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  1. If you have trouble in the future, make sure to check out the site. All the documentation is there. http://www.alpha-fox.com/asn/
  2. They will. I mix and match bento/non bento all the time in the FS AO.
  3. $100-$200 I've paid that much just for a keyboard. That's not going to get a very good computer.
  4. There's a little X at the top right of the screen. Click that. That's the best way to stop scammers.
  5. As someone that runs LOD 4, I avoid creators that require LOD 4. If max is your minimum, you're a bad creator and should burn your computer.
  6. Actually, if I can be serious for a second (it happens), the real reason is the scripted stuff is usually no modify and/or mess up your body if you try to change without getting naked in the process. Which could arguably be a good thing too.
  7. In most games, voice is a must. If you stop to type, you die. If it were up to me, SL would be the same.
  8. Derendering is a great way to find out which clothes auto hide the bodies under 'em, and which don't. I like the ones that don't, for lots of reasons.
  9. Some guys just know all the right moves to get the ladies worked up.
  10. A person- no, a woman- behaving irrationally in SecondLife? I don't believe it. That never happens in SL.
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