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  1. Thanks, chibiusa! We have some sort options queued up for the next revision so I'll be sure your request is thrown into our discussion mix.
  2. Hi FailedScience, The changes were made to make a more updated, compliant and expanded auction experience. Holding funds in escrow helps to prevent bidding for the sake of driving up an auction price as well as ensuring that the winning party has funds available to actually complete the auction. We have actually had residents bid at auction and then not be able to pay which makes for an unfair experience for those residents who made bids in good faith. I do understand your argument, but the escrow system will continue to be in place for all auctions going forward.
  3. Hi LittleMe! Thanks again for bringing that to my attention. We have a quick fix going out this evening (along with a few other little fixes), but we're also looking into making the messaging more specific in the near future. Let me know if you see anything else amiss in there! =)
  4. Thanks for those suggestions, Qie! We are still in the process of tweaking the new system and already have some tweaks planned (including a few of yours) coming soon. We'll toss around your suggestions and see if we can make any of them stick. In the meantime, feel free to hit me up with any other tweaks you might feel would make the process better. I'm sure once we roll out the resident to resident system there will be more tweaks as everyone gets used to that. The joys of building a new tools! Thanks again!
  5. Hi LittleMe! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll have a look at the system and get a jira started if needed. I'll keep you updated on that progress. =)
  6. Hey Chic! That is actually not correct. You only have to pay monthly tier on any land you actually own or group donations you have made. When you are just bidding, the land is not assigned to you so there is no way the system would know to charge you for a parcel you bid on. If your friend wants, have them contact me and I would be more than happy to explain that. In regards to Group land, you would need to reclaim the parcel from the group before sending it to auction but it's really important for folks to also drop their group donation before reclaiming. That's where most of the issues come from with group own land. If you don't do that first, that's when you get charged the extra tier. You always want to drop your group donation first before reclaiming any group owned land. Once you are done moving your group land around, be sure to check the Land/Assets tab of the group and be sure all the group land is covered, otherwise you'll be hearing from a member of my team who can help you get it straightened out. I'm always willing to chat about this process, so feel free to hit me up or send people my way. =)
  7. Thanks for bringing this up, Berksey. With so many groups already created and being created it's difficult for us to see issues such as this. The best way to bring it to our attention is with an in world Abuse Report. Now, I know what most of y'all are gonna say "Those never get looked at!!" Well I'm here to tell you that is a load of breedable horse droppings, and I am sure there are several residents (who have been contacted by a member of the Governance Team) who would also disagree with you. Our team of Governance agents work diligently reviewing those ARs and thoroughly investigating all credible reports. Thanks for submitting your report, Berksey! We'll be looking into that shortly. =)
  8. Hey animats! Thanks for filing that AR. Our Governance Team is on the case now as I type. Things should look a lot more clear there very soon. Thanks again (to all who have filed those ARs)!
  9. Hi Witch0Queen0Mara7! Welcome to Second life! Sorry you had some difficulty leaving the Learning Island. We've fixed the issue, so you and all other new residents should not have any further trouble with those portals. Hope you have a fun time exploring SL!!
  10. From Grumpity Linden in this thread: Alright, problem found. We'll get a fix out shortly, in the meantime we have a supercomplicated workaround... 1. load https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php 2. scroll down and click save changes Voila! We'll update here once the fix is out. And yes, this new land allotment has no effect on group bonus. They stack just fine.
  11. Hi Whirly! We just recently update the status blog. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/nylvk04mplfd At this time, we are asking everyone to review their listings to ensure they are correct. If after reviewing all listing settings you find an error, then by all means shoot us a Support ticket so we can investigate those instances further. Thanks for your patience everyone! And Happy Holidays to those celebrating at this time of year! Keira
  12. Hi Arwen, The grid status blog is still open at this time, so we are continuing to work on resolving the issue. As soon as it has been resolved and passed testing then we will once again update the blog to let everyone know the issue has been fixed. Until then, if you had objects listed which no longer are please send in that support ticket so we can track that and work with you. if you heard from others that they have had objects unlisted, please point them to https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ and suggest they submit a support ticket. The best way we have to track issues like this is through our ticketing system, as it allows us to see the scope of the issue while at the same time working with individuals to get to a resolution. I know this is particularly painful issue for our Marketplace merchants, and while I can't share any details about the nature of the issue I can assure you there are many Lindens hard at work trying to resolve this as quickly as possible. The Support Team, in particular, is grateful for the patience the community has shown and we will update the status blog just as soon as possible. Thanks, Keira
  13. Hi Deadly, Unfortunately, I'm not able to address individual instances here but our Support Team will definitely get back to you on that ticket just as soon as they can. Thanks, Keira
  14. Hi Earalia! That's not something we can address here in the forums, but if you can please add those comments to your open ticket our Marketplace Team can get back to you about that. Thanks! Keira
  15. Hi folks! Just a reminder: If you are seeing any Marketplace objects unlisted, be sure to contact our Support team about it. The best method for a situation such as this is with a Support Ticket listing the objects you believe have been unlisted as well as the last time you saw them listed (if possible). Our Marketplace Team will look into that for you and can get back to you about the situation as soon as possible. Thanks! Keira Linden Supervisor, Support Operations
  16. Hi Yoko, I’m sorry to hear your friend is having difficulty accessing their account. I wanted to assure you and the rest of the community that missing a Premium payment will not cause you to immediately lose your ability to log in world. If you miss a payment, an email is sent to let you know that we had a problem with your account. Now, I will tell you that after many years in Concierge Support, I have found this email many, many times in residents’ spam folders so I always tell folks to make sure to check that folder and allow any emails from Linden Lab to bypass the spam folder. Only after your account has been delinquent for a full 30 days is it placed on hold and you are then not able to log in world, but you can still log into the website. Another tip: If you cannot log in world,check the status blog (usually on your viewer screen, or on https://status.secondlifegrid.net) first and your account on the web second. If you log in to the website within the first 60 days of missing a payment, you can still pay your balance due there. After 60 days, however, you will need to contact our wonderful support team to assist you in either paying your balance due or downgrading your account to Basic. When you sign up for a Premium account, it does let you know that your account will be automatically billed each month/quarter/year (for whichever plan you choose) to the payment method you have on file. We understand that our methods may not be convenient for all Residents, so I will let you in on a little secret: We are currently reviewing these methods in an attempt to create a better process for everyone concerned. Please continue to keep an eye on the blogs, as any changes will be announced there as soon as possible. As always, our Support Teams are more than happy to answer any questions you might have, so please visit our Support Portal and use the contact method of choice available to you. Keira Linden Supervisor, Support Operations
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