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  1. There are definitely some improvements that could be made, glad to see them coming. I agree with Charlotte, a survey/consultation with the wider merchant community would make sense.
  2. I forgot to mention I am using Maya for skinning weights.
  3. Hi I have tried to upload an avatar attachment rigged to a bento bone but the 'include skin weight option' is not available in the Upload Model window. I had this problem once before with a non bento rigged attachment and I edited the DAE file in a text editor, added some missing bones and it uploaded OK. I think this is a similar problem, there are 336 joints listed in the DAE file, but I don't know which bones are needed for bento, and which ones I can leave out. Also are there any other reasons why the Include Skin Weights options would be greyed out? Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Thank you for the quick reply! Scripting isnt my thing, but I knew there must be a way, Much appreciated
  5. Hi I want to be able to give the contents of a prim to a group of people that I add via a list, not via a group. Is this possible, I have a list of 60+ avatars I want to give an item to via a prim. I know it is possible via group only, but is it possible via a list of avatars that I compile myself? Thanks in advance. Rucy
  6. Should have tried a DEMO. How easy would that have been?
  7. Hi ChinRey Sorry for the delay in responding, really busy at the moment. I am sure my computer is not at full capacity, it is able to handle several 3d modelling programs and SL simultaneously. My draw distance was down to 64 as I was working on a platform, LOD factor was at 4. To answer your other questions, the Render (Display) Weight is 2016, LI is 5 and the item is not fitted mesh. I have had several more customers contact me with this issue over the last few days. Thx Rucy
  8. Hi ChinRey Thx for the reply. I don't think this is the same problem. After some more testing it seems the issue is with Firestorm. When using the LL viewer the problem seems to be fixed with Nvidia GPU at least, using LL viewer with AMD GPU the problem persists. I plan on testing a little more and putting a JIRA into the Firestorm team if this result stays the same!
  9. Has anyone else worked out what is going on with this problem? I have found that sometimes I can see the models when worn perfectly with ALM, the next day the same model may not work, or may partially work, I can see parts of the model not other parts. I do not believe it is a bug with a certain manufacturers GPU/drivers as I have talked to people that are effected by this with different GPUs. This must be an SL bug. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem/if there are any ideas as to what is the cause? or possible solutions?
  10. It wasn't effecting me, until I uploaded another new model today, and I turn on ALM and it went invisible for me too. I have an Nvidia GPU, a friend who was with me had the issue with the new item too, but not the ones other people where having issues with. She uses an Intel GPU. Odd how it effects some items and not others in a random fashion. Now it is effecting me it is gong to cause issues finalizing releases I have deadlines for! Urghhhhh. Edit - Just thought i would mention, i havent changed my drivers, and this just started for me today on seleted items! Edit - So I re-uploaded the model, didnt change any settings and now I do see it with ALM. Something happening during upload perhaps?
  11. Hi I have had a couple of bloggers contact me recently to say when they wear one of my items and turn on ALM the clothing disappears, It works fine for me and most other people, but as it has cropped up twice now I thought I would see if anyone knows what the problem may be. One of the bloggers could see half of the colours of the item fine with ALM enabled, but not the other colours, same mesh, same normal maps etc just a different colour diffuse. There are no alpha channels on any of the diffuse or normal maps. The blogger has latest release of Firestorm, and all drivers up to date. I am confused :/ Any ideas? Thx :)
  12. I simply exported an obj from zbrush and imported it into blender, as I always do. I havent changed anything in blender, I just opened a blend file containing standard sized avatars and imported my model. I do this all the time, I havent done anything differenty this time (that I am aware of) My feeling is that it may be something in Zbrush, but i dont know. Thx
  13. Hi I have a problem exporting an obj from zbrush and importing into blender. I have done this a thousand times without a problem. Today however I export a jacket i have made from zbrush to blender and the model comes in tiny and under the floor in blender, and doesnt sit on the SL avatar in blender as usual. Anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance :)
  14. It was a rigging issue, the internal part didnt have identicle wight painting to the external.
  15. The internal and externa parts are seperate uploaded models linked in world, the edge isnt welded. The internal and external models are both made up of several faces that are not welded together. edit - another size of the same model, exact same geometry for both internal and external models, seems to work fine, worn and rezzed. More confused now.
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