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  1. 2 methods to my idea : Don't modify anything on the uploaded shape, and don't touch anything on the UVs in Blender, and then upload as it is. You will have to play with the upload window in order to deal with the best land impacts/LOD ratio OR if you want to modify the uploaded asset in Blender, you will need to unwrap the UVs again. If you want to approach the texturing method on prims, maybe use the "Project from view" and "Project from view Bound" methods after you did put the said faces to unwrap in front of you (numpads).
  2. Good point. Here we can reach the philosophical level. I always thought and said that among the years the LL team realized they were running a real business. But it was not the primary philosophy of the Second Life metaverse : it was first created by some hairy nerds who had that brilliant idea to make people meet in a 3D world created by themselve. Then they permitted the folk to sell their stuff on a MP, but that was maybe because they needed to improve the business part of the model... and not to allow anyone to make a living. So now some think they can earn money thanks to a world created by others, they also consider a scandal to be punctured. If LL wants to lower the tiers and increase the transactions fees, it's because a bunch of the "players" don't "play the game" anymore : both sellers and buyers should interact in-game and not off-game. That doesn't happens since years ; so the LL team, which has since hired some skilled business guys, took a decision. Guess it is not the worst if it makes us coming back in-game.
  3. The idea might be internationaly leveled by creating a kind of universal UUID. If one create a virtual asset and market it on a library such as Turbosquid, it would be attached to a unique everywhere usable UUID. If some want to download it to SL, the UUID would be analyzed and see if in the line of code there is the authorization to do so.
  4. That survey is a good idea indeed. Lots of good things I read on that thread. My 3 tops would be : - The ability to check a bunch of files and change in bulk either the price, inworld location, category, or permissions - A new area where to write our Terms of Use, an area that would remain so we don't need to rewrite (or copy/paste) them. An area in addition to the "Extended description one" - (Dreaming mode) A reinforced team that would check the ripped items and ban the IP adresses that insist. Thanks for reading
  5. An other way is : gather all the parts that will have the same diffuse at the end and create those parts with the array modifier. Then unwrape before applying the modifier. You will have to arrange the "arrayed" parts maybe. The deal is to determine if it takes more time to arrange islands or parts...
  6. Indeed I see. I usually arrange by hand then and rescale the whole. But I'm also interested to learn a shortest way. Hope a more skilled person will answer your question. I will follow that thread.
  7. The question is : "Why do you pin the vertices" ? Doesn't it work fine if you just let the duplicated islands together without pinning ?
  8. Once I created the mesh from the svg file and made some improvement, I solidify it and arrange by hand the back joining the vertices that sometimes interweave. Then I unwrape "Project from view" in front or top view, depends the orientation of the object). Then I import the original picture and fix the UV on the the outlines of it.
  9. I'm also interested to know if there is an addon for that ; as I admit I am a lazzy guy ^^ The shortest way I found yet is to turn a nice picture or drawing to a black png vector, then transform that vector to an svg file I import to Blender and make some improvements on it, in order it gets some bump. Then I shamelessly apply the original picture on it...
  10. Hello the community and thank you in advance for your interest. I was baking several materials with success and it suddenly stopped to work ; I mean the Texture bake fonction stands on 0 % progress. As you can see on the picture, I have several objects in my scenery. I already baked with no problem the 18 materials of the pillars, walls, fake doors and windows and one of the balcony. As I want to bake material 049, it stands on 0 % since over 45 minutes. Usually it takes from 5 to 10 minutes for my PC to bake a material. What I did already : I deleted all the objects that are not necessary for the bake process I checked each material is not repeated on an other object I saved all my works, stopped and started again the computer I tried to bake with only Blender working on my PC I tried to bake an other material Still not working. Also there is not the usual sound of the baking process, while it stands on 0 %. Edit 1 : I could bake a material on the roof but it stands on 0% and seems it doesn't end the baking process... Please help ! Following pictures of the scenery and the baking settings. Warm regards, Pierre
  11. Bonjour Océane Je ne vois que deux hypothèses : Un bug du système de location Une limitation de prims alloués, au-delà de laquelle la location est recalculée. Exemple : tu loue une maison + 200 prims, mais une fois les meubles rezzés tu dépasses l'allocation globale de prims et tu passe donc dans la tranche supérieure. En règle générale, une notice explique les choses en détail. Dans les deux cas, il faut te rapprocher du landlord ou bailleur et lui demander de t'expliquer mieux les choses si la notice n'est pas assez claire. Bonne soirée
  12. Bonjour Melysa Je te conseillerais : de supprimer puis de réinstaller Catznip Si le problème persiste, de contacter le support ou le groupe sur le jeu : copie/colle ce lien secondlife:///app/group/0ca3355c-c72c-4db5-d2e2-79127a134d55/about dans ton chat local et rejoins le groupe si ce n'est pas déjà fait. Bon courage et bonne journée !
  13. Bonjour Mathieu et bon retour sur Second Life ! Je ne suis pas versé dans le RP mais pour ce qui est de trouver des francophones sur SL, il me semble qu'on peut : consulter la page du guide qui référence les régions francophones faisant leur promotion sur le site officiel. Rechercher sur Second Life Search avec les termes "Français" dans la section groupes et "Jeu de rôle" dans la section générale. regarder les profiles des personnes que tu rencontres dans le jeu Bonne continuation
  14. Hello Achille Those unwanted shadows might come from the way you marked the unwraping isles but it is difficult to see that on your pictures. So I recommand you check the Falloff of the Gather section of the World tab, with Strengh set to 1 and Samples to 10.
