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  1. If any fellow UK resident uses the excuse of Brexit to not to be able to afford to do things in Second Life that is just what it is - an excuse because they were spending too much as it was anyway. Fluctuations on the exchange rate between the pound and dollar has been going on all of the time and actually is a lot better now that uncertainty has been removed from the equation - that's what the markets do not like. Some may have to cut back due to personal circumstances but lets not kid ourselves - there have been worse things, recessions, financial crisis, decimation of the industri
  2. Aeros well worth checking out - not complicated and lots of options. Also probably the current most popular.
  3. The problem I see at the moment (and please correct me if I am wrong) but the mesh bodies and skins that have been updated to be BOM compatible do not actually provide any savings because they still have the onion skins there for those who wish to continue to use appliers. Only once the onion skin layers are removed form the mesh heads and bodies will the true benefits be realised but that is quite a way off.
  4. Fraid you will not really learn anything about real life motherhood in Second Life - pretend babies are just that - pretend. They do not act or react life a real baby and despite the best intentions of those who try to RP they do not treat them the same (i.e. they log off and leave them unattended for hours). If you want to learn about real life motherhood I'd suggest you to some local mother and baby groups and see if they provide or know of any information sessions.
  5. Almost all hair will require some degree of resizing in order to get a good fit. Sometimes due to the hairstyle or simply the shape of your head that perfect fit is impossible. However that’s also why demos exist and I can’t stress it enough - no demo should equal no sale.
  6. Finding a mature looking skin is indeed a problem especially if you are using a mash head as there are very few which look like anything over 30 years old. I found a great aging Applier which worked for me https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FLAWS-LAST-OF-THEM-SKIN-ADDON-demo-WEARME/15251351
  7. You understand the overview, yes, though misunderstand the detail and intricacy of the system. As for BOM - already there. Which is what makes your comment misinformation at best. If you do not own the body, it may be best to not comment on it, no? Woah way to over-react - a simple clarification on the facts would have sufficed you know.
  8. My understanding is that the Legacy body system does not provide anything in any form of system layer nor even appliers - they use an off SL asset storage that needs to be online for you to adjust anything on your mesh layers (apart from alpha). Given this I think it highly unlikely that they will be supporting BOM as it would render their asset storage systems obsolete eventually. Just my guess though.
  9. Best supported male bodies are probably (and in order) Signature Gianni Belleza Jake also rans Best supported head (from beards experience mostly) Catwa Daniel
  10. I have worn lighting disabled by default thanks to far too many people wandering around with mini suns around them - not really helped by mesh head designers bundling in some as "fixes" for visible texture lines. IMO the only justifiable instance to wear any form of body illumination is during a photography session.
  11. Ok that might be the case - I do remember something about the house controllers freaking out and the moles adding a reset if you click and hold on the controller. I guess these people had the issue but did not reset. They are at the southernmost part of the new lands - forget the sim name but it is close to my home. Will check after restarts and if the houseboats are not magically back in place will ticket.
  12. Great big boats in houseboat plots but no houseboat? It should not be possible to remove the houseboat??
  13. You can be what you want - give yourself whatever label you desire. Matters not what others assume.
  14. If you are using Firestorm then Avatar > Avatar Health > Undeform Avatar is your friend there - pretty sure other viewers will have something similar.
  15. Oh on the contrary there is a very active community within Bellisseria. Regular events are hosted and there are open houses - lots more. Try joining one of the community groups like secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about Bellisseria Citizens Granted, just like any community in RL there will not be people are all of time but there is always something going on somewhere.
  16. Actually I think you answered your own question as all the things you are looking for in a community are indeed part of that found in Bellisseria. It's a proper community - far more so that one created in an RP sim. You can be in your home and decide to visit your friends and you actually travel there by road and sea. People have their own places which gives them a sense of ownership and therefore that means they stay around longer. I'm not sure you are going to find a dedicated sim privately funded by someone that has near the diverse possibilities for RP that is guaranteed to still
  17. Problem is 99.9% of residents will never read the forums to see what is acceptable for festive decor and they probably have no idea what a land covenant is either. Ideally they need to make that whole "tick box" thing when you sign up for a Linden Home far more detailed and maybe send then an email a day or so after to remind them about the land covenant - oh and have it translated into their own language would be a bonus. The person I sent an IM about having a platform 200m above their houseboat has not moved it yet but as it is Christmas I am giving them the benefit of the doubt - you k
  18. If you can run the official LL viewer on your MacBook then you can also run Firestorm as it is based on the LL code but with extra bells and whistles. However as your laptop is over 10 years old you will have to run it on pretty low settings in order to get any decent FPS - in honesty even back in 2009 a MacBook would have to run on lower settings as it lacks the extra power that Apple put into MacBook Pro laptops. However give it a go - if you don't get on with it just delete the app and folders it created in Application Settings & Caches.
  19. Greetings I think that what I seek may well be impossible currently with LSL scripting but I shall ask in any case as it is always nice to be proved wrong in such cases. Is there a way to script an object that when touched will toggle the parcel setting to allow avatars on other parcels to see and chat with avatars on that parcel? Oh and festive greetings also
  20. The "Hi.......how are you" (or even worse "how r u") has to be the most unoriginal and cringeworthy opening line in all of SL. Men and ladies - just be a bit more original if you want to have an actual conversation. Starting with "Hello <put avatars first name here>, I hope you do not mind me interrupting your thoughts but I wondered if you would like to chat and maybe have a coffee from that pretend barista yonder?" If nothing else this will put a little bit of a smile on their face - before they refuse.
  21. I'm thinking that $39.99 is about right for what is after all simply a vanity thing. It's priced high enough not to make it out of reach but well above the "disposable" amount. This is not going to be something a person does lightly - that's what display names will continue to be there for.
  22. You do know that in most cases there is no need to keep the HUD on you screen unless you want to make changes to your look? I never have my mesh body or head HUDS on as I make use of the auto-hide system to manage alpha layers via a worn item I configure per outfit and my mesh head has no need for a HUD unless I need to change the look. HUDS are notoriously texture and script heavy on the main and your SL experience will improve greatly if you really do try and avoid wearing any at all.
  23. That's actually quite a good look considering it is all free. It just goes to show that you can look not bad. The Dura hair is probably what sets the whole look off though.
  24. Lureo you are over thinking the whole thing. Places like the one you mention are not really a role-playing place. They are a place where people can go and dance with someone and also maybe meet someone - though they are not really a hooking up place. Yes the people are all dressed up - it is called formal attire. However formal covers a vast spectrum of styles and it would be a very foolish place indeed to say that formal must only be clothing of the current real-life era. Do not get too hung up over the fact that some there are wearing older looking formal clothing - maybe they are
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