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  1. Not with every fiber. Just the ones that don't enjoy creating things.
  2. Because, like it or not, it's a 3D engine filled with content with bloated, million tri objects. LL needs to set people's expectations. "Second Life: We're laggier than Star Citizen. Better make sure your computer can handle it, because we can't be bothered to optimize things." The GTX 10xx series is exactly the kind of hardware animats and I are talking about. Even some of the 9xx series still hold up, and would benefit from advances in technology.
  3. All games have recommended and minimum requirements. For the most part, the minimum simply means "modern". Treating SL different and letting people think it's Barbie Dress Up Facebook is why there's always an active thread complaining about lag. SL is a game like other MMOs and requires a gaming computer, and should benefit from the same advances in technology.
  4. The thing is, technical improvements wouldn't just benefit gamers. Utilizing things like multithreading and 64 bit architecture will benefit everyone, even if gaming PCs would benefit the most. It also simply doesn't make sense to stagnate and lag out the bulk of users because some can't or won't get hardware that isn't a decade or more old. Even cell phones and tablets are running multiple cores now, amd some have separate GPUs, so even they'd benefit from updating the technology.
  5. They'll never do any of that. That requires work.
  6. I met a designer some years back. Had a nice pair of glasses. No modify. Decent textures, okay sculpts. Had a script in every prim for resize (even after we got SetLinkParams), a script for recolor in every prim, a script for retexture in every prim, and a fourth one in the root that I had no idea what it did. Probably related to the demo or some sort of copy protections? I asked if I'd be able to get a mod version, so I could remove all those scripts and put in my own animation script. His reply? "Nobody in SL can texture or script on my level, you'll just make it worse". Moral of the story? If you have a scripted object you're worried modifications will break, that's one reason to make it no mod. If you think your creations are perfect and need to be preserved? You're probably the reason SL is laggy and you should quit SL. And probably set your PC on fire.
  7. Yet another issue LL seems too inept to handle. You don't see this sort of thing on any other professional platform anymore. Filters and throttles are a foreign concept, I guess.
  8. I couldn't get through all that, but I just hope you realize I was agreeing with you when you quoted me.
  9. There are a lot of reasons not to rent from Prokofy. That particular one isn't one. Like it or not, life (and the second one) has costs. Sometimes we can't pay 'em and have to give stuff up. Best we can do is get over it.
  10. You see, they're hiring other people to be innovative for them. Probably for the sweet reward of a whole 80% of whatever few tips come in, too!
  11. I've seen the prices the landlords ask around the Blake Sea. They deserve to go bankrupt.
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