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  1. Will The mesh project bodies and heads

    Right, I forgot about that. It's the same excuse LL uses, as a matter of fact. Very true. Here's hoping that law passes to nullify the DMCA from abandoned software.
  2. Will The mesh project bodies and heads

    I have to wonder if LL would get involved and do something if they actually do shut off the servers and render all those bodies useless. That'll be a lot of customers left in the cold.
  3. Linden Realms ... RUINED!

  4. Agreed. Likely people will use alts to get that little bit extra without increasing their tier level. Same as always.
  5. Check in world- I didn't see a change on the web, but when I logged in, I noticed I could contribute and additional 512 to my group.
  6. Well, now I'm gonna try to get that abandoned land behind my parcel. No tier increase. Woo.
  7. Oh, good. Another word to misuse for that coveted victim status.
  8. Psh. Try being a straight white single man. Riding the hate train to every station these days! And don't even get me started on shopping for clothes in SL.
  9. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    Some people have all the luck. I've been trying for years to get random naked people women to show up at my parcel.
  10. Anyone have the cheat codes to win this game?

    Beat me to it.
  11. Lack of support

    Ah, Linden Lab. If something can be screwed up, they'll find a way to do it. WTF good is email support if it's going to be ignored until Live Chat hours anyway?
  12. Basic Shaders.. No. Now what?

    Ah, yes. The old "It's not my toaster, it's the servers! It's just a coincidence that it's not happening to nVidia users!" Gotta see them system specs, people.
  13. Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    I can second that motion for EVGA- good prices, warranties, construction... They're the way to go.
  14. SL boyfriend WANTED!!!

    I also find it interesting that she's demanding a single partner (in RL that she doesn't want to know about), while simultaneously setting up the relationship to not talk about RL relationships anyway.