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    Hi, i am working on a mesh bento head, now i am looking for a blink animation (full perm), Maybe someone can make it ?? Or show me where i can buy it? Kind regards Liza
  2. I think its from: Jaydee designs https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JD-BLACK-DREAMS-EX/1978995
  3. Hi, I have +/- 380 outfits on the MP. in folders, wearable and directly delivered in customers inventory. I don't think i have all folders in my inventory right now, but a lot boxed. My question is: do I have to do something about that, before the automatic migration begins? Regards Liza :) (I use translator)
  4. Yes if you write "Lola" they unlisted it too, "Lolas" is okay.
  5. I had the same thing today, something was wrong in the keywords-field. And maturity level. So I put everything to addult! They were with me only the "Lolas Tango appliers". I think "Appliers" for breast mesh is only are adults! And they change that. Regards Liza
  6. Its solved now, "last location" worked for me to. Shame it takes so long, with no information. Thanks for all your responses.
  7. Hi :) Anyone else having problems to login on the "Beta grid"? Regards
  8. Not everyone comes from America. And perhaps in other countries they spell otherwise. In my country, I say to you response: zo flauw!
  9. Hi, thanks for your response, can you tell me how I can use the vintage skin in firestorm?
  10. p.s. i notice this since i have downloaded the latest Phoenix viewer, with the last Phoenix viewer i don't have this problem.
  11. Hi, i made a skirt and have the latest viewer of Phoenix, i noticed the skirt prims are flickering, when i use the orginal sl viewer the skirt looks fine. Is this a sort of setting i need to do in Phoenix? Thank in advance, greetings Liza
  12. Check my store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/37526
  13. Thank you, I tried that too, did phoenix firestorm latest version second life viewer and imprudence.I have thrown everything from my PC and reinstalled. I have submitted a support ticket, still heard nothing. The strange thing is I can upload for free (temp) then i get no error. very frustrating. I also tried it on another pc, same issues.
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