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  1. Still irrelevant (although in many of todays games almost as much information gets exchanged as in SL, including custom textures, dynamic objects, user made scripts, character data, chat, and so on). I'm talking about the hardware being rented. It doesn't matter if it's hosting pictures of your grandma's dog. Everything I can find indicates that SL servers are running a fraction of what I listed in my original post, and hosting multiple simulators on them.
  2. Incorrect. 32 gigs of RAM is 32 gigs of RAM. An i7 is an i7. I'm talking purely about renting hardware.
  3. I've been playing on a private MMO lately that supports about 8000 players. They rent 5 servers. 2000 people per server plus a login server. Two of the servers are often full with a queue. Monthly cost for one of those servers, at 8 cores and 32 gigs of RAM, is 160 USD per month. Often dozens if not hundreds of people clustered in an area with little to no server lag. Gives some perspective when you're looking at 100 people lagging around for 295 in SL.
  4. My entire friends list is that way right now. Everybody vanished.
  5. Today I learned some people think they can use SL scripts to force compatibility in a relationship.
  6. When we can buy a mansion for 20 USD, a yacht for 15, and and clothes for as little as 2... Yeah.
  7. I'd simply be happy to see us get technology that's been in other games for decades, and just keeps getting better.
  8. "Let's just get rid of all the laws in that case!" is always the bad response I hear whenever it's suggested that we take steps to protect ourselves. Nobody ever wants to take any responsibility for themselves or their own well being. "Just make more laws, that'll make it so I don't have to open my eyes and look both ways before I cross the street!"
  9. This is incorrect. This is correct. Trolls don't "steal happiness". Trolls are only effective when you're giving them the reaction they want. They don't "steal" anything- they rely on you giving it to them. I shouldn't have to lock my door when I leave my house, but I do it. Because how things are and how they should be will virtually never line up as long as humans have free will. There's always going to be bad people in the world, and we're always going to have to take a few extra steps to protect ourselves. One of these things is not like the others.
  10. "Other games are doing things SL is known for, and doing it better every time. Again. Still. News at 11."
  11. You're* Stuff like this could be why SL has a bad reputation.
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