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  1. As a previous poster suggested already, talk to your landlord. Oftentimes, an increased prim allowance can be provided for a small fee. Other times, the land owner may make suggestions such as replacing inefficient objects (especially freebies or older builds) with a lower-prim alternative, and the tenant discovers they really didn't need a larger prim limit anyway. If you don't ask, the land owner can't help.
  2. Svana Verne wrote: ... I hears Singularity supposedly has a add on or viewer or something you can download to help with that a Bento viewer or add on? I can't seem to find it anywhere on their site and in the search "Bento" comes up nothing in search. ... Just a few days ago, Singularity made an alpha viewer available for bento. You can find it in the "Source Code" section on the Downloads page. Look for Build #6915, dated 2017-01-13 07:35:52. (should be right at the top of the alpha list)
  3. Jazleen Raynier wrote: ... 1. I downloaded the latest FS 2 days ago. I never have problems with these downloads before until now. My inventory is completely screwed. I can't find half of my inventory folders and the clothes that are just laying in my inventory ... I had this inventory problem myself. In my case, the issue was that I normally run Firestorm in "Phoenix" mode selected on the initial login screen. The new download defaulted to "Firestorm" mode, and my inventory was a mess (the items were still there, but not organized as they normally were for me). On your login screen
  4. PinknBlonde wrote: .. ... Also, what graphics card should I get if this is wrong and how often does it need replacing for SL? I agree with the previous advice that this rig should be fine for SL. Not "Wow!", but okay. Be aware however, that graphics chips in laptops are generally not replaceable. What you list is a graphics chip and not a full graphics card, hence the "m" in it's suffix. My guess is you'll be fine for a couple of years or even longer, but when the chip is outclassed eventually, I believe you'll be looking at a new machine and not just a new graphics chip.
  5. ChinRey wrote: Dana Dielli wrote: EDIT TO ADD: I missed your point about the HUD freezing. That would be another issue entirely, but I'll still suggest checking on where "Lara" attaches, and if it's the right hand, then move it to something else. It attaches to avatar center as it should. The mesh body failure has nothing to do with items detaching anyway. The body is still techincally attached, it's just that it fails to show up. ... Okay, I didn't know where Lara defaults to. I do know that Belleza Venus defaulted to my right hand, and when I moved it to Avatar Center
  6. Just a tip that might help you out. I can't speak specifically to the Maitreya Lara body, but many of the mesh bodies (and mesh objects in general) will attach to your right hand by default. This results in many objects on the same attachment point, and then things sort of start coming loose during teleports or sim crossings. If this is indeed your problem, the solution is easy. Just detach your mesh body & attach it to another point on your avatar (I use "Center" for my Belleza body). A rigged mesh object doesn't care what it's attached to, so just choose a point that's not loade
  7. SweetandSassy22 wrote: ... And those stores that charge L$1 for their demos, I stay clear of those too. I'm not paying L$1 for a demo, that's nuts. We don't go into department stores and get charged to try on clothes, so why should we pay for a demo? ... Before condemning those stores charging L$1 for a demo, I'd just like to note that many (not all) of these stores immediately refund that L$1 purchase price. I believe this charge is only there as a marketing tool in those cases, keeping track of how many avies are trying on the demos. As for any store NOT refunding the L$1 spent,
  8. watmes wrote: thank you. I got chriss demo, but it is totally different from side to the one in the photo. Best I could do with a quick search. I used a search string of "male hair" on Market Place. There are over 2400 pages to sift through. You may well find an exact match if you dig deeper into the pile. Good luck! EDIT: typonese translation
  9. Redgrave's "Chris" looks very similar to me. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hairstyle-CHRIS-Brown-REDGRAVE/4705802
  10. Darkwingz99 wrote: The sandbox I tried to visit said that I had to have premium membership to enter. If there is a free to play aspect, then it just is not promoted enough to be noticed. Promoted or not, a quick search for "sandbox" comes up with more than 1100 hits. The vast majority of these are free. It's not hard to find free places to build. Have fun!
  11. I think those answers are clear. I believe in every comment I made, I stated it was my opinion. I'm entitled to that opinion, just as everybody else is entitled to theirs. We may just have to agree to disagree on some issues, and I can live with that. For me, if I fail to give priority to First Life, then it's quite possible that I will cease to have the means to exist in Second Life. Therefore I say First Life always overrules Second Life. Subjects that have been discussed in this thread could easily lead to divorce, something that in my real life, would certainly impact my ability to
  12. Freya Mokusei wrote: Dana Dielli wrote: RL has to take priority over an imaginary world. If he can't respect that, then in my opinion he doesn't deserve to be in a SL relationship. Woah there. Sounds like you're inferring that because SL is an "imaginary world" (your claim, not mine), that this problem-relationship would therefore be an "imaginary relationship". ... Hmmmmm, I didn't think what I wrote implied that anybody's feelings were unimportant, but I'll try to restate To be clear, my only point was that First Life responsibilities must always take precedence over anyth
  13. I agree with Rosie's thoughts on how the relationship has already transitioned to RL, once the texting began. I might be very concerned that somebody other than you sees one of those texts. If nothing else, I would put an end to at least that dynamic. As for whether you should dump him or not .... RL has to take priority over an imaginary world. If he can't respect that, then in my opinion he doesn't deserve to be in a SL relationship. Good luck to you!
  14. It's the same for me and a friend. Nothing yet in Grid Status, but that's pretty normal for the course. Give LL an hour or so to notice the problem, and they can back-date a notice to make it appear they've been working on it all along! ;p
  15. I can't speak to firefox, but for some reason Chrome will always set the most recently installed viewer as the default. So, since you want the SL Viewer to be your default, I would uninstall and then download the release SL viewer again. Good luck! Edit: Typonese translation
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