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  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen ! I actually seek for trade events, themed Victorian, or Steampunk, or Gothic (or the three together). I don't seek for a shop but for events such as sales rooms or themed events. Answers in this thread or via IM inworld. Thank you very much for your help and have a good rest of the day :) Pierre
  2. I"m not a forum addict but I could not pass up this unique opportunity :matte-motes-nerdy: Indeed Clivesteel, something incredibly great can be set up using your real you in the real world : it is called "job". I've been trying for over 25 years so far, and it is very efficient as regard to put butter on the bread. And on the other hand, if SL wages are not acceptable to you, well, so don't work in SL. And I guess nobody obliges anyone to work in SL.
  3. Hello amazing scripters ! :) This is not easy for a non English native to find a script in a library just because of its name... I seek for a script that makes an object act like a swing in a park for children (not like the one in a tree). I tried the one given here but it doesn't seam to work for me while I reset the object and also tried with a root. I searched with the tags "Swing", "Balancer" and also "Pendulum" (that last one is not exactly the movement I wish) Thanks in advance for the help :) Pierre
  4. Hello Bogart ! Does this and this answer your question ?
  5. I support 200 % that kind of ask : please Mr Alberg, consider the idea of making land tier cheaper. An other idea would be to create intermediate standalone regions : 7500 prims for less 150 U$ (100 avatars)... And in order to balance the income statement, you could increase the % taken on the fees and commissions on the MarketPlace. Or to pay a refund to merchants who have both a MarketPlace store and at least a sim. Cheaper land = more land owners = more prims to set up = increased trade and investment = more creation = more articles on the MP and inworld... Well I know that no one needs to explain you how it works ; I know it is difficult to find the right solution. But on the other hand this your job to find solutions Good luck ! Pierre Ceriano
  6. Hello Rolig You write "There are changes coming in the permissions system at some point" What are these changes and do you have a source to link us to ? Thank you Pierre
  7. Seeking the Marketplace with ALL those keywords gives a first idea : complete fitted mesh human avatar :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  8. YES ! If by "mesh full-body avatar" you mean a mesh avatar : that is not ripped from a 3D library with minor changes (meaning the creator won't get a DMCA or such) that is sold both on the MP and inworld (meaning the creator is known and doesn't hide) that is fully improved and will benefit future updates (meaning the creator is not a one shot business) The EVE Avatar, by Ginger Chevalier, is certainly what you seek for. And if you want a high valuable customer service, before, during and after the purchase, get in touch with Nana Saenz. For further infos, please read this : End of implants a new generation of avatar is on. Remaining at your disposal, Pierre Ceriano
  9. Thank you sooo much XO Pierre
  10. Hello there ! Some months ago I started to learn cloth modeling with the Workbench 2.65, provided by Machinimatrix (which I would like to thank here). Is there a 2.70 version for pure Blender modelers or any avatar that replaces ? This is to create fitted clothings . Thanks in advance . Pierre
  11. As a promoter of a fitted mesh avatar creator (I won't name as this thread is not for advertizing) and as a mesh maker myself, I am convinced that it is very important the new comers and existing community have a perfect and beutiful starting avatars library, especially for humanoid avis. Independant creators and the Linden team are not competing. - What would say the new comer about Second Life, rezzing first time : "The starting characters are uggly AND if I want to look like something nice I have to buy.... nah nah nah I'll be back in the future... maybe" - What are actually thinking most of residents : "I will keep wearing my "old" avatar because anyway I don't understand anything of fitted mesh." We all have to be the mentors of the fitted mesh technology. Linden lab mesh makers have to take care of starting avatars because they are the media window of Second life. Independant mesh creators will always find something to improve and do best. By analogy, Linden must provide a cumfortable "starting car", and independant creators will always provide the up-sell opportunities.
  12. What to say without the risk of being kicked out from Second Life ? As it sounds a newcomers repellent, and for the future of the game, I sincerly hope the Linden team will quickly improve these avatars, especially the female ones (first time of my second life I see a lady with divergent squint breast). I love this game and sincerly trust the Lindens but this is a totally mess ; I don't have the shadow of a positive feedback from my friends. Please review your plans, put the matter back on the drawing-board or hire professional CGs ! One thing is certain , creators of mesh avatars don't have to worry about it ! The picture for the new divergent squint breast ; left a new Second Life avatar, right a new generation avatar made by a creator of fitted mesh avatars :
  13. I must admit the last SL viewer is to my point of view the best in order to visit the metaverse. No better travel guide ! But I still can't manage the edition mode with it. I prefer other viewers for that.
  14. what did Pierre Ceriano do to deserve that? Well, I just asked a serious question :matte-motes-big-grin: The answer I got is as owner she does what she wants and UCCSL is anyway not a democracy, period...
