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  1. Like, one of these, right? 🤣
  2. Oh shoot! Did I got off script again??? /me puts self in the corner
  3. Hi Trinity! Yeah, at this time we are focused on the non-graphical aspects for a mobile viewer. That's not to say that some kind of graphics won't be available further down the line, but right not we're just focused on IM, followed by group chat, group and friendship management. Once we have those tackled for both iOS and Android, we'll start working on another set of features, and I promise to give you all a sneak peek at what those will be just as soon as we have that feature set decided on. Next year is going to be an exciting one for SL Mobile! 😁
  4. I've got a little gossip, but not sure how juicy it is. 😆 Android app is in the works! We went with iOS first because we have more Residents on iOS devices, not because we don't love our Android Resis too! Release for an Android app is going to be a little delayed after iOS because we still have some backend work to do and (in case you hadn't heard) we are frantically working on this eency little project called UPLIFT. 🤣 But, we're still working on what we can along side iOS. Once we have a beta version of it that we can open up for you all to bang on, I'll drop an announcement in here
  5. Hi Axel! It's my hope it won't be years, but Marketplace does pose it's own set of challenges. We have had (and will continue to have) many internal discussions about what features to introduce at what time and Marketplace did rank high on that list. Right now, we're really focused on the social aspects like chat (both IM and group) and getting those right. So, keep checking in here and when I have more info on that portion of it I'll announce it here first! 🙂
  6. You beat me to it! 😁
  7. Hi Garnet! Sorry about that. For some reason the posted bolded all my text. Should be fixed now. 😃
  8. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the Name Changes Contest! We apologize that it took so long to announce the winners - but we had an overwhelming response (over 2400 Residents responded)! It was such a great list of names to go through, that it took just a bit longer than anticipated to whittle it down. So, without further delay, I give you the first 8 (yes, 8. I couldn't narrow it down to just 5!) last names chosen for the list: Conundrum Dismantled Huntsman Littlepaws Nova Ravenhurst Wumpkins Yeetly The winners have been notified via email, so if you suggested one o
  9. There will definitely be more to choose from. The first 5 will be the ones chosen from the contest submissions. 😉
  10. Indeed there has been! There has been quite a lot of backend work needed before we can roll this out.
  11. Hi folks! Just a quick update to let you know we have not yet selected the winning names. At the end of the contest we had over 2500 submissions, most with 3 name suggestions. Our eyes are crossing going through those names, but going through it we are and there are some great name submissions! Very soon, I'll be able to contact the winners and then share with you all the first 5 new last names. As far as the name changing process goes, we are frantically (but carefully!) working through the process. I appreciate everyone's patience as we work hard to get this feature rolled out.
  12. Hi WillowTenage, Yikes! Marauders in the new Linden Homes?? If they were breaking any Community Standards or Terms of Service rules, please make sure to file an in world abuse report on them so our fine Governance agents can check them out (you know, canvass the area, question the neighbors, maybe make some Linden Homes Most Wanted posters to spread around). Another way to keep specific strangers out of your home would be to add them to your parcel ban list. To do so, Go to World > About Land. Click on the Access tab then click Add under always Banned. Add their avatar name,
  13. Hey Blush! Interesting idea. I'll see if maybe we can get something like that going. Thanks!
  14. Hi Angellese, You are absolutely able to downgrade your account from Premium to Basic at any time and may continue to log in with no waiting period as long as your account is in good standing. In order to do so (which a few others have mentioned here) you need to make sure you have no mainland or Linden Home in your ownership. I would suggest abandoning your mainland or Linden Home the day before your Premium bills next and then downgrading your account on the Web. The only things that would prevent you from being able to access your account is being delinquent on payments for more
  15. Hey Fionalein! So, my response which was quoted above was in reference to the old Linden Homes. On the old regions, additions were considered a modification of the home and were not allowed. The new Linden Homes have their own Covenant with some liberties which were not allowed on the old homes. I'm sure Patch will be around shortly to comment on the topic of additions such as porches, sun rooms, etc on the new regions. I haven't worked on the Covenant on the new regions, so I am absolutely going to defer to Patch on this one. 😉
  16. Hi Folks, Apologies for the recent bumpiness. We have some blog posts up about this issue and are taking the issue extremely seriously. If you find that you are missing inventory, please make sure you submit a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Our teams are working diligently to get this resolved as quickly as possible for everyone. Keep an eye on the blog for updates too: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  17. Silent Individual Marsupial?
  18. You never know what the Moles are gonna dig up .....
  19. Hey Luna! The only way to lose your account this way is by not paying the balance due on it. We do send email reminders about billing, especially if your payment method fails. But, things happen and people go on vacation and are away from SL for periods of time so ...... if you ever find that you cannot log into your account, as a Premium member you have access to Live Chat. Hop on in there and our support Lindens can help you out. If a support ticket is needed to resolve the issue, they can let you know that too. We don't want folks to get locked out of their accounts, but if
  20. Super Slippery Plesiosaur (looking for his tree fitty)
  21. Totally fair point there, LittleMe. Lesson learned, and if we do have any more events such as this one (depending on how it all goes in the end), I will make sure that if we do include an Adult region we'll give a little disclaimer in the hint post for that week. ?
  22. Hey Rhonda, I'm just talking about exterior modifications in this instance. Adding an interior wall with the same textures is perfectly fine, you just cannot add on to the outside of the structure. ?
  23. Hey! Good question! So, that would actually fall under this part of the Covenant: * Linden Homes may not be removed, modified, exchanged, set or deeded to group, or transferred. In particular, the 'modified' part. I have seen some fabulous looking modifications that used almost the same textures we have on the home to add an enclosed patio or lounge area. Sadly, it is a modification of the actual home so it technically isn't allowed. I really hate asking people to take those down, but community rules kinda have to be upheld. We don't want any slippery slopes in the Linden Hom
  24. Ohai! So, we did think a lot about this location before choosing it. Our intent on putting these gifts out was to showcase special areas of Second Life. Horizons was one of our most ambitious projects, so we wanted to include one of those regions in this hunt. The specific region chosen was one that contains none of the, how shall we say it, more sensitive content in Second Life, but instead showcases the build itself. In regards to minors accessing the region, any accounts designated as 16 or 17 would be restricted to only General rated regions and would not have been able to partic
  25. Hey Guys! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So .... um .... yeah .... about that house .... Sometimes the mouse pointer gets away from even the best of us, but things are once again back to normal in that region. I wanted to just say a few things about this issue, but I will not be debating the content which was present. The main issue here is that the original home was modified by adding textured prims and extended past the parcel boundaries. This is a clear violation of the Covenant we have set up in the Linden Homes regions to keep the planned feel of those areas. Wi
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