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  1. I seem to be having the same problem since a day or two. Reset doesn't fix this. New animations are set to None...
  2. I am very sorry but my mom thought me to never accept any characters from strangers. Oh, I feel a big sneeze coming up.... guess I still haven't gotten over that allergy for men that pretend to be all that 'n more. Bummer :catsurprised:
  3. Sadly a lot of my fav fashion blogs have disappeared over time, some still are around but not updated. I would love some links to fashion blogs that are still active. Must admit, I am not a fan of the blogs that use a lot of event items, they are impossible to get when you don't watch all blogs all the time. Not that they aren't lovely and make me drool at times, there is just nothing worse then falling in love with an outfit that you can't ever get your hands on! Post them anyway, coz.... I promise to compromise and watch the events more closely but I'd still like more of that event style available for sale without having to always check the events. If you know or have a blog pls link me to it, I am sure lots of us can use some fresh inspiration!
  4. Your point being? Men are better typists these days yet aren't smart enough to figure out which ticket is for the dry cleaners and what was the one for the parking garage again.... and can't pay for a hotel these days...? Ohh, boy, you confuse my lil mind!
  5. Some ppl find typing boring, sure... unless you have a decent IQ and turn typing into a conversation.And this is the part where it all goes wrong. A lot of men aren't able to do that or are not willing to invest some time in it.Keep in mind that most of SL's female residents find a good conversation far less boring then watching our avatar do the same things over and over on some pink ball! Lots of us are not in SL for sex, lots of us seen it, done it, time to move on. Funny that men in SL and RL still think a relationship is all about "physical" interaction. More funny is that you never get anywhere and still wonder why that is... I have had a few long-term SL relationships over the years and the ones that had a great deal of good conversation and friendship are still the ones with the dearest memories to me. I tend to forget the poseball parts very soon, it's not special and this can be done with anyone. It never made me feel special or whatever I was supposed to feel while hopping balls. What did make me feel loved and special were the talks, the attention and the feeling of closeness. Sex can, and very often is, a distraction of the level of relationship you could have when there is no "physical" interaction. Without sex you uncover a lot... when you meet the right person that is. Sadly SL is populated by a lot of not very smart males and there will be nothing to uncover. If you are not willing, able or smart enough, I have better things to spend my valuable time on! I wonder sometimes if they are just not smart tho... or just lazy and simpleminded. Why...? Coz many ppl find SL a complicated platform and have a hard time getting used to it. Yet a lot of those men that can't have a conversation do understand the platform, or at least to the part of getting naked and using scripted items. Different priorities guess...
  6. Make a new avatar and don't use a male name this time.
  7. The chance of you finding a face that looks like your current one are about 1 in a million. How your face looks right is determined by the shape sliders and the skin you are wearing. Meaning you will have to start rebuilding the shape/face once you get the mesh head. Even if you can use your current skin it will not look the same, "out of the box". I agree that things should and could be much simpler when it comes to mesh bodies. But for now we have to adjust to what is possible and available. Another thing that comes to mind when I read your posts is to maybe not start using a mesh body until you find a wardrobe that you can use with a mesh avatar. Look for outfits that suit your style, I am sure that is possible when you invest some time in that. If it is a money thing, if you are not able or willing to buy mesh outfits I would not go for a mesh body in the 1st place as it is just very expensive if you want to do it right.
  8. Maybe it would be wise to see this as just a matter of taste. We do not all see or feel the same way in this case. That isn't personal, nor is it a matter of siding with LL or you or anyone else for that matter. If we would go out for ice cream and you are eager to get a scoop of chocolate and I keep trying to convince you you should go for vanilla (yes, pun intended :cattongue:) coz it is just tastier.... You would probably stick with chocolate and I would not be insulted or accuse you of having an ulterior motive for having the chocolate. Yes, you see the same names a lot. This also means there is a group of ppl that spend personal RL time to react, help and discuss. That does not mean they will always agree or cheer at every idea posters bring to the forum. Again, this is not personal, it is an opinion. Would anyone here be of any use if we weren't honest and critical? This is the whole point of a forum, let's agree it's a good thing to disagree on some matters. This makes a good discussion and will make us see things that are discussed from different points of view.
