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  1. Try Stealthic. It's looks like one of theirs
  2. There is one club in SL that demands you use Skype to verify that you are who you say you are, I won't mention the name but it has been around for years and years, I was interested in hosting there but when I got the application it said, if I couldn not use Skype voice to be interviewed then don't bother to fill out the application. So, I didn't fill it out. I agree with MadDog, I alone, decide when and where and who I voice with. smh
  3. You do realize that you are responding to a five year old thread right?
  4. I have used your settings since I found out about them and totally loved the view and the revised ones are even better! thanks so much Penny!
  5. I must be in the 1% because that's what got me into SL in the first place was the CSI episode LOL
  6. You do realize that this is a 5 year old thread, and I would hope that the OP has since found a solution.
  7. Your college could be blocking SL. I do know that some do, so maybe check to see if SL is allowed where you are.
  8. Go to the Maitreya Store and get a redelivery of your body, that should fix the problem
  9. This is a five year old thread and the site you posted is no longer working.
  10. Go to Reign and check, I don't believe they are a gacha item
  11. Reign cannot be transfer, most clothing cannot be, so my advice to you would be go buy them yourself.
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