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  1. The last time this topic came up, I got suspended.
  2. No one's said it yet, but the approach I like is to serenade them with song. Something like...
  3. Why should any of us be creative when LL is perfectly fine with the grid being littered with stolen content sales? LL's happy to sell stuff on the MP and take their cut whether you spend weeks creating from scratch or if you just take 15 minutes to export from a Bethesda game. Why bother with the former?
  4. That's how I read it, too. That or maybe the SL parcel owner.
  5. It's like they've been saying for years, "My blocklist, my choice." ... At least, I'm pretty sure that's the saying.
  6. To be fair, I didn't say it was worth it, just that it was possible. Animats suggestion is the same. Possible, but still probably more trouble than it's worth.
  7. That's not entirely true. You can detect height, gender, and attachments. A slightly complex system could actually extrapolate a lot about an avatar. It wouldn't be 100% accurate, but it might be enough for some people.
  8. It's almost always women that get all hysterical and completely miss the part where the men are agreeing with them. Multiple times, if they'd calm down and read what was written, instead of launching into sexist tirades because "he's not saying exactly what I want, exactly how I want". Trololololol... But for you, I'll say it again. The victim is never to blame. Not for what happens to them, and also not for trying to prevent it ahead of time if they chose to do so.
  9. You don't spray disinfectant on public doorhandles because you're guaranteed to catch the flu from them. It's just one of the optional preventive measures you can take. Oh, here it comes.
  10. Good. Women should be looking at those terms and conditions. The choices we make come with risks and rewards. These things aren't fair, but they are facts.
  11. Wearing a "Cops suck, smoke weed!" t-shirt into a police station and being surprised when the police aren't very courteous is an example of the first. "She was asking for it, wearing that skirt." is an example of the second.
  12. No, I'm not. And I'm not a judge, and I certainly wasn't on any of those juries. Don't connect what I'm saying to their mistakes. Evaluating the risks and rewards of your own behavior/clothing/whatever never excuses or justifies criminal acts, but can often help protect you from them. That's how they're related. Again, to be clear; Bad people are 100% responsible for their own bad behavior. I've heard all sorts of excuses, they're never any good. That said, we can take steps to avoid being targets. It's not right or fair that we should have to, but it's true. Protecting yourself isn't about shifting blame, it's about protecting yourself. Full stop. Anyone that thinks otherwise is doing it wrong. This one has, so far. Previously mentioned judges and juries have made others not so.
  13. Any time Linden Lab endorses something, there's a spike in torch and pitchfork sales.
  14. A 2 day old anonymous account posting an anonymous link to a third party site with anonymous supporters? Listen, the Golden Gate Bridge is for sale. PM me your bank account details, I'll get it for you cheap. You'll be able to sell it at a profit, honest.
  15. Which part? Mostly I mean the terrible people in society ruin everything for the good ones.
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