  15. [Edit : it is said "Reply to Rex Cronon - view message" but it is of course a message for everyone] It is time to to make a halfway balance and give my own opinions too. Firstly, I would like to thank all those involved in the debate. I thought it was buried or shelved but fortunatly it is far from that. I am a fundamentally optimistic guy and I would like my speech is a message of hope for all those who see no future and give up. The pessimistic way of thinking is to say "there is nothing to do... "... because there is nothing to do...""... because we cannot be overheard.""... because to form an association is not a good thing.” and there are also the fighters at the last minute, who move back towards music for fear of reprisals. My straightforward brain would answer “Indeed, when you do nothing, nothing happens” Right, but what to do ? In contrast to popular opinion, LL, like any large company is very interested in the future of the game. I do not think they could do anything that undermines the good functioning of Second Life. Indeed, we sometimes feel like extras in a film by David Zucker. There is a terrible lack of communication between LL and its residents ; worse still, there is an abundant communication leading to a complete misunderstanding. So yes, I deeply beleive that an association like the UCCSL is a good thing. One proof is the first mail has been answered. They were not under obligation to do it : the UCCSL is not a registered association (is it ?) and most of its members are not registered companies. As creatives we would do better to clean up our own backyard : can we ask for something serious if we are not serious ourselves ? Actually the UCCSL gathers serious persons, but also ripers, alts and coppybotters. And mainly the UCCSL is headed by a completely incompetent person who hijacked the association for its own sake, and openly said that UCCSL belongs to her and that it is not a democracy. So I think : LL should urgently revise and clean the TOS. There are two essential points: being in tune with international laws on the protection of intellectual property. Protect the intellectual property of the creators of SL and reassure their assets can not be used without their permission.Serious people who are part of the UCCSL should ask their leader to explain and account for her behavior. Moreover, the debate on the TOS must remain the backbone of the UCCSL. I am confident because History is still working in the right direction. Pierre Ceriano
  16. First of all, and from the botton of my heart, I would like to thanks all persons who helped me here and inworld :manvery-happy: So it works now and it sounds - it sounds because i'm not skilled enough to affirm - that it came from : a - a too simplified medium LOD shape i was uploading b - under Blender my materials were the same for the diferent elements of the whole bridge Anyway, whatever the solutions or ideas you brought, I learnt several things I didn't even know the existence ; and it opens new doors for me. Thank you so much again. Have a good time creating Pierre
  17. Since the UCCSL decided, without consulting its base, to separate the debate on the TOS, I wonder about the future of the association. Several thinkingheads have already left. I was fired and muted yesterday because I gave my opinion, not about the TOS evolution, but on the principle of separating the debate. What becomes a monument when one of its main pillar is shot by the owner ? I completely agree that this organization should carry other problems forward. I think for example of 3D libairies that are looted by pseudo-creators. Understand that I am not hateful against LL or anyone else for that matter. I am very grateful to LL for bringing us such a tool. Thanks to them, I enjoy myself and I'm just delighted every day of my progress and achievements. But I think underestimate (even bury) the debate on the TOS is a serious mistake. Without going into details, because everything has already been explained at length, I think we are cutting off our nose to spite our face. So today I'd like to know everyone's opinion : What is your position on the current revision of the TOS ? What changes would you make to the TOS ? What other domains would you like to make proposals and what proposals ? What is your position regarding the future of UCCSL ? Thank you so much for participating the debate and bringing your ideas ! Pierre Ceriano
  18. Thanks to you Drongle I think I begin to understand something. And yes I think the pb is due to the physics shapes. Some weeks ago i had made the same elements, only convex, adding invisible prims to make it walkable. And it was working fine, no more land impact than the physics shapes, once linked. But of course adding invisible prims is not super, specificaly if I want to sell them as building components. So I made physics shapes and imported them with the following settings : English is not my native and perhaps I don't understand very well, but according to what you write, I think I have to set the settings to high and not medium. I try this now and tell you. Thank you so much for your help.
  19. For the moment, the textures don't blend on the convex hull replica. But of course you cannot walk on the bridge Can't find a similar thread about the influence of the features choice on the textures dispatch. I seek now for an exorcist. EDIT : textures blend on the convex hull replica too ! The region is restarted and nothing changed
  20. The location the build can be seen. @ Drongle : do you mean the shapes I used as physics while importing the meshes would influence the dispatch of the textures ? @ Everyone : I imported textures as JPEG files and it does the same. I also made a convex hull replica to see what hapens
  21. I took two pics : before / after. On the pic showing the blend of the textures you see two pillars that have now the texture of the borders. I of course done nothing between the two pics ; textures blend by themselves some minutes later. I unlink and relink the elements again so textures apply right again ; but some minutes later they blend again and each time a random way. Other information : my textures are png files and meshes are physics if it helps. Thank you again for your time !
  22. Hi and thanks in advance. I made elements of a bridge (railing, main, pillars and so on). The textures blend when I link the elements togethers. Is there anything I do wrong ? Known issue ? A complete build is composed of 16 elements that give a foot prims of 15 x 15 meters and 12 land impacts ; in case it helps. Thank you Pierre
  23. Hello everyone ! I would like to bring some of my experience in Inworldz. I started to import my full perms stuff to this virtual world since months and my tips are : It is essential to communicate via the forum Groups are a time loss Classifieds bring some traffic I concentrated my positions on a mainshop and only one community place (where people meet) The malls I tried didn't bring any sellings, most of them don't communicate, I left InBiz (the online MarketPlace) is a site to support (growing sellings) Some residents are starting hunts events, I'm testing and, of course, as for any business, anywhere, have an efficient customer service : important to check your feeds. I never had issues with the team. I think Inworlds is a good second [or third ? ] place for a BtoB business : my ratio sellings/members is much better than the SL one. All what I write there is based on my own experience.
  24. I confirm that using associated tags "sim crasher", we find a page with described scripts. Insofar as you seem to doubt my integrity, I put the full link (although I understand that a moderator can remove it) : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=sim+crasher Tags I'm talking about are not the ones used in the descriptions and features, but those intentionally used by sellers when placing online product sheet (keywords). Pierre Ceriano
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