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  1. Open the MarketPlace site, then search with the tags "sim crasher" and read what you get... What are the intentions of the sellers when they put "sim crasher" as tags, if not sell scripts used to crash sims ? Pierre
  2. I'm not the only one a priori to believe that the precautionary principle must be privileged on the MarketPlace : http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/designing-worlds-discovers-when-griefing-turns-into-extortion/ The idea is gaining ground. Pierre
  3. I'm not the only one a priori to believe that the precautionary principle must be privileged on the MarketPlace : http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/designing-worlds-discovers-when-griefing-turns-into-extortion/ The idea is gaining ground. Pierre
  4. I seek a creator of rigged mesh to make clothes. All fields of fashion, including more specific models : court dresses for example. The candidate must have strong references to the rigging technology. Fashion skills are a plus. I represent clothing designers with serious working relationships. Thank you to contact Pierre Ceriano ingame or pierre.ceriano@orange.fr
  5. I'm not here to make a long list of articles and studies which I think, because I'm not the kind to keep lists. I confirm that deny the correlation between the decline in regions and the uncontrolled growth of the Marketplace is a naive and dangerous approach. This is a brand new news, in addition to many other : How to Stop SL Land Loss: Require Land Ownership to Sell Lots of Items in the SL Marketplace This is not because the heat can not be seen that it does not exist :matte-motes-asleep-2: Pierre
  6. Your second point is the one that catches my eye every time I see it. Why should LL balance competition? No, really. Why? They didn't take any money from you to get you to come here. They didn't sign a contract with you. You saw a way to make some money in this virtual world. Presumably your business sense and creativity allowed that to happen, and bully for you, but LL owes you nothing. Well... 1/ First fact - Private estate régions june 2010 : 25000 ; last week : 20911 ; today : 20835. Several studies have demonstrated the link between the explosion of the Marketplace and the decline of the number of régions. 2/ Second fact - LL does not ask for money to register but it asks to stay (merchants), except if you choose Premium membership by yourself. Whether the game (fees) or on the Marketplace (commissions). This is not a criticism, but an observation. And I am completely satisfied. 3/ Third fact - YES, we all sign a contract with LL. It is called TOS. Point 13.3 "This Agreement and the referenced Policies are the entire understanding between us". I confirm that LL must focus, a way or another to balance Marketplace and inworld shop. Not just to please me or because I expected something. Simply because this is one of the elements that can allow the game to continue. Second Life is a virtual game with an Internet sales platform, not the reverse. The priority must be given to the game and not the MarketPlace. This is my opinion and I will not give up, because I like this game as a player before appreciate it as a merchant. Warm regards Pierre
  7. Wishwel, I fully understand your argument and I myself am tired at the mere thought of shopping (IRL and SL), especially when you add the fact of being a man ... But shopkeepers are not all gathered in commercial galleries on sims that only offer it. Many sims appointed to the promenade, theaters, jazz clubs, etc., offer shops for rent. At least to call themselves Rockefeller, most sim owners need to have income of merchants to maintain a place originally scheduled for leisure. It is necessary have a complete view of the virtual economy, and this is complex but fascinating. Isn't it ? Pierre
  8. Dillon, I completely understand your thinking and I know an idea like mine will struggle to make a place. Except if it is relayed by numerous and influential designers, I'm not influential, but I have not had this idea alone either The idea NO SHOP INGAME = NO MARKETPLACE STORE has three advantages : 1 / It does not prevent residents to shop on the MP, including exclusively on the MP if they wish, 2 / It rebalances the competition by eliminating traders who want enrich commercially without investing in the game, 3 / Finally it is beneficial for LL (and all players) keeping the traffic and the number of sims. This idea made its way into the minds of many colleagues designers of mines, others will join us, the door is wide open. Pierre
  9. All geek jobs being provided , I shall give them law counseling :matte-motes-nerdy: While I often appear critical, I use this thread to say that LL did a good job overall. Sincerely. Best regards Pierre Ceriano
