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    Your very welcome!
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    I have same problem.
  4. looking for signs made

    I can create your sign (again). Rules: you must pay for the work, 50% deposit i will create 3 sample by your idea, if you haven't got ideas, i can show some idea before i start the work if you saw the samples, i will create the definitive sign sign file formats: .svg, .psd, .png, .dae you can download the source files, if you can pay in bitcoin if you are using linden dollars, 80% deposit and i will upload the meshes and the images
  5. Hello Everybody, Can you help me, how can I create this script? Steps 1. Read username from website URL llHttpRequest -> the username is in "body" (working) 2. username -> uuid for llGiveMoney (maybe with Name2Key) I can't send the username to my Name2Key url, because the username in http response "body" is not global variant (maybe). If it will working -> http response -> id 3. Send 1 linden dollar for this user llGiveMoney(id,amount) Who has any idea to create this? The e-mail communication is slow.
  6. Scripter Wanted

    Message sent.
  7. Content maturity level of vampirism?

    Thank you your help Alwin!
  8. Content maturity level of vampirism?

    Hello Everybody, I have a little question. The vampire contents (not sexual content) are adult, moderate or general things? The vampirism (concept) basicly over 18+ i think (in the real life). I was read the "Second Life Listing Policies" these contents are general things, but the users who are used these vampire contents, they are adults. I set the maturity level of these things to adult at the marketplace, i try to protect the kids. And I was read, the vampirism is general content. Really? Thank your help guys.
  9. Bood Vial Raffle (STARTS NOW)

    Remaining time: 5 days 9 hours
  10. Living Memories Memorial Garden

    This place is beautiful!
  11. Come and win a Blood Vial! The time is ticking... http://www.slbloodlines.com/haunts/11197
  12. I am looking for job - DJ

    I sent a message to you Princesscml.
  13. I am looking for job - DJ

    Hello, Live DJ looking for a job. If you are hiring dj, please write me a message here.DEMO RECORD
  14. Looking for Promoter Freelance

    Hi, Can you show your products? (Marketplace link or other)

    Bad links.