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    Strange shading on avi! Please help

    It was always a risk, Ive used this handle for about 3 years now. Never caused a problem.. But in retrospec I should of make it something alittle less risky.. But without the risk there really is no pay off. Im glad some of you understand the underlaying meaning
  2. Aufstieg

    Strange shading on avi! Please help

    Full slinks,, notice the off shading around well.. everything.. even in direct light.
  3. There seems to be random shading on this my avi, other people cant see it, But I can, It looks blotchy like im pieced together with shader blocks, Any help? edit: Shadows are turned off. Seems to only effect mesh(the slink body)
  4. Aufstieg

    WANTED: Tatoo artist (small tattoo)

    Bump. Alot of you dont know what your doing.. I know Linden is a great thing to have... But if your not confident that your worth it.. Please dont message me. I mean quality.. Not blurry.. not distorted... Not some cut and paste and pray job. A simple task.
  5. Looking for a quality tattoo artist(SL) to make a tattoo that is really importent to me, So you must be quality. Feel free to add me in SL, Ill send you a rough draft of what I need. Will be paid well.
  6. Aufstieg

    WANTED: 1300 prims, 50x60 size.

    Yup, its a play on words, Take something terrible and try to make it cute to destroy its original meaning
  7. Leave your price here, Or IM me in game :) Thank you :)
  8. My budget really depends on how much I believe your voice quaility is worth, I do my own editing and have done similier stuff in the past. This is strictly for your voice. But if you feel comfortable composing the commercial yourself as well then we can talk about full production. Budget can be anywhere toward 6k linden area or more if I love it.
  9. Looking for some one with that "golden" voice to do a few snippets of pieces for my DJ sets. We can meet and discuss pricing. If you have any demos or previous work feel free to drop it right here in in the chat box below! Look forward to hearing you! Literally.
  10. The RGB they give on there website seems WAAAY off. Any one found a proper RBG for it?
  11. Aufstieg

    A replacement for Wowmeh?

    So with "Wowmeh" off the grid.... What other full mesh avi creators are worth looking at? Looking specificly for Female Avi
  12. Aufstieg

    Who has the best Avi Shape store?

    Its for a friend, she is a dancer and not always clothed.
  13. Aufstieg

    Who has the best Avi Shape store?

    The inner thigh tearing is what im trying to fix.
  14. Aufstieg

    Who has the best Avi Shape store?

    Seems to be a issue with wowmeh and Phat azz being down or unavailable. is there any other worthy mentions?
  15. Aufstieg

    Who has the best Avi Shape store?

    Wow, Exactly the informations I needed, Thanks Gents/ladies!