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  1. Is there a way to track how many Full Sims or homestead sims are active each month, not dropping off due to no payment. Also how many are being purchased new from LL either full sim or homestead?
  2. HI, I have maybe opportunity to get several grandfathered private "full" sim/regions for grandfathered monthly, paying only the transfer fee. From what I read that fee is $300, I am not sure what the actual grandfathered monthly is, I know the owner converted to so is it $179 or $209 monthly fee? Are there other costs I need to be aware of Transfer costs? Monthly costs? What do I need from owner, to make this transfer work? So far the savings I see is $300 transfer vs #$349 purchase price, and monthly price saving of $259 vs grandfathered $209? Thank you, fo
  3. Thank you, Chic for taking the time to explain that, sort of still over my head, will dig in deeper. Alwin, I converted to $ hopefully you can break down my errors in thinking here.. TY
  4. I haven't ever purchased any land via the SL land auction. If I buy a mainland parcel say 4096sm at SL auction for 3000L . Q1. that price is only the purchase price one time only or is that the Tier each following month? Q2. Thus the auction price replaces the Tier usage fee per month and is now my tier cost per month? so current tier usage fee = $22 or 5500L but if I buy via auction it might be 3000L per month??? If the auction price is one time only, (using my example) does that mean my 1st month cost is: $12 3000L Auction price $22 5500L Tier fee
  5. Ever wondered what the online status is good for? It's showing your online status! When you're not logged in you're not online. Makes sense, no? What sinister plans do you have to fake your on/offline status? Some always look to the negative... I have learned in my short time, some get upset when you may be busy and either don't want to reply to an IM immediately or some hound you with IMs but you still value them as friend so you keep them on your list. Either way what does it matter why? The question stands, it would be nice to have a way to toggle online status by person, group, ext
  6. Is there an app or website tool that allows a player to set his/her online status externally, without having to log into a SL viewer. Which could also tag who sees or who does not see online status. Any help appreciated
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