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  1. hm, as long as my account has not been cleaned, this thread has not yet been resolved for me. I did receive a mail from the support team, that they have received my documents and that they will handle it. After that mail they have closed the ticket. But on my account site nothing has changed since then, it still says something is wrong with my account. Knowing that this week in the USA is thanksgiving, and hoping that that is the cause that nothing has yet been repaired, I now wait until next week. Hopefully everything goes well, this makes me really nervous
  2. hello Neural Blankes , how terrible. If I read this, I can indeed be glad that I have received that mail. But it is what you say, time ticking. Phone call is not a good option for me, because my English is really bad on the phone and I also understand only half of it. (I use the translator for writing). I have received a confirmation that the support team has received my documents, that gives hope. But the whole course of things is disturbing for me. it is about such small amounts (maybe 350 $ in 2018), and I do not understand that a member, with a premium account and almost 12
  3. Cindy, I know I have to be patient, but I have never had any problems before and always try to prevent that. It just is not good because it happened so unexpectedly and I wonder if I did something wrong. I hope that it can be resolved quickly and not become a drama. thank you for the answer PS i'm not newbie, lol, member since 2006
  4. occasionally (every 2 to 3 months), let me pay a little profit (around $ 100) on my pay pal account. I did that again last Thursday. Everything seemed fine, but on Friday I received a mail from linden support that I need to identify with passport and address. And that had to be done within 30 days, otherwise my account was blocked. At first I thought, that is scam, but when I logged in on the website, I saw that it is real. they had already created a ticket that I could respond to, I did that yesterday and uploaded passport and address. now I am waiting for an answer and that makes me comp
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