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  1. If I were looking for something with a lot of options and the biggest bang for my buck, But wanted something more similar to the first image.. I would more than likely go with Kalhene Analexa.. It comes with, two mesh heads, a regular body, a flat chest body, a small breast body, Big breast implants( like missiles hehehe), Also male private bits addon and hud. Color tint hud for the female private bits and nippys, wardrobe,shapes,skins also, it fits many of the maitreya clothes, it's lighter on triangles than most of the bodies.. I'm probably forgetting some stuff.. hehehe It's priced at around 2500 lindens.. I bought it myself but have been messing with the Kalhene Erika body so much that I really forgot I even had it.. I actually almost bought it again until I seen in the MP that showed me I already purchased it.. Thank you whoever put that reminder feature in the MP.. hehehe I would Demo it and toy around with it to see what you think.. Here is a link to the demo on the MP https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DEMO-Kalhene-ANALEXA-Mesh-Body-Head-BoM-v42/20721548
  2. Myself, I think for the price we pay for skins nowadays in a lot of stores, we should be getting everything and then some.. Bodies and all.. We're still getting double dipped with body skins, now that we can wear just one skin and be fully covered.. Look at how many creators just stayed with that instead of switching back. I'm not arguing for it, I'm just saying they may be treating them the same as they do the body skins.. one set and you are set, until they do a redesign or new line of skins with different textures and tones. I'd be curious as to if there really is a reason they did it other than to get an extra 250 or 50 Ls.. They do seem to be sort of elf themed, so maybe that had something to do with it.. I don't know, I'm just guessing ..hehehe I really wonder why Lelutka even did that with the ears in the first place? I sometime like to add a shade or two onto my skins, but can't do that now , because my toners don't cover the ears.. hehehe If anyone knows could you let me know.. I'm just curious is all.. hehehe
  3. Before you would ever have to buy a new head, you should still have the box the head came in, so you can always get a new head by attaching the original box it came in and getting a new folder from it.. If for some reason you don't still have the boxes your heads came in, you can always go to the store and use the redelivery terminal.. Make sure you have your group tag on, just in case.. I don't really know if you need the tag on, but better dealing with it before you go there than after,in case it's really laggy there.. hehehe But before doing any of that, try this.. 1.Open up your Genus Universal Hud 2. on the left side of the hud are three tabs called, Settings, Cosmetics and Genetics.. You'll need to Click either one of these, Genetics or Cosmetics. 3 Now on the right side of the hud you will see two small sets of double arrows. Those open windows for Layer Controls and freeze controls. 4.In Layer Controls you have your layer buttons and color adjustments,as well as your Bakes on mesh button to convert your head to BOM, as well asyour Reset Head to Default button to reset all your layers.. 5. The top items in the image below that I have circled there are little tear drops next to each item.. To remove lipstick you would click the tear drop next to lipstick..To remove blush, click the tear drop next to the blush button and so on.. 6. If you are having a problem with a skin that for some reason won't come off..You can Reset your layers to default and it will clear all the layers and your head will be white. I have that button circled just below the layers buttons.. Click that and your head should reset.. I'm also going to leave a video below the image that should help with some things on the hud.. The video is a bit outdated for some things, but is still a good video for these kinds of things with layers and such.. Mind you, the video was before BOM ever came out ,so it doesn't go into any of that stuff.. I hope this helps.
  4. The remote to the t.v. and all their popsicles.
  5. This may be a shot in the dark, but you could have some sort of alpha glitch going on there.. Hair will sometimes cause it to where part or all of the lashes can go invisible.. Try clicking ctrl alt T and see if something is in front of your face that you may not be seeing that could be causing something like that.... ETA: Oops, I just noticed this thread was from early august.. hehehe
  6. You could try finding more than one interest in second life, Trying other things out to see how you like them.. I'm not saying to switch, but to put a little more on your plate to fill in the gaps.. There are so many worlds in here that it may be worth a look around it with just exploring when you are bored.. I've found some really fun things just exploring the world.. We have a great wall which is really neat to just see for the first time and travel on or in even.. There is horseback riding and trails all over the world and mainlands.. You may stumble onto something that really sparks your interest.. Anyways, I hope things do work out for you and you get to where you are going.
