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  1. This is a typical Linden Lab operation. Inform the customers one month prior the introduction of a crucial mandatory service and provide no substantial information about it. Its really concerning that LL seems to be suprised by this just as residents are. If you have no answers to obvious questions by residents to your service, than you are not prepared. "Listen we have this new system..we are going to bring it next month and it will take us a month from there to even process if you are eligible for that system." No words.
  2. 1. What kind of ID documents are needed for non US citizens. I understand a passport ID. What else is accepted. We need a complete list please. So you inform us one month prior to the introduction of Tilia that we need to send in indentification documents which will take 30 days maximum to process. So if something does not work out people who make income with SL will have a full month without being able to process credit. Thats is insane, sorry. Considering that also especially with foreign non english ID there might be a huge margin for error this is terrible news. Creators and business makers already went through the whole ID process for process credits and now have to do it again. It is highly advised to open up the whole identification process asap BEFORE you introduce tilia to the customer so people can take care of things in advance. This is bad business practice.
  3. I am not going to argue with you if thats right or wrong. Its to everybodys own.
  4. First you need the developer kit of the body and then you adjust the mesh to the body in your 3d modeling application you use. then you copy weights, correct and adjust them if need and then you upload the mesh. There is really no quick way to do it. Apply to the dev kits. Most are easy to get via mail or download link, some are hard to get like maitreya for example.
  5. So you pay 25 dollars for 1660 now. Above stays 25 dollars. If you cash out less than 1000 dollars everything stays the same. They just want big business to wait with cashouts until the amount is enough to negate the additional costs to reduce processing effort. So Linden makes more money or/and reduces the workload on process credits. This basically only affects residents who have more than 1k cash-out per month.
  6. Its is important as well to delete the bones you dont need before you rig. Because of the mandatory inclusion of not used bones in the dae upload file it can take forever to delete irrelevant bones.
  7. You need to use the right method. When copying skins click the box for enhanced settings and use a different reference. I personally prefer one to one and it copies skin weights perfectly.
  8. The problem is about the grouping of meshes in your scene. I had it with MAya 2010. Instead of grouping meshes combine them for the upload. Go into the outliner and see if you got any grouped polygons in your scene. Remove them or the grouping and you should be fine.
  9. Make sure you got a basic lambert material on your upload before you click the export button. Bake the textures and upload them separate.
  10. I am not sure how it is in blender but it helps a lot if you keep track of the bone that are meant to have an influence on the mesh and you simply flood all others with a weight value of 0 before the upload.
  11. I had those spikes cause of the triangulation done before upload. Triangulate before you rig the mesh and see if you still got those artifacts. It helped me a lot to do it that way.
  12. I gave up rigging with maya. I rig with blender importing the obj files. I know maya 2010 works just fine if you want to rig but i dont have that version. Maya 2011 and above are causing problems. Some people dont have them. Some people have.
  13. Its related to the UV maps of your mesh. I had this problem when several uv map sets were present in the scene. When you are able to..combine the uv sets into one map. delete all other uv sets..and upload. with more simple meshes that works fine. i dont know how much detail you need but jewelry sounds like a lot.
  14. It works with a specific scene it seems. I did remove skin weights by flooding every joint with zero weight and used just the few i use for my boot. And there it worked. I got a parsing error but it was an issue with the metric scale i changed using a , instead of a . Now there is another problem. I wanted to make a pair of boots but the upload is more then weird. It shows one boot only but it should be two. When i rig the boot to the other leg it turns up with a small version of itself in the upload. There is no documentaion whatsoever about this and i am really confused. When i add weights it should be duplicate the boot no?
  15. There are many people who rig and upload Meshes using Maya. I figured the modelling and texturing out but i can not find a solution for the "greyed out weights box" in SL. I follow the instructions of the tutorials especially the one by Sae Luan and Create Mesh Step by Step and it doesnt work at all. I cant even figure out where the problem is as sometimes the box was available and the upload did work but as soon as i tried it again with "serious" work it fails. It seems to be erratic. I tcant be complexity or anything as not even a simple box works. Here is my work flow. I use Maya 2011 64bit with FBX exporter. Open the standard size scene for Maya 2011. Import the model i would like to rig. Delete history. Freeze transformation. Select the skeleton. Select hierarchy. Then shift-select Model. Chose smooth bind box with selected joints, closest in hierarchy and removal of unused influences turned off. painting weights using the paint weight tool select model > export as DAE_FBX Export. Editing dae to meters. Upload in SL = Weight box greyed out. It doesnt matter what model i use. It can be a simple box. It wont be able to upload it with skin weights. Any help would be highly appreciated. I tried as well upload with the skeletton. Same outcome.
