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  1. Try Stealthic. It's looks like one of theirs
  2. There is one club in SL that demands you use Skype to verify that you are who you say you are, I won't mention the name but it has been around for years and years, I was interested in hosting there but when I got the application it said, if I couldn not use Skype voice to be interviewed then don't bother to fill out the application. So, I didn't fill it out. I agree with MadDog, I alone, decide when and where and who I voice with. smh
  3. You do realize that you are responding to a five year old thread right?
  4. I have used your settings since I found out about them and totally loved the view and the revised ones are even better! thanks so much Penny!
  5. I must be in the 1% because that's what got me into SL in the first place was the CSI episode LOL
  6. You do realize that this is a 5 year old thread, and I would hope that the OP has since found a solution.
  7. Your college could be blocking SL. I do know that some do, so maybe check to see if SL is allowed where you are.
  8. Go to the Maitreya Store and get a redelivery of your body, that should fix the problem
  9. This is a five year old thread and the site you posted is no longer working.
  10. Go to Reign and check, I don't believe they are a gacha item
  11. Reign cannot be transfer, most clothing cannot be, so my advice to you would be go buy them yourself.
  12. Make sure you have taken the alpha layer off, that is what if hiding your default body
  13. There is no SL 2.0 It is called Sansar for now, and it's a completely different platform the Second Life. A whole new world so to speak and sometimes, problems occur, not just with SL but many sites, go watch a movie until the maintenance is done or take a walk. :smileyhappy:
  14. Tried logging into SL and get the message Login Failed: Sorry couldn't log you in. Please check to make sure you entered the right username, password blah blah blah, anyone else having trouble? I also cannot log into my dashboard. I have checked the grid status and am not seeing anything other then the chat maintenance was resolved. https://twitter.com/SLGRidStatus
  15. Alwin, I have been using a bluebird american express since they came out, before that I used a green dot card, (not transfered to paypal) and have never had any problems whatsoever with them and I've used this method for 8 years. To the OP, IF the pre-paid card has your name on it, you shouldn't have any trouble using it to buy lindens, but I stress you MUST have your name on it, if it's the starter card it may not work, register it and wait for the permanant one to arrive.
  16. I'm getting the same thing. Every few hours if I go to the MP or to the forums, it takes me to the log in page, I haven't had this happen in a few years. Guess the bug is back.
  17. I have been paying with a prepaid American Express for years and have had no problems whatsoever. To the OP, is this one you just bought without your name? if so, you will need to wait for the "real" card to arrive in the mail, it will have your name on it and you should be good after that. Usually takes about 2 weeks for the new card to arrive.
  18. I am a member of the Blueberry clothing group, and received a group notice that she was picked by LL to appear in the ad. So no one paid for the advertisment.
  19. There is no limit. Buy lindens, and go to your friend's profile, click on pay and type in the amount and hit send.
  20. I have a bluebird American Express PrePaid Card and have used it with no problems whatsoever. I have always used prepaid cards ever since they came out and have never had one of them rejected.
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