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  1. Gadget Portal

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    LL gave us an integrated solution to this problem some time ago. my.secondlife.com
  2. Gadget Portal

    Do You Miss Anything Purged from the MP?

    I'm still here, I reply to inquiries about my products, and I've offered updates for suggestions and problems. I wouldn't be affected by what I'm suggesting. I'm happy to volunteer to go first if it makes SL less inviting for justified copybotting. On what criteria? I can sell you an item that doesn't remotely do what the description says on the MP, or I can write a script to kill the product after you have it, I can steal other people's stuff, and it's currently a "resident to resident dispute" or "tell the IP owner to file a DMCA" if they answer you at all. That's on what criteria. I said "content policing", not "quality control". There's a difference.
  3. Gadget Portal

    Do You Miss Anything Purged from the MP?

    It doesn't have to be scripted to be bad, or have flaws that need updating. You're arguing that since they didn't do it right, they shouldn't do anything at all. I'm saying they should be doing more. Every time someone buy some broken, junk, or scam item on the MP, it's that much more of a chance of credit chargebacks or copybotting. Both are worse for LL than actually policing the MP a little.
  4. Gadget Portal

    Do You Miss Anything Purged from the MP?

    No. We need more purges, more often. MP and In World. Products being available that no longer work and aren't supported make the whole platform look like a scam site and encourage bad behavior.
  5. Gadget Portal

    Who is Governor Linden?

    I've met many a Linden. I've been informed that it's in my best interests that I inform all of you that all encounters with all Lindens are pleasant and that the Governor is wonderful and unquestioned in wisdom.
  6. Gadget Portal

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    Your first case: Figure out which Linden keeps adding and subtracting warning points on my forum account. It's like a freakin' yo-yo over here.
  7. Gadget Portal

    What do you all get on SL for?

    Used to drive vehicles on the mainland, then got American Truck Simulator. Switched to boats in the Blake, but then got Barents Sea Fishing. Was gonna try combat sims, but the Arma series exists. Figured there's always building, but Space Engineers is still better. Pets? Ark Survival does that better too. SL just isn't interesting or unique anymore- almost everything in SL is being done better and less laggy by someone else. So mostly I just hang out with a few friends.
  8. And none of that technology will be incorporated into SL anyway. Freakin' platform still doesn't even support multithreading, and the servers apparently still don't take advantage of any VM technology either.
  9. Gadget Portal

    trublbe with voodoo

    This bears repeating. The creator of the system added people to the list manually that he didn't like, for all sorts of various reasons- including joining groups to get their member list, just to add the whole list. That said, most intelligent people know not to use these types of systems, so there's plenty of other sims to visit, and that's your best option. Just go somewhere else.
  10. I shouldn't have to lock my door to prevent my stuff from being stolen, but I do. Since the dawn of humans, there have been bad people. There always will be bad people. Sometimes we have to do things we'd rather not, to protect ourselves from them. Until we discover a way to change all humans everywhere that will ever exist, that's going to be the case. If a group in SL doesn't allow you to block abusive people, that entire group is worthless and you're better off not in it, and the other people that you "want as a friend" would make terrible friends. People like that are part of the problem. The bully wants a reaction. Walking away denies them that reaction. Crying victim and demanding that the universe change to suit you? That's giving them the reaction. Yes, a stupid hat is a stupid hat. I own a few. And thanks to freedom of speech, people sometimes let me know. Is it rude? Sure. Are they terrible human beings for doing it? Sure. But that's life. Again, we're back to changing all humans everywhere forever. Squeezing the rock again. I could squeeze the rock, but I'd rather go get more productive things done. That's a unique and cool thing to do. In SL, it stands out. Just like my stupid hats stand out in RL, yes. If you choose to do something that stands out, you're in no position to cry when people comment on it. Hopefully the comments will all be good, but inevitably there will be some that you don't like. Either be prepared for it all, or stop choosing to wear that stupid hat. Nobody is defending bullies or saying that it's okay to be rude. What's being said is that in SL we have the tools so that we don't have to put up with their nonsense. If you don't want to use any of those tools, maybe you just like being a victim.
  11. Way to completely miss the point. Sometimes a stupid hat is a stupid hat, doesn't matter if I call it that or not. If you wear it in public, you have to accept the consequences- me, I'd rather be proud of my stupid hat, despite what they say about it. Even more importantly, if someone is bothering you about your stupid hat in SL, use the tools available. This isn't RL, we have all the same power here. There is no situation in SL where you can be backed into a corner and have to listen to it. We can mute, block, ban, teleport away, or click the big X up in the corner and instantly be free from whatever or whoever is bothering us.
  12. I read this whole thread, and I can't believe nobody's said it yet. Sometimes a stupid hat is a stupid hat. If you choose to wear it, people are gonna talk, and they're not always going to say nice things. But you know what's awesome? It's not illegal to wear stupid hats. I can wear a stupid hat all day, no matter what people say to me or about me. It's my hat, and I like it. No different in SL. My avatar is as stupid a hat as they come.
  13. Nothing is worth that much effort. Use the MP, put picks in your profile, make your store obvious. If you don't, I figure you don't actually want sales and I move on.