  16. I think its to fight money laundering. They slow down the process so it becomes less attractive for people to quickly change their money into linden and then extract it back to money that way. It takes always 5 days for me. No matter how much money and no matter when i place the transaction. It takes 5 days plus weekend. There is no actual "Control" or "Processing" of the money transaction i believe....its just an obstacle..an automated delay.
  17. It is two meshes basically. The mesh was duplicated and then the normals were flipped and textured..the meshs were joined. It looks like one mesh because they are exactly overlapping and you would not see from the other side as the mesh would be invisible. So there is no flickering or distortion.
  18. I have almost the same problem. I repeat step by step what you are doing Sae but its not working. The option of skin weights and joints is greyed out. I tried different skelletons, tried another Maya version. I tried fbx, collada, converting...no idea what this is.
  19. Doesnt work for me. The option to upload weights and joints is ALWAYS greyed out. I tried everything now and I am about to give up lol. Fresh scene with skelleton and imported mesh in Maya 2012 64bit. Smooth bind - Unused influences unmarked Export selection Mesh + Skelleton Export to FBX FBX Converter 2011 with Collada 1.4.0 Upload in SL No weights and no joints. It is greyed out while the mesh itself is fine. Rig works fine in Maya itself. I followed the video above step by step and I dont know what to do anymore.
  20. Get used to it. I dont mean to be offensive but seriously: There is no way linden lab will make a 180 and reinvite third party exchanges into the business. Lindex is slow, clumsy and limited. And it will stay that way to the end.
  21. "The new Terms of Services that became necessary due to change of regulations in the US will force us to disallow any other exchange services than LindeX by the 7th of May 2013. We therefore strongly suggest not to undertake any money exchange activities of Lindendollars prior to that date by third party services. To cover the loss of services we as well announce the improvement and extension of the current LindeX service introducing options including Paysafecard, Bankwire, Neteller, Giropay and other commonly used online financial services. We as well extend the currency options to EUR, GBP and CHF as well as Bitcoin to users. We furthermore increased ressources to handle the expected increase of service requests to ensure your transfer and exchange of Lindendollars will be handled in timely fashion. We apologize for the inconveniency. For further questions please contact our support team." Is that so hard? Most people are actually not so much upset with those third party exchanges being closed down. I mean let us be honest, they charged their fees for the transfer of money, they surely do not deserve to much pity and made a pretty good ammount of cash by processing money services. The point is simply that those exchanges were far far better then LindeX. LindeX is horrible. They handle only USD wich is ridiculous taking into account that it is a world wide web they feed upon. Their time frame for handling exchanges and transfers is breathtaking for 2013. 5 days for the transfer of a virtual currency/date to pay pal? Really? The communication by Linden Lab must have been terrible. Most service providers stated they were completly surprised by LLs sudden close down of their business. Thats not a way to handle partners who were too responsible for keeping the cash flowing and helped to develop SL economy. It really leaves the question about whats going on in a company who is completly dependent on users and the communication with them. Imagine Ford deciding that their cars can not be refueled by any other gasoline but their own and communicating it to their customers the very same day the new regulations become enacted.
  22. When i heard about the ban of third party exchanges I was upset first as it is clearly a loss of services. I used Virwox to exchange lindes to euros with a couple of clicks and almost no time loss. Actually it took me one minute for the whole process. Paying a Virwox terminal. Exchanging the Lindens to EUR and then cashing out to pay pal. No waiting for your money that for some reason was "floating" in virtual nirvana. I saw a nice game on sail on Steam...no problem. Needing some EUR for Ebay quickly? No problem. It was safe and nice and i loved it. Now this is gone. Lindex takes up to 5 days they say but its more likelly to be a minimum of 5 days. And its only processing USD. Linden Lab did close down the third party exchanges and does nothing to improve their own service a bit. Thats how a monopoly works. If customers cant chose you dont need to improve what you got. In my opinion the third party exchanges were competitive exactly because they answered a certain need of services Linden Lab did not provide. Iam not sure if choking the cash flow is a good idea for a business. But well what do I know.
  23. Thank you very much for this Ayelin! Iam working on some rigged Meshes myself and i always had to switch to Blender for this. Now i hope this solves the problems that kept me away from doing the work with my favorite program. Edit: For all maya users who have troubles opening the skeleton file provided: Check "Ingnore version" in your open preferences. The file is of Maya 2013 type.
  24. I second this experience. All purchases of customers today are not delivered. Transaction status says pending. Doesnt look like the issues stated in the gridstatus report are ressolved.
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