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  1. O outono chegou no meu Doyle, e o jardim está mudando e ficando laranja, fiz um mirante para curtir o pôr do sol e as noites frescas, e os trabalhos continuam em andamento ...
  2. A few more photos of early autumn night on the mainland.
  3. Message from Cory Edo People have asked me about them for years and now they're finally up as a mod/copy freebee by the Mainstore entrance! Hyde Park (214,179,22)
  4. https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/the-japanese-footbridge-claude-monet/RgG90GYz4QkZ4A your photo reminded me of this Monet, I love water in the garden
  5. If you're thinking about Halloween in your Victorian house, or Fantasia maybe you can take a look at this item, it's only 1LI , and full permissions , comes with textures to customize. This store also has many other cool items, sometimes they seem a little expensive, but most are FULL and very good to customize. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Art-StudioFULL-PERM-Victorian-Armchair/21974892
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ozerna/72/139/22 On Sale for Anyone!!! Only 5,000 thousand lindens size: 32x32 1024 m2 351 Li available note that the house and decorative objects are not for sale, only the land.
  7. @Teresa Firelight your house looks great, i like the wall appliqués.
  8. I have 1400 meters available to complete my land level. I would like to invest in a community by buying a pack this size, and if it was snow, it would be even better, does anyone have a suggestion?
  9. I have two houses in Bellisseria, decorating is a relaxing activity and as I'm a set designer this is one of the things that takes most of my time, boating is the second thing I do, sometimes I go to a party and make videos, however the most interesting thing is to be watching the development of the regions and the changes that this is causing in the SL "world".😉
  10. you are making this place look beautiful
  11. I think these Fantasy Islands have incredible potential, I really enjoy seeing the diversity of avatars, decorations, and reenactments that are coming up here, just look at pictures like @Chloe Bunny and @Innula Zenovka , as well as pictures of other residents that posted here. Thanks for sharing your views with us.
  12. Friday is the day to go to the hairdresser, give your look a makeover!!!!
  13. in Fantasy times, I love how my Trafalgar boat house looks when night comes and Nika's Fireflies appear.
  14. I think I'm prepared for anything...
  15. @PrudenceAnton I've always admired it, and I wonder how you manage to be so available and active in so many magnificent Bellisseria projects, we'll miss you, don't stray too far, and thank you for giving us so much fun.😉
  16. @Sarah The Wanderer , I liked your experiences, beautiful photos
  17. @Leora GreenwoodCareful I can believe it!!!😜
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