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  1. This problem has existed for years. Check out this Jira from 2010 - https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3046?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel&focusedCommentId=291990 Notice "Issue Links" as well as" Issue Links" on linked pages, and all the comments, and the dates of posts. A LOT of people have this problem. A work around I've heard of but haven't used, so can't attest to it's workability, is to have multiple people given the ability to "Allow 'Event Hosting' on group land" under "Allowed Abilities/Parcel Powers" in the group that owns the land, then have others post on the days you can't, or the days they can't because of Events posting being broken. Time consuming and not as good as Linden Lab fixing a long standing problem that affects many SL residents negatively, but hopefully it will work for you. If you try the work around, please do post and let us know if it worked or not.
  2. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Improving-our-Lines-of-Communication-with-the-Community/ba-p/675118 Amanda Linden on 02-09-2011 01:34 PM - last edited on 05-02-2011 04:55 PM by Lexie Linden “It’s also important to note that we are going to remove the “voting” feature in JIRA in one month. Today, we do not use voting to triage or to make product decisions and the last thing that we want to do is set false expectations. So, when you are interested in what action we will take on a particular JIRA, use the JIRA “Watch” feature so that you will be immediately updated in email when there are new comments on that particular JIRA issue. We will continue to use the number of Watchers as an indication of the level of interest.” I can see that Linden Lab did not “remove the ‘voting’ feature”. It’s still on the jira. As to Amanda’s comment that “the last thing that we want to do is set false expectations”, I’d say leaving that option on the jira, enabled or disabled, does exactly that. I’ve been told that the voting option is a standard feature of the jira and not built by Linden Lab. If LL chooses to ignore the input of all the people who vote on an issue, then I think they should do what it takes to remove that feature from the jira or otherwise make it clear on the jira that they don’t take those votes into account. A blurb in a blog doesn’t seem sufficient to inform users that a feature that obviously still exists is useless to Linden Lab. The above quote was taken from Amanda Linden’s post entitled “Improving our Lines of Communication with the Community” (see link for complete post). I don’t think they did. Good communication is comprised of sending and receiving on both ends, watchers as well as voters on the jira are communicating with Linden Lab to tell them what is important to them, Linden Lab is only listening to those who choose to receive an email whenever there is another post. If this subject interests you please comment here, and make sure to click on “Watching” on the jira with issues you really want to see fixed! (Example – in the below jira; to date 2001 people have Voted, but Linden Lab only counts the 200 Watching as valid. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1509?focusedCommentId=314276&page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:comment-tabpanel#comment-314276)
  3. Hi Logga, Of course I have no idea what your particular problem is, but you may find that a different viewer works better with your system. I don't know if you're aware that there are other viewers besides the Second Life Viewer. I use both the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers. I understand Phoenix is the most used viewer in SL at this time. Personally I like it the best. There is also a Phoenix User Group inworld using group chat to be helpful with all kinds of viewer issues and questions. Here's a link to download those viewers. phoenixviewer.com Check out "Quick Downloads" in the right column. Here's a link to a Second Life wiki with their third party viewer recommendations, Phoenix and Firestorm are also included there. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  4. I'll have to agree with a number of people here who expressed a desire for Linden Lab to fix "ancient bugs" before creating new games. Many of us are here, not for a social network or gaming experience, but because Second Life is just that, a second life. It's a virtual world where we can create our own experience, and most of us don't want to be known as our RL selves, and I'd guess many if not most don't even know they have a profile online at my.secondlife.com, which was created for them without their consent. Linden Realms would be fine with me (not that I have any interest in it, but there are all kinds of people here with all kinds of interests) but please put time and money into fixing what has been broken for so long before you create new things with new bugs that will need to be fixed.
  5. I was involved with Metaverse Music Expo in Second Life last year, and the event is coming up again in February this year (2012). They were unable to list many, many live music shows in events, because they got the same error message. There is a bug that sees a different event as the same event, whether it's listed on the same day or the next day. This has been a problem for a long time, and I'm disappointed to hear it still isn't fixed.
  6. (Not replying to myself here, just commenting again on this idea of new tools given to only verified users). As to the tools that will be given to only certain people and not to everyone, I guess we'll need to see what those end up being and who gets them. How will LL decide who is and isn't allowed? They already use the word "verified" for those of us who are age verified. I suppose Rod could have been using the word in that sense, which would mean everyone who is verified an adult may use the new tools. If, however, he means some new form of verification than I'm concerned about the possibility of inequity.
