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  1. 3 times the same lighthouse in Bellisseria.
  2. 81/5000 Thank you, I loved that you can leave home in it, ride the bridges to the roads.
  3. we already have some names too...
  4. ... I went to look at the map and I was scared ... BELLI GROW !!!!
  5. I am afraid of being confused with a pervert ... when looking at the decoration of the neighbors with zoom, usually only observe the decoration if the house is without anyone.
  6. 85/5000 Trying to fix a bathroom room on my boat house ... what do you guys think?
  7. RazarStone quando estiver por perto faça uma visita será bem vinda.
  8. 81/5000 The garden is being created ... on the water, without losing the port to the sailboat.
  9. I love my metallic BBX sailboat.
  10. ... my garden is a work in progress in Cape Lively!
  11. ... tomando forma ... in Cabo Lively
  12. I really like to put red lights to warn that the territory is dangerous ☺
  13. Still trying out some ideas to decorate the house in Cape Lively. I have not had much fun in SL for some time.
  14. yesterday afternoon my automatic updates were working fine every 60 seconds. And I got a house in Bellisseria
  15. I just got a houseboat, I saw a sequence of 8 different houses, until one of them was accepted. I'm going to have fun !!! and I'm going back to tell and show the new house !!
  16. Is my notebook fooling me? the updates are happening every 60 seconds ... !!!
  17. For the Portuguese speaking community, here in the Forum, I just saw this warning!
  18. I have been in Second Life since 2007 as a premium and I have not entered the competition of the houses, and when I pass this madness I am sure there will be many abandoned houses ... and then I will take possession of some. I'm more than happy to see that something has aroused the desire of this community ... accompanying everything here as a TV series. My advice: If you want to be in Bellisseria put a boat in the sea and enjoy the tour!
  19. ... quase na minha casa na Amazônia / Brasil ...
  20. I confess that I have little time for so many ideas, and a little difficulty with the language because I am Brazilian. But I'm reading all the posts very carefully.
  21. BJoyful, thanks, I really love this idea, your comments are very pertinent, I will follow the advice that you gave.
  22. While I wait patiently for the chance to have a house in Bellisseria, I can go amusing myself there. !!!
  23. Hi, I'm a visual artist and set designer at RL and use SL since 2007 for some works that mix reality and virtual platforms. I would like to know if anyone can inform you if it exists, or if there is any forecast for an Art and Performance gallery to be installed in Bellisseria.
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