  9. As you discovered you cannot edit a rigged mesh item. They will be the same size and position no matter what you do. Clipping is a common problem as a rigged mesh item is designed to fit the creators "fitting avatar" in their program of choice. Most use some sort of standard size and some design for a specific mesh avatar brand. Making it a bit hard to find clothing that fits 100%. There is no longer a "one size fits all". I believe most of us can agree that this is the biggest and most annoying problem that occurred when mesh clothing came out. If you bought these items with modify permissions you are able to change the texture, but.... this will not help you if you do not a have some way to make a correct texture layout. For that you will need the UV maps or the original texture and this is probably not the case. If I understand you correctly you are trying to put an alpha on the pants and/or boots? Normally this is not the way to go. The alpha's to prevent clipping is done by putting the alpha on your body, not the worn items. How this is done depends on what body you are using. If you are using the default system body you can use the avatar UV maps to figure out where you would like the alpha to be. Resulting in that part to become invisible. If you use a bought mesh avatar you probably have a HUD that helps you hide specific parts of that body. I hope this helps? You can find some avatar UV maps here in case you use the system body: http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/AVUVTemplates.html
  10. Welcome to SL! Ok, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want to change the color of some objects you bought as you say you do not want them to be made from scratch? If you bought the items they may be modifiable and you can indeed change the color and many other things by right clicking them and choose edit, then select the texture tab. Make sure to make a copy before doing that!!! Then you also say you do not have the skills to make them yourself. Meaning you do want someone to make them for you (that would be from scratch). If you want something custom to be made for you you did come to the right place. Just be aware custom made items will cost you. It is RL work and creators deserve a RL realistic wage in return. If you want that, I hope you will find someone that can do the job. No need to apologize, we were all new at one time. Have fun!
  11. Gosh, for a second I thought you misspelled Al Qaeda... But then I read the post and sry, no idea about jobs for kids. Maybe if you find some sim that RP's a 3th world country? Not being negative or nasty, this is a smart anwser.
  12. Hmmm, how on earth did we go from XP to gay persons rights? Yeah, I did worry about that a lot actually! Coz my RL eldest child is gay and I want his life to be good and safe. Bet you did not see that one coming...? Save yourself the trouble tying to see me as being someone that discriminates. I am honest tho. Do not confuse honesty with prejudice. XP was a good OS, but technology is progress. Sure, we all know that does not go overnight, and bugs will always be there. That's how things evolve. Fail, fix, fail, fix, but when you look back things did get easier and better! I am taking a risk here... you may get upset but.... If you run a system that was build in the XP years, you should already be happy it still runs. If you have a younger system and installed XP on it, why did you not go for Linux? It is a great OS and most software runs smooth on it. Probably you will have less compatibility problems running Linux then you have right now running XP.
  13. The most common info on mesh bodies and how to use them is here: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ This website also explains how to use Omega appliers, where you can get skins that can be applied to your mesh body and/or head. It covers almost all mesh bodies. Some designers offer a body, including hands and feet. Some also sell the heads. Ofcourse you can mix and match to get the look you want but always make sure to try the demo first. You might also wanna have a look at some SL fashion blogs to get ideas. Most bloggers will have a list of what is worn on their pictures. Picking your mesh body and head is complicated, keep in mind you want to be able to buy clothes that fit, hair that fits etc. The most populair brands have more options when it comes to that. A skin is never a mesh object, it is a texture that is applied to the mesh body. Make sure the one you buy is not a system skin or it will be applied to your system body. That means it will not be visible at all as your mesh body is a worn object that will cover your system body, it is so to say on top of your system body. I hope this will help you! Take your time, read a lot of information, try all the demo's! Mesh bodies are expensive so choose wisely.
  14. Agreed, too many vague posts in this section. This is an example of how it should be done :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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