  10. Main subject because the permission system (and beyond intellectual property) on objects, scripts of textures influence the current economic situation of virtual goods market. From my point of view, LL must first seek to eradicate the inworld copyboting and the illegal importation of objects from the outside. How can assume have the right to sell (and therefore allow permissions) products that have been stolen or imported without license ? Then I think the permission system is pretty much done. It could be improved by providing two levels of modify changes. That which we know and one which would only authorizes to modify the dimensions of the object (not textures). This would avoid the use of added scripts and respect the artistic choice of the creators. Then indeed it would authorize the transfer between alts. We do not pay twice its underpants or rent to my knowledge. I'm not against it. Remains to find the technical means to control this. The licenses are too important to let them the sole use of the creators (yes I am creator and I support this view.) LL should provide a preformatted form that complies with international trade laws. A sort of "fill the gap". Here are my initial reactions and thoughts on this subject. Warm regards Pierre Ceriano
  11. Hello everyone and thank you all for bringing your opinion on the sensitive subject : Marketplace / Inworld shop. I will only give my own opinion. I understand and respect the opinions of others. I just feel that the behavior of some, the casualness of others and the lack of decision-making of LL (on this point), are sawing off the branch on which we already are in balance. [0 - Sorry in advance for my bad English, I try to do my best ^^] 1 - I both manage a MarketPlace and an inworld shop. I consider this is a sign of respect for my customers that offer them to see some of my products rezzed on the game. I also consider that it would be unacceptable behavior on my part to save dough on Marketplace without participating financially in the game itself. Do not forget that LL puts at our disposal a free tool : that will be ethically unacceptable to enrich yourself without giving the game counterparty. 2 - I have a MarketPlace store because it is a way to be largely known. 3 - I also consider that selling low cost items on the MarketPlace without having an inworld activity (and so costs) causes severe distortion of competition. 4 - The notion of "distortion of competition" should be taken into great consideration by the LL as it is a legal notion. 5 - If LL wants the return of the ingame trafic, they will have to take in consideration the commercial side of this distortion and act in favor of inworld shopkeepers. As some other things to do but off present topic. 6 - I globaly feel like Shab about this probelm but I disegree with the idea of being membership to get a MarketPlace 7 - My idea is : NO INWORLD SHOP = NO MARKETPLACE STORE. Should develop the details of the setting up but if some of you want to lobby about this way or such a way like, i would join or create the movement. As i already have good contact with known and emerging disigners, do not hesitate to contact me inworld Warm regards Pierre Ceriano
  12. In relation to this kind of attack , I raise the issue of the lack of any "TOS violation" reason under the "Flag this item" button on the MarketPlace : thread. Thank you in advance for your attention Pierre Ceriano
  13. Anybody can explain to me the reason why there is not a "TOS violation" reason under the "Flag this item" button ? I refer especialy to the point 8.3 of the TOS : "8.3 You agree that you will not post or transmit Content or code that may be harmful, impede other users' functionality, invade other users' privacy, or surreptitiously or negatively impact any system or network." For sample isn't a bomb script (usually called sim crasher), sold actually on the MP, responding to "you will not [...] transmit Content or code that may [...] negatively impact any system" ? This is a sample among others. I open the debate, would like to read you opinion and gather all persons who want to give a chance to the "Tos violation" reason" under the "Flag this item" button.
  14. Pierre Ceriano offers an exchange service with an English speaking translator : Pierre Ceriano will translate into French notecards, MarketPlace files and weblogs ; the English speaking translator will do the same with notecards, MarketPlace and weblogs of Pierre. There is no exchange of L$ but only one service against another. Important : it is not necessary for the translator to be French speaking, he or she will just have to revise English versions. Contact Pierre Ceriano directly on the game or by mail : [pierre.ceriano@orange.fr] [Hiring page] [Main Shop] [MarketPlace]
  15. Nana Saenz needs a commercial agent whose main tasks will be to look for business locations and event to install and promote products from Nana. The mastery of one or more foreign languages is a plus. He/She must know and follow the trends of sales and marketing in Second Life. For the method of payment, see directly with Nana Saenz on the game. [Hiring page] [Main Shop] [MarketPlace]
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