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  1. I've never had to use alpha masks for Maitreya shoes made for my Maitreya body. I even recently found a pair of pumps for the 'kitten' option! I only had one problem one time but realized I'd purchased Slink shoes by mistake.
  2. I'm a little late coming to this thread but I do love my hats! Thanks to the magic of BoM I was able to recreate an old outfit. I really miss Goth. Here's my favorite...
  3. I've gotten a few bad reviews myself but not from anyone who'd bothered to contact me in world. Nobody who has ever contacted me in world has walked away unhappy. Most of the bad reviews have been concerning price or misunderstanding what I considered clear labeling as per contents. I think it very unfair to post a bad review before contacting the creator. Most of us are more than willing to make things right with our customers because we want them to come back again. It is our livelihood as well as our reputation at stake.
  4. Actually, I was aiming for a touch of levity. I think this is all much ado about nothing but the OP asked what we would call it. I've spent a ton of lindens and time on my own avi but I don't care what anyone else's looks like, unless I feel like engaging in more exposed roleplay. When that occurs, I like knowing someone else has applied the same commitment. What's worse to me are the 8+ year olds who've never even bothered to pick up an AO although there are free ones everywhere. Everybody seems so concerned about figuring out the reasons behind this issue that we've lost track of the origina
  5. I'm not enjoying it at all mainly because I'm not allowed to participate. I work in a grocery store and have been working throughout. Being a bit of a social loner (I'd probably be a hermit if I were single), I'm a little envious of those who are being affected by the lockdown. I'd have a lot more time to write, draw and wander SL as well as reading forums. At least I don't have the added stressors of worrying how I'm going to pay my bills, though. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy out there.
  6. I found my creative writing skills useful in making tons of money as an exotic dancer. Then I discovered I had a knack for making poses and animations so I opened my own store. Now I have a steady stream of Lindens coming in every day. Find your niche!
  7. I'm a little over thirteen years old myself! Still on my original account as is my partner Dragon although he's not on as much lately. My store is almost as old as I am!
  8. I wear a Mayreal head myself. The latest update actually allowed me to get close to my original nose shape (which I was quite fond of). It's also a lot cheaper than Catwa and has good support and a lot of flexibility as far as layers, appliers and BOM is concerned.
  9. As a Maitreya body wearer and a former exotic dancer, I'm thrilled! I'm suddenly able to wear all the old outfits I've collected over the years. BOM is the BOMB!
  10. Hello, everyone! I recently got off my lazy butt and decided to start making some new poses and animations. I've learned a lot in my downtime and want to put that to use. As I always used Qavimator in the past, I started with the new(ish) Bento enabled Qavimator. I made a test pose and everything was fine except the head didn't move at all. I thought the problem might be the mesh head but when I went to check, I didn't have it on. So I put on the mesh head, previewed the pose again and, voila! The head moved...but the hair didn't. Thinking it might be Qavimator, I downloaded Daz and repea
  11. Hi! I've been searching for the last two days and can't find where to purchase a Maitreya mesh body. I'm finding everything but with the Maitreya name on it.
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