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  1. Oh wow thanks, that was fast and clear. They look so perfect that made me think of a single prim. Got it, thank you.
  2. Hello again with my 1million$ questions. This time it's about the double-sided textures on a mesh. Now, I do know that all the meshes have one side even in SL, that the other side is an illusion and such but I am viewing garments that come with two sided textures in SL, external and internal like this one: Doesn't look like is doubled and flipped normals, looks like is really one mesh since it's impact is only 55. I use Maya and I know how to do double side textures meshes but the FBX exporter doesn't support it. And the DAE we know it's broken and doesn't upload the rig. So probably this mus
  3. Ok. My two coins on the matter. Always work on a FRESH file. You never know what you did during your hours of failed attemptings, even aliens may have come and digit odd sequences on you keyboard... So. I have worked on Betty's file, centered the avatar following Kwakkeide's picture and after few tests finally I had the results expected Thank you very much for the support, I also hope that this topic will help other people.
  4. Ok, I think I am almost there with the skeleton, following your suggestions and Betty Doyle's link (thank you again). I'd love to fix the skeleton only once as Kwakkelde Kwak wrote, still testing. But. There is another issue going on now. This is what I see in Maya: The pant fits the shape (the mesh is horrible I know, just for testing purposes), but when I upload it in SL it doesn't fit anymore: I am wearing an incorrect alpha in height to show the big differences between the shape in Maya and the one in SL. And they are the *same* shape (I have downloaded the obj from Pho
  5. Thank you so much everybody, I feel relieved now. I'll keep testing moving the mesh in aditi. Thank you for the link of the working skeleton Kudos!
  6. Hello again, I am disturbing you with a new question. I am playing around the standard sizes and testing one of them (xxs for the moment). Now, I have loaded the shape in maya, on the skeleton, lined it up and added a pant as you can see in the picks Looks like that the side is not perfect (ankles are too much behind) but rotation is set to 0 so I guess is fine... This is what happen when I upload the pant in SL (beta) Entirely offset. Really no idea of what I am doing wrong. Any idea of the issue? Thank you in advance
  7. Hello, I am going to ask a very noob question. I have modeled and rigged an avatar and I want to upload it in different sizes (Maya 2010). My question is: do I have to rig each of the five sizes of the avatar from scratch? Or maybe there is a trick I can use in order to scale them, fit the proper size and avoid the work of the skin weight on each of them again? I hope that this question makes sense. Thank you so much for the help.
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