  7. and sandboxes. they should have more than a few hours limit. some of this stuff take some time to develop. a standalone sandbox for $99 wouild be ok for me especially if you can transferred you work. or even $299 if it was a megaregion. It has been some time since I used a sand box, as I have a place I can rez and work on things. And I'm not sure exactly to what you're referring here Bristle, but I used to find free sand boxes with no time limit.
  8. SLAddict Allen wrote: About the bug fixes, Rod says, and I quote: "this makes for a poor headline". No Rod, it does not. The bug fixes that are not out yet, or that didn't work, do however. Good point SLAddict. When I read that line I remember thinking, a poor headline in whose estimation? Because I've been hearing SL residents complaining on the Forums and jira for a long time about Linden Lab adding new features when there are still so many bugs to be fixed.
  9. Qie Niangao wrote: Eio Tuqiri wrote: The place I'm talking about is on your secondlife.com Dashboard, at the bottom of the page, "Upcoming Events". The results there are very low. And I don't see any place on the Dashboard to choose maturity ratings. Oh. Interesting. I never even noticed those before. They do all seem to be G-rated, but they're only a subset of all the G-rated Live Music events listed in search. Very odd. Yeah, I created a jira on it, and of course there are others. My questions to Linden Lab concerning this are, why so few listings in "Upcoming Events", when there are WAY more listings showing in Search, and could the very low number of results in "Upcoming Events" on the Dashboard page of secondlife.com be because these are paid listings? If these are listings that have been paid for, then the title should be something like "Paid Events Listings", so people have some idea that ALL events are not listed under "Upcoming Events" because the results only show paid advertising. As it is the title should read "A Very Partial Listing of Upcoming Events".
  10. Qie Niangao wrote: Oh, and on secondlife.com? It's WAY worse: It's a different day, so I can't compare apples to apples, but I don't see anything like the cited results. Is it possible that you weren't logged in on the search.secondlife.com window, and / or didn't include the "M" (and "A") maturity rating? I get roughly comparable results with "G" only. Hi Qie, That's correct, I wasn't logged in on the search.secondlife.com window. That is a different Search, comprable to the V2 or "new" web based search I sited results for. The place I'm talking about is on your secondlife.com Dashboard, at the bottom of the page, "Upcoming Events". The results there are very low. And I don't see any place on the Dashboard to choose maturity ratings.
  11. Phil Deakins wrote: It sounds like the results for "Upcoming Events" for "Show next 24 hours" are quite accurate. I can't think that there are more than 24 live music events in a 24 hour period. Hi Phil, If you check back to that post I also looked at inworld search for that day, which actually would be less than 24 hours, because it would stop at 12:00pm. And here are the results. With Phoenix which has the old search, for PG, M, and A ratings with nothing put in the Find: window: Searching "Events" "Live Music" 265 listings Searching "Events" "Commercial" 72 listings Ok, now same searches with Firestorm which has the new web based search: Searching "Events" "Live Music" 221 listings Searching "Events" "Commercial" 57 listings I'm assuming that there are roughly 265 Live Music events inworld for each day. There's a LOAD of live music happening in SL. So if my assumption is correct, then not only do "old" and "new" Search show up with different results from each other, but "Upcoming Events" on my Dashboard at secondlife.com seems to be WAY short in its results.
  12. Yeah, and I'm thinking it'll take a lot longer than one quarter (I figure Q1 means first quarter of the year) to fix bugs.
  13. Thanks Phil, The new web based search regularly shows fewer results than the old search. I use my Phoenix viewer whenever I want to use search since the "new" search is so appalingly horrible. Think I'll do a comparison search right now for a couple of listings... With Phoenix which has the old search, for PG, M, and A ratings with nothing put in the Find: window: Searching "Events" "Live Music" 265 listings Searching "Events" "Commercial" 72 listings Ok, now same searches with Firestorm which has the new web based search: Searching "Events" "Live Music" 221 listings Searching "Events" "Commercial" 57 listings Just for a small example of the difference between the old and new Search. Oh, and on secondlife.com? It's WAY worse: "Upcoming Events" for "Show next 24 hours" "Live Music" 24 listings "Commercial" 16 listings There are old jiras on this that no one at LL seems to be paying attention to. The "new" search has been broken from the outset. What about all the people who are paying to have their listings show in search? What about the people putting on events and selling things whose listings just aren't showing? Darn! Meant for this to be about thanking Linden Labs for Second Life, but I guess there's just too much to complain about.:smileyembarrassed:
  14. Medhue Simoni wrote: We pay to have our parcels ranked. I've been wondering about this, if people pay to have their adds show up in search. What does it mean to have your "parcels ranked"? And would you please say more about how that works?
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