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  1. I worked on my new look from past couple of weeks! https://www.flickr.com/photos/151102944@N06/
  2. Today I am dressed up and looking for a new residence.
  3. Thank you, I love their clothes. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AITUI-Sweiss-Cam-HUD/6301396 It's a nice camera and has lots of different options for straps =) Edit: (Unfortunately you cannot 'hold' it but there are other cameras that lets one do that but not as nice as this one)
  4. I am working late in the office this Sunday!
  5. Of course I have done my research and have checked the costs. In case you are curious, Essentially we were talking about 5K of the fee for the materials; the dev kit for the body, as well as a bento head (which by themselves are costly). The rest was was for the labour I would imagine. In total it added up to about 15k. So yeah 1/3 for materials.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I was of course anticipating that there is nothing SL can do because it is a private agreement between two residents, so it is not surprising news to me. No, I paid in advance in full, she told me that she would be purchasing a lot of the materials and such so she convinced me to pay her. I first offered half now and half when the job is done but she didn't agree to that. I understand that creators can get sick, numerous uncountable number of reasons etc I don't fault anyone for that. The only issue is buyer beware, particularly on SL where RL business ethics s
  7. I made an agreement with a creator on SL to do some work for me with regards to making a custom skin and custom shape for a specific body type I had in mind. The creator assured me many times that the work would be done in a timely fashion. Unfortunately we are now 3 weeks out from the promised date of completion and still no work has been shown to me. Luckily she has not cut contact with me. She gives me a different reason why the work was not done and each time she promises a new deadline. Now once again a new deadline has come and gone and still no work to be shown. This time she c
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