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  1. Note: anime jargon below. desu. Anyway, as the title suggests, I'm having some trouble figuring out how best to put together a male anime-style avatar. I remember back in the day the cyber-goth-sephiroth look was popular and could pass reasonably for being anime-styled, but that was also back when I wanted to work for lehman brothers. Seems like now there's a ton of ways to make fine looking mesh waifus, but for dudes it's mostly skin and clothing options that you put on a kemono/m3 female mesh to make a male that's a bit too shota for what I'm going for. I understand the aesthetic is
  2. Wow, didn't expect this thread to be going still. So having discovered my old avatar is not in fact virtual worm food and successfully recovered him and his 8-year-old transaction limit, I've done my own legwork, which maybe others will find helpful. in general, I've found male clothes don't require nearly as much precision fit to look good as female clothes. Alpha cuts are the way to go, and in fact I've found that when given options between a piece of clothing that has versions designed to fit a specific a body, a fitmesh, or multiple sized options designed for classic avatars, I
  3. Oh I remember the olden times. First logged onto SL in 2004. Dudes walking around in shiny clanking prim boots and cone-shaped prim trenchcoats clipping the seven katanas floating above their backs got all the upvotes. I kind of actually miss that. You could look at a something or someone and just go, "I can do something like that!" and head over to the sandbox to give it a shot. But here and now, I noticed that PsiCorp has new human bodies for every gender that are supposedly built to match closely with the default avatar shape and have omega built in so there's not need to even
  4. So I'm back in SL with a fresh account after five years and the whole mesh-everything changes have been a bit overwhelming. I've already kitted out a pretty nice looking female alt (you know, for strictly private testing purposes ahem, please tell me I'm not the only one here), and am moving on to my main dude, and I'm finding it a lot harder to pick the right setup. With females, you can close your eyes and grab a Maitreya or Slink and move on. With dudes, I'm seeing a lot less choice. I tried out Adam and liked it, but I'm not seeing a lot of clothing support. Certainly doesn't help
  5. Holy crap that blog is awesome. Stuff like the article on how to post in, etc., is exactly the stuff I have no clue about and would rather figure out before I go diving in someone. Rules and etiquette, written and unwritten. In most other "gamey" online or tabletop situations you've got a solid wall of mechanics to keep you on track, or you're in a situation where social expectations are clear from the getgo not in the least because the other people are physically present. From the perspective of someone established in a setting, I wouldn't imagine some rando rolling up with
  6. 'lo. So I first logged into SL in 2004, and then a few weeks or months at a time every few years until 2012, and that entire time I never did anything other than hole up in a skybox or sandbox or skybox in a sandbox and build or script. The whole social aspect of SL kind of disappeared into lines of LSL, and losing interest or having RL interfere. RP's just been one of those things that just seemed unapproachable for me. I'm sort of a born lurker. I could build and script a mean assault rifle or costume or sword (at least back when they were prims), but never did anything with the
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