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  1. Wait, wait. Go way back. Are you telling me I have something else to worry about in SL now?! I wonder if updating my antivirus will help.
  2. Actually, there are almost half a dozen skin options in the store now, and if you search hard enough, there are a couple third party vendors making skins- though most are simply making face appliers for the 5 or 6 official skins.
  3. As someone that collects dev kits, I can say two things confidently. Slink is (or at least was) the worst. I was flat out told no, because the person talking to me didn't like my gadget store. I can aslo say that for all the hate Niramyth Aesthetic gets, it's the best body for getting development permissions and for modifying (which is why it's so disappointing that more creators aren't making stuff for it).
  4. Sure, but it's useless info. My IP right now is, which places me in Boston. I'm not in Boston. Just another thing people say to cause drama, "I'll get your IP." Sort of like when they used to stand there going "./1 copybot Gopi Passiflora" 'I just copybotted your whole avatar!"
  5. I'm straight and don't like dating men. Does that mean I'm discriminating against men?
  6. "I'm telling you, I tripped over the edge of the sidewalk, next thing I knew we were both naked! There was no way to stop it!"
  7. Most streaming services have banned SL. You may be able to use Discord or Steam, they both have integrated streaming solutions and those are effectively private to friends.
  8. They'd be beaten later. There's no situation in which they rule the world. History would turn out roughly the same, it just might take a little longer.
  9. To be fair, SL is odd in that it doesn't limit basic accounts much. Every other MMO out there has huge differences between paid and free accounts- if they allow free accounts at all. Imagine if you couldn't use local chat or your inventory was limited or certain UI features were locked... That's the reality of what most MMO's do. Free accounts have it pretty good in SL, even with these changes.
  10. Meanwhile, in many of my other games, voice is a requirement. Of course, over there we have what's called "friendly fire accidents" when you get obnoxious on your mic.
  11. Have you seen the threads I post in? Bad threads that make me feel bad are just another Tuesday!
  12. I'm intelligent enough to know to stay away from intelligence tests.
  13. Everything about this thread is bad, and you should all feel bad.
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