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  1. Gadget Portal


    I spent a day flagging stuff with that kind of keyword spam. Turns out, many stores copy/paste their giant chunk of keywords, so every listing in their entire store is violating the rules. Some of these stores have hundreds of listings. I just don't have that kind of time.
  2. Gadget Portal

    GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

    A 1070 Ti can run shadows with a ridiculously high draw distance, no problem. Especially if paired with a good CPU. This is the correct answer.
  3. Gadget Portal

    Looking for Roleplayer female that wants to be robotized

    I wasn't going to post in this thread, but then I noticed he said that no one should reply in it.
  4. Gadget Portal

    Why Are Nicks Allowed on the Forums?

    "Loophole". You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  5. Gadget Portal

    False Advertising In Events?

    The original creator can. People with copy permission can. Even if you don't include nefarious behaviour, that's enough to make the word stupid. It's like saying "I didn't back up my files" in the modern times. There's literally no excuse anymore.
  6. Gadget Portal

    Why Are Nicks Allowed on the Forums?

    "Anything I don't understand is a loophole!" Why, that's Democrat talk! Learn. Adapt. Overcome.
  7. Gadget Portal

    False Advertising In Events?

    In a game where you can right click and copy just about anything, exclusive is a stupid word anyway.
  8. Gadget Portal

    SL charities

    All my profits in SL go to charity. Honest. Just buy my stuff and you'll see. I can even write it in my profile if you don't believe me, right next to "voice verified".
  9. Gadget Portal

    NetNeutrality understanding

    My friend would play that game.
  10. Gadget Portal

    NetNeutrality understanding

    The problem with Net Neutrality laws is something that plagues a lot of programs and laws that US politicians dream up. It's crafted by people that have no idea how any of it actually works, so it winds up being a double edged sword. Gun laws made by people that don't know which end is the dangerous end, Internet laws made by people that don't know the difference between Internet Explorer and Notepad (and have never even heard of Chrome or Firefox), labor laws made by people that have never worked a day in their lives, career politicians. And so on. Having Net Neutrality is a bad thing. It stifles competition and innovation. The problem is, not having it is also a bad thing. We're in a lose-lose situation, and what it comes down to is arguing which loss is worse, and unfortunately much of the argument is based on opinion (which is also something in common with most laws).
  11. Gadget Portal

    NetNeutrality understanding

    Based on that chart, I'd save 13 bucks a month. I'm all for it.
  12. Gadget Portal

    Do you care if content is ripped?

    Honestly though. It doesn't particularly matter whether we care or not, it's just too hard to verify authenticity in SL. With everything we buy, we're taking a risk regardless. Why stress over it?
  13. Gadget Portal

    Do you care if content is ripped?

    Coming from someone that builds with a lot of full perm mesh, I tend to write my own scripts, make my own textures, make my own animations, and trust that the mesh I'm buying is legit. I used to try very hard to avoid the stuff clearly stolen from games and other sites. Then I started seeing all this stolen stuff in the big popular stores, at the events, on the front page of the MP with glowing reviews, and even a Linden got caught once. Add that to the creators that are stealing stuff from less known sources like the art sites and schools, and it's just completely disheartening. At this point I figure SL it's just an outlaw's den anyway, and I stopped caring.
  14. Gadget Portal

    Am I reading this right?

    You have to remember, these agreements and terms of services that all these companies have are written by lawyers, completely detached from reality, looking to protect themselves from lawsuits. That's all they are. They often don't make sense or don't even apply to the product they're attached to.