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  1. Gadget Portal

    What's your IRL job?

    Security contractor. Clearing dark, empty buildings that aren't as empty as they're supposed to be.
  2. Gadget Portal

    Best place to rent?

    You think they found a place by now?
  3. Gadget Portal

    How do you get to someone's MarketPlace wishlist?

    I want to be victim of the spammer that buys me everything on my wishlist. I'd actually look for things I want if that happened.
  4. Most embarrassing SL moment? Signed up in the first place.
  5. Gadget Portal

    Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?

    I used to be, but it's more trouble than it's worth.
  6. "A strange man kidnapped my wife!" "Really? What are you going to do?" "I'm going to really punish that guy. I'm gonna let him keep her."
  7. I just realized I only have two pairs of shoes, so this is correct.
  8. Gadget Portal

    Second Life should have a way to return unwanted items

    The permissions system in SL would need a complete overhaul for it to work that way. It's just not feasible.
  9. Gadget Portal

    NetNeutrality understanding

    Yep. Net neutrality has never protected consumers from this sort of thing. They've always done it. Net neutrality barely protected consumers at all. It was for the benefit of big corporations like Amazon and Netflix and Google. With or without it, "BigCorp" wins. It's just a question of which ones.
  10. Gadget Portal

    true confessions, or share your worst fashion wipe-outs

    I always have at least one working Stargate on my parcels somewhere.
  11. Gadget Portal


    Why is this even a thread? Of course people have preferences.
  12. Gadget Portal

    true confessions, or share your worst fashion wipe-outs

    It's impossible to make fashion mistakes if you never change your fashion. Jeans and a button up shirt. With a sculpt collar. Then I upgraded to mesh. Jeans and a button up shirt, rigged to move with me, no more sculpt collar needed! Then fitmesh, jeans and a button up shirt, and I didn't even need alphas anymore! Fashion is easy.
  13. Gadget Portal

    Does anybody else still use the default AOs?

    That's some Wiley E Coyote ***** right there. That's great.
  14. Gadget Portal

    Does anyone build with prims anymore

    I'm in this camp. With materials, prims can look as good as mesh, and often with less lag and less impact. I use prims for foundations, concrete slabs, windowless walls, glass panes, bubbles, blast doors- anything like that. And then I add mesh for details like stairs, railings, switches, levers, window frames, doors with handles and windows, etc.