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  1. Please stop pushing political messages through your paid products. If you want to do that - make a free version of them. Sincerely, One of the many annoyed by your unsolicited spam. PS. And for the love of god - please get educated.
  2. Few search queries will show you failed products that google and facebook acquired. But ...don't do that. It's for simple people lol Please do your homework, buying distressed tech companies is a common practice. And it's not rare when it doesn't pay out.
  3. Land sales don't mean anything really. Estates die all the time, people move, it could be that. Yes, I totally think that investors are capable of doing bad investments, especially when it comes to tech. Seen it already. But of course you are going to spin this and tell people everything is fine when you are financially incentivized. You won't benefit if people panic or just start to leave. And for the most successful estate on the grid(self proclaimed) I've never heard of you. Not even 2 weeks ago when I saw looking for a homestead. If SL was doing so good as you claim there won't be need to be sold. It's simple. You don't sell your golden goose...assuming SL is one, which is not anymore. I don't need a grain of salt while reading your posts, I need an entire sack.
  4. I like how Linden employees come here to say it's a good thing. If SL was doing well and was very profitable it wouldn't have to be sold. But thanks to Ebbe Linden and his amazing management skills here we are. Ditched Patterns, Ditched and sold Sansar(many people said it's going to be a flop way before millions of dollars were spent). Now time to jump off the ship while it hasn't sunk yet completely. Those investors will want to make their money back as soon as possible. So get ready to be milked with higher taxes and other stuff.
  5. In Japan gachas are regulated, and companies publish the probability rations. And in general, RL casinos are regulated by state agencies and random inspections occur, checking if machines have been modified. So no, don't compare regulated industry to a script coded by someone you don't even know and nobody can revise it. This is one of the reasons Zyngo got banned. I'm looking forward the day gachas are finally banned. They are abused beyond absurd already... Ah, yes, someone had to bring how much they hate Trump. Here, have some digital back pats. Poor NPC 😢 edit: oddly familiar youtube.com/watch?v=mthj2Z7xqvM&t=3608
  6. Please explain why Sansar processing fee is 1.5% and why you are not planning to raise it up? Suddenly the "regulatory climate" is not a problem. It's time to milk the 100 Sansar users and put the burden on them to make back "your" investment. And if your reason to reduce groups was the back-end strain, why didn't you first try to optimize your code? Implement new tech, protocols, etc? But no, first thing is to cut off basic stuff . Sure it's not easy but it's a mandatory. It's laughable to say "We’re making lasting investments into SL in infrastructure, features, and content" when you take away the SL's staff to work a dead project. And lets not mention fitted mesh implementation from few years ago....
  7. No matter how I look at it, I can't see any way how Linden Lab can justify those changes other than pure lazyness and greed. Can't remember any platform I've used that suddenly cutoff basic features to boost premium accounts.... And on top of that, doubling the processing fee from 2.5% to the wooping 5.0%. FIVE PERCENT? To help the economy? Oh really? And I thought you run out of funds because Sansar and now it's time to milk your only profitable project. Yes, I can see your "commitment" to SL, fired so much of the staff, and moved most of what is left to work on Sansar. It's been about 1.5 years since you announced the return of old names but nothing yet. I fail to see how something this simple is taking you so long. The code for it it's already in the back-end, most of the work is frontend and it's minimal. SL has been doing gradually downhill ever since Ebbe Linden stepped as a CEO. This guy is just clueless.
  8. Lol, what is this sh.t ... really... Who needed these web profiles? Thanks for asking us again what we think about it, LL. You always care for our opinion and we all really appreciate it. Thank for not being also able to load profiles or edit mine thru the built-in browser... and for that I can't find people with your search engine unless I'm using Phoenix/Emerald/etc. You are winning again. Go on and make our experience even worse here. Pic related. It's me right now...
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