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  1. I often wonder how many of the ladies standing around - looking glamorous and sexy - are hookers. Am I being cynical, or what?
  2. Thanks Lilith. That’s exactly what I have done. I created a new folder, named it ‘white blouse’, and moved the badly-named file into it. I was rather hoping there was another way.
  3. Does anyone know how I can rename clothing when the ‘rename’ option is greyed out. I have some clothing which has a ridiculous name, like ‘EF74Mstore-multi’ when it should read ‘Blouse white’ How can I rename??? Help please
  4. I will try for 4. Maybe difficult. Kiss
  5. Thanks dcope. Hope we can chat sometime
  6. Thanks Eseme. I have been to the tea house several times, but very few want to chat. Any tips?
  7. Thanks bel. I look forward to chatting with you
  8. Is there a device for holding hands? We have a kiss & hug device, and several others, but I can’t find one for Holding Hands Help please?
  9. Sounds fun Love. Hooray for SL during this lockdown
  10. Does anyone have favourite bi-sexual or lesbian sites? Seeking places to meet other like-minded women for chat, Exchange of ideas, dancing, friendship, etc. I am in England. Times can be difficult, especially with friends in North America.
  11. I am firmly of the opinion that having a well-sorted inventory is of vital importance - mainly for my own peace of mind! It is free and very satisfying. Yes, it can be time-consuming, especially if an inventory has not been kept up-to-date. I can quickly and easily change from one set of clothing to another. Likewise landmarks (I have a self-made folder named Locations where I keep my favourite places). But maybe I am obsessed with being organised!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ it makes enjoying the sensual pleasures of SL so much better! 😏 As for sharing a password, that‘S a BIG NO, whether in SL, my CC
  12. Thanks TDD223. How should I do that?
  13. I was so encouraged by previous help, that here I again! I have a Maitreya Lara body, but I can’t get my feet to into purchased shoes. My feet just float over shoes. What am I doing wrong???
  14. @Orwar thanks again. Got to go now. Hope we can chat again. BYE
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