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  1. Cornyflowerz wrote: Coby Foden wrote: Monti Messmer wrote: You cannot use your real size simply because the starter Avatars are all giants and no one bothered the first few days. Rubbish. Of course we can use any size of avatars, small, real life size or giant. The size of an avatar does not define is it a child avatar or an adult avatar. Some people just are paranoid about age play and they have chosen that height is one major factor how they determine is an avatar a child or an adult. Most likely they have not read the TOS properly; or if they have, they have not understood wh
  2. Umm....you do realize that you replied to a 2 year old dead thread, right??
  3. sassycinamon wrote: I need help!!!!! I did make a mistake. I haven't been in sl very long at all. I feel so trapped and would like to get away from this commitment. Would appreciate some much needed advice. What do I do to get this collar off permanently. I have already ask him. He isn't going to release me. The collar is a cipher collar. Thank you for listening. Just log into the SL viewer, take off the collar, throw it away, mute and block the guy and then log back into the viewer you were using. Simple.
  4. Synfully21Sweet wrote: So I am tip toeing into the bdsm world on sl and I met a really nice DOM. I haven't pledge myself to him because I would like to get to know him first to see if I can't trust and connect with him. He's really nice but he is starting to Dominate me before I am ready. I told him I want to learn how to be a sub but when I am ready. I still want a little freedom and I know once I give him the go, there goes my freedom.. With out his permission of course. If I don't address him when he comes on he gets upset, when I tell him RL and sl are mixed today.. Meaning that I am o
  5. Perrie Juran wrote: jclarkson wrote: While many people use Second Life to unleash their creativity the vast majority uses Second Life to have "sex". And you get your facts / statistics from_____________???????????? If you are having trouble answering, I can make this a multiple choice question instead of fill in the blank. Thank you Perrie, I was just going to comment on this but you said exactly what I wanted to ask.
  6. Martin Emerald wrote: Also, it’s hard to credit SL residents with sense if they are unaware of what is happening. Until I posted there was NO postings about the Progeny system. Another thing, NO actual blood was taken, NO ONE'S soul was harmed, we are all AVATARS in this virtual reality called Second Life.
  7. Martin Emerald wrote: It is your right not to be involved, if you do not want to. Linden labs needs to do something about it. pass trhe word around and get toehrs to take notice. maybe then they wil make the creators or progeny fix thier system. Also, it's Linden LAB not LABS. what you spout is bullsh**. IF you don't like it, AR them, but please do NOT compare a "GAME" of vampires to rape...just unreal. *walks away shaking her head*
  8. Psssttt....IF you know you're crazy then chances are you aren't, it's the ones that say they AREN'T crazy that you have to watch out for. *grins*
  9. Exactly what I was thinking, Charolotte! So, it HAS to be true, they even did a commerical about it! *grins*
  10. You know you CANNOT put anything on the internet that isn't true, right Charolotte? *grins* AND, I heard that on the internet, so it HAS to be true, right??
  11. Wow, just Wow! I have a VERY active RL. My RL job is in the legal field. My social life is moderate. I am far from unattractive. I come to SL to relieve the stress and pressures of RL. I go to clubs, shop, dance, and meet a lot of people, in all of the 4+ years I have been here I have NEVER met anyone that I would consider mentally unstable. Obviously, the people who wrote that description never stayed in SL long enough to find the hidden gems that can be found all over the grid. They visited an adult SIM and surmissed that THAT is what SL is really about. Is SL an escape? Sure it is, we all n
  12. Sorry, you can't change the name you registered with, unless you make another avie. Like you said, you CAN change the display name. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello Morgaine, I'm anything BUT an UBER elite of SL, I don't build, I don't have a shop, I just shop lol I'm your average SL resident and I was able to get in, go figure. Heart
  14. Worked for me, but in order to view it, I had to download Chrome, but when I did, I was taken right in world and I have to say it wasn't that bad. Just my 2 cents Heart
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