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  1. Working in a cubicle sounds like a nightmare. What kind of fantasy is is, exactly?
  2. Now that's interesting. I wonder if that means Remote Play in general will work with it. I'll have to try that with my little netbook to my desktop.
  3. I've conducted very thorough research and determined that most women in SL do not wear underwear. In retrospect, I should have thanked them for participating in the survey. ... Or asked permission, for that matter.
  4. Men's clothing is a problem. There's a serious lack of quality options. I'm also not going to buy the crap options hoping creators might make good options, that's terrible advice. When I see something good, I get it. I tell the creator what's good about it, and I wait for them to release more. In some cases, that was years ago and I'm still waiting.
  5. I was gonna say 'Tears of lonely introverts', but the previous answers are better.
  6. I even scripted mine to make a 'boing' sound on each collision. I know it's working great because I get nonstop IMs from women. I don't even need to read them.
  7. Just turn off your AO, wear a system avatar, and bump into them 2 or 3 times as you say hello. All women in SL like that.
  8. I read profiles and look for bits that say "Don't say X, Y, or Z to me!" Then I open up with X, Y, and Z.
  9. Do you, though? Does it involve much walking these days? The real challenge is matching the color of your attachments! Most can't do that.
  10. "Our software should work right, if sellers don't do the number one thing they're known for around here." Way to inspire confidence.
  11. I certainly do any time I need an easily tiled material. Concrete floors, plaster walls, metals for lots of pipes/fixtures, etc.
  12. Leg. Well sure. If you put two together, you get a scene from Spaceballs that matches the MP team perfectly. Dark Helmet worked on a ship full of them.
  13. Man, I hope LL remains a bunch of screwups forever. If they ever do anything right, the shock will probably put me in cardiac arrest.
  14. Local chat has two huge flaws for me. First, it's cluttered. People, objects, scripts, system notices, server messages... Can barely get a word in sometimes. Second, and more importantly, it's local. We start moving or teleporting, and we're gonna be missing more messages than we're getting. Moving and talking is fine in RL where the world loads at the same speed for everyone. Not so much in SL when I have to stop every 10 seconds 'cause your toaster is struggling to load that couch.
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