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  1. Dresden Ceriano wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Ouch! The new reply button took me to your post, Cat. And, I also tried it in another thread... It did not sent me to the OP either. Maybe a bug is not fixed yet. :matte-motes-agape: Edited: why the new emoticons are floating over the text?! Guess there's more to discuss at the CTUG today. ...Dres ETA: Very strange, seems even the smilies I add from my images are floating above the text now... that never happened before. It has to be a bug. E(again)TA: I've added both of these issues to the agenda. I see these issues too. We will get them fixed. I know the smilies floated before and we had resolved that, so the new set must have triggered the issue again. :matte-motes-frown:
  2. Identity Euler wrote: Linden Lab will not involve in disputes between Residents. If there is something against the TOS your friend can send abuse report. If she has problem with translation into English she can contact with me inworld and I can translate. Good advice Identity. Also great of you to offer translation help! If there is an issue against ToS or Community Standards, a screenshot is very helpful. Abuse report (with translated text if possible) and let the support team take a look.
  3. Quinn Morani wrote: Luc, I've noticed this problem too. Like Deltango, I've taken to clicking the Reply button that is in the actual OP on page 1, even though it is a pain to navigate there from long threads. I understand from reading transcripts of the recent Community Tools User Group meetings that there a plans to add a Reply button to the BOTTOM of each page for easily replying to an OP without having to scroll to the top. Let's hope that whatever changes are made to implement that also fix this problem. Correct Quinn! We are working on that right now
  4. Void Singer wrote: I thought Lithium let you tie stuff like that to the rank? granted as it stands right now I think you can rank every 2 posts for the basic role, which is probably unworkable, but a slight tweak there would prevent that (or at least give you a heads up that a problem account was on the rise) Void, yes it can be tied to a rank, but if we turn it off for Resident role and boost up the criteria for the next rank, residents may suffer more than the spammer would. Without the PM ability mods and other residents cannot privately contact a new user if needed. Nor can the Resident reach out privately for help. Type Resident in the User search. You will see how many this could impact. Many! On the other hand, my belief is that most spammers who use this spam method are forum experienced and would likely overcome any reasonable formula we put in place pretty fast. I am keeping my eye out for updates from Lithium on this topic and we will keep thinking on this one
  5. Darren Scorpio wrote: 99% of the spammers will be New Residents, so why not block "New Residents" from being able to create private messages, but can still receive messages from others? Or would this be too rational of a solution for it to be considered by the Lab? Thanks for the input Darren. If private messages could work that way, only allow users to receive PM until after a certain point, we would have tried that. Not an option yet but maybe sometime in the future.
  6. Perrie Juran wrote: Is there a way to report private message spammers? I got one of those 'Hi, are you lonely, send me your EMail addy and I'll send you my pictures and we can see if we click" messages today. Of course I know I can put the user on ignore. Might be a good feature to have if it doesn't exist already. Looking into this issue now Update: If you receive a private message that is spam, like the one noted above: Send a private message to Katy Moderator. Please note the spam senders name and include the text or a screen shot. It will be investigated. Also, remember to place the spam sender on ignore after you report it to the moderator.
  7. If I recall correctly, I kissed a parrot in chat as part of the orientation process and he gave me some L$. I thought that was pretty cool! Of course I tried it again and he only said "Thank you". Pfft! :smileytongue:
  8. Vania Chaplin wrote: On the last few days, many threads were moved to Off Topic forum. Maybe thats the reason that they are showing in apparently random order (I think that they are displayed by the time of move).On the last few days, many threads were moved to Off Topic forum. Maybe thats the reason that they are showing in apparently random order (I think that they are displayed by the time of move). Hi Yes, could be. When I moved the threads I saw they were showing at the top of the list on boards. Sorry if this caused confusion. Let us know if you see something that is an issue, other than changes due to moved items. If it is something else we can check into it. Update: We were able to confirm it was related to the moved posts and not some other issue. Looks like we have it resolved for future bulk moves as well. (There is a way to have moved posts sorted into the correct order upon moving. )
  9. Void Singer wrote: can someone explain to me WHY THE HELL this topic was moved from community feedback? Peewee is correct. Community Feedback (as per the description on that board) is dedicated to feedback on the Forums, Blogs, Answers and KB. There have been quite a few topics that are not related to those areas, so I am moving them to more appropriate locations.
  10. Rand Linden wrote: Right now you have to have rank of "Advisor" or higher to comment on KB article. I think the main concern was to avoid spam and perhaps irrelevant comments. I've discussed this with the team, and they are OK with lowering the bar to "Member" or higher. I don't know how soon this change will happen, but I hope within the next couple of days. It's true I did say to PM me with specific comments, but of course that is not a scalable solution. The comment feature is there for this reason, so that is what we should use when possible. But if anyone has a good comment that they cannot enter due to having too low of a rank, then go ahead and PM me. BTW, with regard to broken links. We know that there are a lot of broken links in the KB now. This is laregely an artifact of the migration from the wiki. We are working hard to correct them. We appreciate any input we get, but to be honest, other more substantive input is more valuable. It's not that we don't want to be told about broken links, but as Irene said, virtually anyone can find those. Thanks, Rand The change is done. Members may comment on KB artticles now.
