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  1. Remaining time: 5 days 9 hours
  2. This place is beautiful!
  3. Come and win a Blood Vial! The time is ticking... http://www.slbloodlines.com/haunts/11197
  4. I sent a message to you Princesscml.
  5. Hello, Live DJ looking for a job. If you are hiring dj, please write me a message here.DEMO RECORD
  6. Hi, Can you show your products? (Marketplace link or other)
  7. Bad links.
  8. IM sent :-)
  9. 1. Try to use the SL viewer. 2. Don't use other software what generate too much network traffic. 3. When you are login into Second Life, choose a fast simulator, and you must give a little time for your computer. Good luck!
  10. The Second Life is very slow in Europe 1 week ago. The time is here 2am, the network is good, but the Second Life is slow. - network test: ok - http connections test: ok - firestorm viewer tested with other grid: ok (fast)
  11. Estate:Jessica Type:Full Region Zoning:Light Commercial Language:English Features:Breeding Island Sim Sim:Lorena Brown Rating:Moderate Texture:Grass Theme:No theme 514 prims 749L / week http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lorena%20Brown/97/64/19
  12. I understand you, is true. This is our second life, our second home, and we can make it better. I hope I can read a lot of "real" events in the future. I think this area of SL needed moderation. If I am thinking as a company owner... and if I want invest money into the SL, the promotions will important for me....
  13. Logins to Second Life have been temporarly disabled. Please monitor the Grid Status page for updates. http://status.secondlifegrid.net
  14. I am using this button. 
  15. You can find it on the group profie.