  7. I'm gonna go lay down and watch this since I'm the only one home for a change.. It's so relaxing! \o/ I remember the Baboon in this named ,Hey Man, Just cracking me up so much.. He was like Tom Cruises body guard.. hehehehe It will be nice to be able to just waste some time for a change.. hehehe
  8. If you think about it though, They more than likely use a lot of the same tones for all their skins.. Rather than add a zillion items to everyones inventory with each skin purchase, why not just have a pack that covers them all.. Kind of like many do with body skins..
  9. I haven't been to the store this week.. I just seen the update information on their flicker right after I logged in and seen they sent me 1.5.
  10. From the sound of it both the body as well as the heads are modify Kalhene ERIKA Update v1.5 - Now ERIKA Mesh Body and heads (included in the Package) are MODIFY! - Added Long Toenails Add-on (works with the Main HUD from the body) You should receive your update inworld (sent by the server) but you can use also the redelivery at the Mainstore or Marketplace maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heels/61/107/535 Kalhene Developers-Releases Flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/14800916@N23/pool/
  11. I'm grateful for not having to go to work for the next 5 days Let alone everyone else is going camping but me.. So this should be interesting.. I can't remember the last time I actually had real time to myself.. hehehe
  12. Yea, I hate even helping people move.. hehehe We moved a lot when I was younger, but we're pretty settled in now to where this is the last place.. I don't envy you, but hope where you are going is well worth it..
  13. If you can get close to the land you can use your camera view and cam in, right click and choose Take and take your stuff back.
  14. I seen this earlier.. It was really interesting and educating..
  15. But but but, propane. hehehe We actually had a truck that ran on propane..What a beater that thing was.. hehehe
  16. Yea, they have a few things in their store made for Erika..
  17. While out west they were droughting and in a heat wave, We've been getting wet and heat with major humidity. I hate the humidity.. When I go to work at night I have to put on my wipers and it's not even raining, it's just that humid.. it's been like that all summer long.. to top it off, it's about 30 degrees hotter in the plant than it is outside and even more humid because of the sprayers spraying the dies every cycle.. The company put in 5 big freezers in the break room filled with gatorade popsicles for the employees to grab when they feel like it.. Those things really work too.. hehehe We've been getting rain more than usual. That keeps the creeks high, so it's much easier for flash flooding like what took over Waverly to happen if them floods find any weak links anywhere..
  18. Yea, it's staying on the path the models were projecting, so far.. Where I am it's not really bad because we're up higher than any flooding.. Then there are the places that usually flash flood and are expected to, so people just stay back from those. Waverly was just nature widdling away at something in it's way and over time, she pushed her way through.. It's very tragic, but now they'll end up finding a solution so something like that doesn't happen again, if they can help it.. It should also trigger other places with similar conditions to look their area over as well.. Hopefully anyways.
  19. It's getting more and more creators.. I believe I've seen three new ones just this weekend.. It's feeling like, The little engine that could.. hehehe
  20. We're not looking forward to all that water coming our way.. Last week we had major flash flooding in one area called Waverly that caught so many people off guard.. They are still looking for people that are missing from it.. People were up in their attics thinking they were gonna have to bust through the roof the water was so high.. It happened so fast and they had nowhere to go , because they were surrounded by creeks that were building up before they cut loose.. It was just horrifyingly terrible. It's like 21 people didn't make it so far I think. For a small town like them to lose that many people at one time is so traumatic to the community. Everybody knows everybody.
  21. I had one poof the moment I put it on.. I just deleted it and went to the next Item I was gonna demo.. I just don't have the time to be running back to an event that takes a bit to get back into because it's crowded.. If I wanted the item bad enough I would have, but it has to be something pretty nice for me to be double timing it.. hehehe
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