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  1. We have renovated our favourite location at Godrics Hollow. We have lots of fun stuff to do up on our town platform - shopping, gachas, an arcade with tons of games, DMG original mesh main store, Godrics big gacha resale store, some nawty stuff (its an adult sim). Come and check it out. :) We have land rentals on the ground. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Citrus%20Cove/119/85/3002
  2. We have a variety of homes available on a beautifully landscaped beach sim. With a range from small ocean facing cottages to larger houses available. The larger houses have been parcelled off to offer privacy and media settings. The rent is 2L per prim, with 300 - 500 prims available (more if required). It is an adult, LGBT friendly sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/South Beach Cove/49/182/23
  3. Looking for a beach home with a good community feeling? South Beach Cove is part of Spurt Beach Estates and is a fully landscaped residential sim. There are plenty of rental options available. Parcelling for privacy and media settings can be done upon request for the larger homes. This is a gay friendly adult sim. No child avatars. Pay the first 2 weeks rent and get a 250L gift card from Shutter Field. Pay the first 4 weeks rent and get one week free. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/South Beach Cove/62/161/23
  4. help please - how do i contact LL to get ownership of a group back. I stepped down as owner of a group I founded and gave the group to someone else. That person left SL months ago, leaving the group in limbo. The group is no longer active (no one sending notices, no events, inactive group members etc). I want to get ownership back so I can shut down the group. There is no support ticket option for groups and only contact info for LL is about billing. Any other suggestions?
  5. We are interested in hearing from shoppers, bloggers, creators and event organisers in our sl events survey. With so many events in SL being a big part of the SL community, we want to know what peoples views on them are. The survey is only open from 5 - 12 May. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. The link is to the survey page, please scroll down to read what the survey is about and complete the questions. Thanks so much. http://shutterfieldsl.blogspot.co.nz/p/sl-events-survey.html
  6. I have the utmost respect for designers who make original mesh - both full perm and non full perm, for the time and skill it takes to make it. I love original mesh and am slowly learning to make my own. But I have to wonder if there is a growing "class" distinction (for lack of a better term) where events are focusing more on having ONLY original mesh makers and so we are seeing the same stores (as fantastic as they are) at more and more of these events. What effect is this having on SL overall? Is it like a hungry beast that has to be fed with the demand for original mesh? Is the demand outweighing the supply so there is a huge pressure on original mesh makers to keep producing for events?Does this affect the quality of their work? Are they getting pressured / frustated by endless invites to events they may get? What about the impact and frustration of other builders who work just as hard to using templates and original mesh made for them (but not made by them), to use them in an original way, but dont get invited to events? What has been the impact on them and their stores? Creating a new event where template and original mesh makers are invited is also difficult. Designers want to participate in events where they get sales. Original mesh makers appear to have far more choice in the events they can take part in than template builders. What has the effect been on stores? Are both original and template designers finding fewer sales at stores so must take part in events to earn their tier / income? What about the pricing of original and template mesh? Do some events have original mesh priced too low - undervaluing the skill and time the builders put into their builds? What do shoppers think about the original and template events? Are there too many of them? What do shoppers want? Are shoppers able to tell what has been made by an SL builder and what has been imported? Do they care if its imported mesh from a 3d website and not actually made by the creator? While the mesh may be original, some designers do buy full perm textures, scripts, animations etc to use with them. So the final build itself may not necessarily be 100% original. This is not a bad thing as it helps support the SL economy and those who do make full perm animations, textures, scripts etc. What are your thoughts?
  7. I have now received a response from LL. It appears they did respond last year, but I never received it. They would consider reducing land tier if there would be an increase in volume to cover the reduction, but there is no guarantee of that and they must keep that economy stable. They are considering a new model for the new product that is less reliant on land tier so it is more accessible to residents.
  8. actually i have just received a response. They also said that it appeared I did not receive the original response they sent me last year.
  9. Last year we sent a petition to LL signed by 370+ residents, requesting that LL consider doing a review to see if they can reduce land tier. Unfortunately (and maybe unsurprisingly to some of you), we have had no official response from LL to date.
  10. One of the biggest issues facing SL residents is the cost of land and tier. Now we have an opportunity to have our voices heard, but we need to have a big voice. If you want to have your say in asking LL to consider reviewing the price of land and tier please sign our petition. http://landpetition-sl.blogspot.co.nz/
  11. The petition is ready. Please click on this link to take you to the petition blog. The link to sign the petition is on the home page. Thanks to all of the feedback and comments and for supporting this petition. http://landpetition-sl.blogspot.co.nz/
  12. Thanks for your support. I'm working on the blog, its just about done. Here is the link, will hopefully have it ready by tomorrow. http://landpetition-sl.blogspot.co.nz/
  13. I respect that view and agree, from a business perspective I agree, its about growing as you can afford it. I also agree that LL is a business. For residents SL is not just about businesses, its about homes, parks, beaches, clubs, museums, art, creativity and hoping to make it a little more affordable for all. I'm not trying to solve everyones problems, just trying to give people a chance to let LL know that this is an important issue to them if they want to, and ask LL to consider whether there is an opportunity to lower the price of land if they can find other avenues for revenue. People are free to support this or not.
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