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  1. Vote for Net Neutrality

  2. Crossgender numbers

    Gives a whole new meaning to "Taste the rainbow"
  3. Crossgender numbers

    Wait. go back. Did you just give us gay cooties?
  4. GDPR and off-world databases

    If you are worried, a purge and popup request is the best way to go, probably. Just make sure it defaults to "No" if they ignore it.
  5. GDPR and off-world databases

    I'd say Phil is right. This law would get struck down by every judge on the planet if I could make everyone here a violator of it just by saying "Oh by the way, my real name is Paul and I live in Boston." You haven't recorded any personal information, I divulged it. There's a big difference.
  6. Do you talk to your friends?

    I used to, but now I just give out my Discord and Steam name freely, and Skype/Phone to people I really like.
  7. Original mesh for men

    Your list was sort of helpful, I saw a couple decent items. But they're no modify, so virtually worthless. Back to square one...
  8. *Winkies*

    Makes you wonder how creators in SL can get away with charging so much for heads.
  9. Original mesh for men

    This is actually less promising than I'd hoped. I've seen a few of these creators on the MP, and unless their in world store(s) offers a lot more variety, the options are still ridiculously limited.
  10. Original mesh for men

    I'm a terrible, unenthusiastic shopper. I gotta get an experienced shopping buddy to help spend all my money.
  11. How long have you been a Resident of Second Life?

    Second account, lots of breaks. I'm not a very loyal resident.
  12. RP & RIDES, just finished build 2001

    Double posted an ad, no less. Double the forum violations!
  13. Do you talk to your friends?

  14. BDU/Uniform for men?

    Copy/mod for either Gianni or Aesthetic, has anyone seen any uniform/BDUs out there? I might even settle for no mod, if there's a decent demo and patch/texture options.