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  1. I dont think you can freeze transforms on joints. My rotations are all set to zero though, and scale is 1 on each joint. Basically, I just move the joints to where I want them, rig, export, and when i upload, include skin weights and joint positions, but it still shows as the standard skeleton, and playing an animation just results in a mess. It's helpful to know at least it can be done from Maya, just not sure where I am going wrong yet.
  2. Anyone able to make this work? Assuming everything with my model and skeleton are right, is there something special you need to do get SL to recognize different joint positions when exporting from Maya? It always just bunches the rig up into the standard avatar pose.
  3. I am new to custom skeletons. The front legs are the Arm bones (collar, elbow, etc) and I can't seem to get them to bend straight forward rather than out to the side. I have tried moving the joints around, which seems to affect it, but not sure how to get it the way I want. Thanks.
  4. I made a simple animation that rotates and translates the arms and shoulders, and rotates the collar joints. The animation makes a loop. For some people though, it leaves the shoulders slightly out of place after playing and they have to reset skeleton. Could anyone explain what causes this and how to avoid it? Thanks.
  5. Whenever I try to copy skin weights from a mesh body, I end up with this kind of issue when moving the joints like this https://i.gyazo.com/7c7e6b43356665033e144f909d3b31ab.mp4 Is there a way to easily copy weights in Maya or other software without having this issue? I was playing around with making a layer for alpha's for a mesh body with the same issue, even when both have the same topology.
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