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  1. Resolved. The wiki could use some polish.
  2. Ok, so, I'm a couple years late to the EEP party, but this is the feedback thread, so here's mine: I'm sure there are a lot of great suggestions on what could be done to improve this, but for me the biggest one that jumped out at me was the differences between the sun and moon as objects. I would propose that the sun/moon objects be changed to be identical in their properties and limits. This would allow for binary star system scenes (which I'm positive have already been mentioned), and it would also allow for proper lighting when doing scenes such as the following, where the secondar
  3. Had a daydream years ago about a total solar Eclipses happening in SL. And while it's static, EEP has made it possible.
  4. "especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object's qualities;" Being that this part of the definition would indicate that a fad does not necessarily need to be short lived, but usually is, I would say that barring this qualification that Breedable pets would qualify as a fad. People are pretty heavily invested into cats, horses, etc. If that would be considered a fad, I'd also have to say that Tiny Empires and 7 Seas Fishing would be included also. Defining them as fads though rests solely on whether or not there is a required minimum time length of popul
  5. Regarding wills, be sure you fully understand an applicable laws in your state/country regarding a will. Within the US, there are variations in different states as to what constitutes a legal will, and Linden Lab will not hesitate to exploit any error on your part if it means keeping all the L$ on the account for themselves.
  6. Likely that is just the tip of the ice berg with this. I would love to hear Linden Lab respond to it with proof that they aren't doing exactly that. It would seem our passwords and user information are for sale to the highest bidder otherwise.
  7. Yet more grubby little hands involved with the money. Lovely. "NO VALUE, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS GUARANTEED OR WARRANTED WITH RESPECT TO ANY CONTENT, INCLUDING VIRTUAL TOKENS OR STORED VALUE BALANCES." "The Tilia Service is subject to scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions and loss of server data, which you do not own and for which you will not hold us liable. Translation: Your money is no longer your money nor is does it have any real value so long as it is in our system anywhere, and we can take all of it, call it a "loss of server data", and you have no legal
  8. Ok, I spoke with Theresa in the live chat, and apparently this is a known issue with the system. I still don't have the proper options when I try and submit a ticket, but the next step currently is to go through and try it via a different web browser. Thank you LittleMe for the direction to livechat.
  9. Have done that (cookie clearing). Attached image is the only menu structure I get. Also I have premium membership through 11-26 currently.
  10. Once the ID verification information is sent, it needs to be stored on LL's side to stop this nonsense. Having to send scanned images or personal information off of passports or such over the web is bad enough as it is. Having to repeatedly do it is just asking for trouble.
  11. Supposedly there is some group at Linden Lab that deals with Process Credit issues. Aside from this group supposedly sending "additional information" e-mails that magically never make it to my e-mail address (my guess is that they typed it in manually, and like 99% of the rest of the world misspelled my name), it is *impossible* to file a support ticket in regards to these problems. When you open a new ticket, you get *one* option: "Account" Under that, you get 5 or 6 sub-options, none of which have to do with billing or process credit. Meanwhile, the billing phone number i
  12. Well, at least your e-mail was received. I requested a process credit last Tuesday, and only through contacting billing support today did I discover that they had supposedly sent me an "additional information" e-mail. I contacted billing support and spoke with Ginger who told me the same thing about the "additional information" being required, etc. Except to my knowledge I never got the e-mail. It is not in any folder, spam, or trash, etc. She also claims to have opened a ticket and escalated it to the people who work with process credit (supposedly this is a different group from
  13. " LL is probably not going to launch a money laundering investigation over four dollars. " Arenanet would. But no, I doubt LL would.
  14. I agree with the need for a category just for gacha items, perhaps with a few (but not too many) sub categories. The primary reason the MP is flooded with gacha items is because people believe (perhaps for good reason) that they can profit from playing gachas and then selling the rares at an inflated price. If that's true, fine, more power to them, but it *is* affecting the use of the marketplace for people who are shopping for non-gacha items.
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