  15. Hello there ! As some of you know I have a (until not so many time) legal background. When this topic is discussed, three things need to be taken into consideration, at least : 1 / What the Linden terms say about it. As said before the section 2.3 of the TOS : "In connection with Content you upload, publish, or submit to any part of the Service, you affirm, represent, and warrant that you own or have all necessary Intellectual Property Rights, licenses, consents, and permissions to use and authorize Linden Lab and users of the Service to use the Content in the manner contemplated by the Service and these Terms." It means that you can upload only assets you own the IP rights... The best solution is to be the Content Creator, from the first vertice to the last one. 2 / What the 3D library and the initial creators say about it*. For CG Trader, you might read this : "Products [ sold with Royalty Free Licenses] published on CGTrader may not be sold, given, or assigned to another person or entity in the form it is downloaded from the site." and "Products with Editorial License [...] can only be used for non-commercial purposes." In other terms, you might upload to Second Life for your personal use only (not selling back). If you need to go beyond these rules you will need to see : 3 / What the initial creator will allow you to do when you will contact her/him : indeed the best is to get, at least, a mail allowing you to resell in Second Live his/her assets with the conditions clearly stated : small transformations needed ? Credits ? Which end user rights ? Then your problem will be to deal with... point 1/... * Some external libraries won't allow you to use their assets (models, textures) especially in Second Life, and this even for personal use : Renderosity, CG Textures,...
  16. Thank you very much ! I created a lower physics shape and decreased the land impact to 5 at a 8 meters diameter (instead of 37^^). Of course I had to struggle with it in order to keep a realistic visual render in-game. But it was worth of doing it. Thank again Pierre
  17. Hello there and thank you in advance for your help Ok, I created a squared pond with physics, of 24 x 24 meters, which weighs 12 land impacts. When I decrease the squale of this item, the land impact also decrease. Then I created a rounded pond from the squared one, also with physics, also weighting 12 li at 24 meters diameter. BUT, when I decrease it, the land impact increase a lot, something like 37 li at 8 meters diameter. It decreases set to convexhull. I did something wrong but what ? As some of you know, I'm an humble craftsman with meshes and Blender, learning things bit by bit. I uploaded with Firestorm and with the official viewer, but I still uncounter the same issue. I seeked Google and the SL forum with tags like "rounded mesh", "round mesh" and "circle mesh" but didn't find anything. Pierre
  18. I'm profundly chocked by what hapenned in my country yesterday. Religions tend to raise the human spirit, protect life, empower the weak. We all must fight the stupid cowards who consider religions as weapons. May God bless the bereaved families.
  19. First, thank you for working on the MP issues and for asking a feedback. I'd not want to be in your shoes at this moment :smileywink: I have always questioned the wisdom of the relevance sorting, so the first thing I did is sorting my shop by relevance and was very surprised. It sounds to be exactly the opposite of what one should expect : the Beta gives as results, on the first page, what I sell the less. As I use the relevance to delete or improve the dunce caps of my store, the good news is I won't have to scroll down and hit the last page number. Then I seeked the general MP with different keywords that are important for my business and, indeed as some said before, I was suggested old creepy things mostly. This is not good for customers because (well) I guess they seek for favorited items (an assumption of mines). Unless you got a sudden tendency to egalitarism, back from the Burning Man with new opinions about birds, clear water and life. Right I tease you but there is a real mess on that point ; sincerely wish you all the best in the process.
  20. Hello the Team In the coming Sansar Project, is a model of clothing like the DRAPE method being studied ? Thank you
  21. As English is not my native, maybe I don't explain things the right way about newcomers (and even old residents) and this project. Where I want to draw technicians attention is the fact that today and in the future users have to manage too many things in order to have a pleasant experience in Second Life. We introduce SL as an easy place to experience, but any user who'd like to be in the swing will have not only to manage a body mesh and everything that goes on, but also to deal with its "complexity weight", this added to the setting of the preference board and other things that don't come immediatly to my mind... Indeed it will have to be as pedagogical as possible. I didn't use a JIRA since a very long time, but with the new management that sounds to be asking users opinion more often, I will certainly do :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  22. @ The Linden Labs and the community of users, Guess this project would not be a bad decision but this is a "technical opinion" at first. On the other hand I wonder if it won't add complexity to the experience, especially, but not only, for the newcomers. In other words : isn't this project going against the Linden Labs latest sights about the newcomers experience in Second Life ? I understand it needs to control the technical sides of the platform, but isn't the cursor going in the bad direction ? Concerning the business side of the project : are you going to add a feature on the MP informing the customers about the complexity of the objects she/he is about to purchase ?
  23. Et tu n'es pas au bout de tes surprise : la langue francaise est pleine de subtilités... nota bene : je constate que le forum Linden est toujours aussi irrespectueux des langues étrangères, en imposant de faire des fautes d'orthographe : "The message body contains c*, which is not permitted in this community. Please remove this content before sending your post." Une entreprise de ce niveau peut se donner les moyens d'un site web performant en terme de langues... [*c cédille, NDLR]
  24. Salut Anselm ! Il existe un lexique des correspondances ici, qui, en plus de donner des traductions, formule des définitions.
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