcut (Ctrl-M) works fine and looks functionally identical <menu_item_check label="World map" name="World Map" shortcut="control|M" use_mac_ctrl="true"> <menu_item_check.on_check function="Floater.Visible" parameter="world_map" /> <menu_item_check.on_click function="Floater.Toggle" parameter="world_map" /> </menu_item_check>
  11. I looked at settings.xml, but didn't find ANY key mappings in there, so it doesn't look like deleting settings would fix that.
  12. Right there all the time (for inventory windows). Very handy. Thx Why not provide the same capability on the Appearance window?
  13. I first noticed that Ctrl-Shift-M would not open/close the mini-map in the SL Vieweer. Later tried Singularity & Phoenix-FS, finding it was broken there too. Seems like it would be an app data (I'm on win7) issue. is it fixable w/o throwing away all of my other settings?
  14. I went face by face on something with just five faces and it took a long time to achieve acceptability. Way too much involved in pleated / flounce skirts with a couple dozen faces. Not even thinking about going down that road. Any chance that's in the SL enhancement queue?
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