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  1. Yes I filed an abuse report and I used by Firestorm viewer to find the derender command and it vanished. Poof! Gone! Like it does not even exist anymore. So very nice. Thank you everyone.
  2. I did it! I derendered it and now it's gone. What a perfect solution. Thank you!
  3. I tried looking for this in the knowledge base but couldn't find it. My problem is that my neighbour has a building he uses as an "art" installation. His installation is a very bright very large Nazi swastika high in the air and beside it a picture of Trump wearing a Hitler uniform. As a Jew I find the trivialization of the Holocaust to be extremely annoying. I find the huge vivid glow in the dark Swastika "triggering" and since I am married to an American who is also a Republican I find equating the leader of his country and his political party to be the same as Hitler to be really distasteful. The region is general and I bought land in a general region to try avoid this kind of garbage. He did not have his disgusting childish political hate on full display when I bought the land. I do not have any political stuff on my land. Is there some way I can derezz the object this pair of images is on so I don't have to see it every time I look up? My land is around his on three sides and it seems like every time I fly or turn or look at the sky this horrid THING is staring at me. People are entitled to their political opinions however awful and bigoted they may be, but I really dislike the way he is subjecting me to his. Getting rid of being able to see his display would resolve my discomfort without interfering with his right to display his Trump Derangement Syndrome.
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