  11. Quinn Morani wrote: Darrius Gothly wrote: Unfortunately the option to include the body of the message in subscription notification emails does not apply to the emails sent for Private Messages. I just double-checked and didn't see it, but I am male so it might just be "male blindness". Thanks, Darrius. That's exactly it. On emails for thread posts I get the full body. It's only in private messages that I can't figure out how to get the same. If an option for it is there, then I think the blindness toward it must affect males and females equally, because I also double-checked and I can't find it, either. You are right, I do not see an option related to PMs either. I will do some research.
  12. There is a new blog up today about abandoned land sales. Just so you know! (I realize it is not exactly what you are discussing here) : http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Land/Announcing-an-Easier-Way-to-Purchase-Abandoned-Mainland-Property/ba-p/829263
  13. Ciaran Laval wrote: Pffft: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Community-Feedback/Second-Life-Grid-Status/td-p/742487 Ummm.. Noted too! :smileyvery-happy:
  14. Suella Ember wrote: Would it be possible to have some sort of grid status 'ticker' at the top of all forum pages, or at least a more obvious link to the grid status? This may have been suggested before, but looking at Answers today prompted me to raise it again. There must be 10 questions asked in the last few hours about problems accessing web profiles and the "frame load interrupted by policy change" error. As this is addressed in the grid status, perhaps having the status more prominently displayed near the forums (and particularly Answers) would help to reduce repeat questions like this? Great feedback! Noted!
  15. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Hehe I'm one of those who often edit their posts five times or more. After I fixed a typo, I notice that I could have worded something differently or might want to add something for clarification. I figure if it shows [Edited] anyway, why not edit it again? And again, and again... I've never enabled the email notification in this forum. It was a nightmare in the old Jive forum until I found a way to disable it. I am guilty of this too :smileytongue:
  16. Quinn Morani wrote: Am I getting email updates every time someone edits their post? I haven't noticed that. I'll have to start paying better attention. However, as long as we're on the subject of email notifications, I have some requests. I know at least the first request has previously been mentioned here in the Community Feedback forum, but I'm going to repeat it. Request #1: Please put the post author in the "From" field of the email notification, the way it was in Jive. I hate seeing every email from every poster on every topic as being from "Community Mailer." If I'm scanning my email looking for a specific post, it's almost impossible to find now without opening every post related to that thread. Request #2: Can we make the thread title a little more prominent in the "Subject" field? For every email notification, the subject line starts with "Second Life Subscription: 1 Update:". That takes up a lot of space. When I'm checking email on a small screen (my iPhone), I can't tell which thread the notification is for until I open the email. It's minor, but I find it a little frustrating. Request #3: Can notifications for forum private messages include the body of the message in the email, or at the very least tell me who the private message is from? Request 1 & 2 - Those are not items I see available for change right now. I can follow up and see what is possible. :smileyhappy: Request 3 - Yes, you can change that in "My settings" so it includes the body of the message too.
  17. Parcels for Sale : Estate and Parcels for Rent: Estate have their own boards.  Thank you!
  18. Seraphiel Galaxy wrote: They're beautiful Lexie....how many dogs do you have? six!
  19. If I could have a couple of my RL dogs made in SL, that would be soo fun! But I think the amount of flexi hair needed would be a problem. :smileyvery-happy: Thunder (Pomeranian) & Legend (American Eskimo)
  20. valerie Inshan wrote: Awwwww Lexie! He is so cute! What about marrying him to my Greta when they're both grown up? (of course they should get engaged first and no *bleep* before marriage, we would not want to go against TOS, right?) :smileytongue::smileyvery-happy: hahah!!
  21. Hippie Bowman wrote: Lexie Linden wrote: Too hard to resist this thread! I have quite a few dogs (almost all are rescued dogs) and if I had time I would have them in SL too. I think that pets, pictures of our pets and pets in SL can all evoke a happy feeling. Here is an example of why my relationship with my pets is important. How can you not smile? OMG Lexie! So adorable. Girl or boy? Yes I agree. Pets are a large part of our lives, so why now a large part of our Second Lives! Woot! Peace! Male Lab mix And at the rate he is growing I think the mix is Great Dane
  22. Too hard to resist this thread! I have quite a few dogs (almost all are rescued dogs) and if I had time I would have them in SL too. I think that pets, pictures of our pets and pets in SL can all evoke a happy feeling. Here is an example of why my relationship with my pets is important. How can you not smile?
  23. Dresden Ceriano wrote: But, let me tell you, the name... Identity and Relationships... meh. I could live with it, but how about something catchier like Lifestyles and Relationships. Means the same thing really... it just sounds better. Just a thought. Thanks... Dres Dresden, that might be a good topic for the UG meeting this coming week?
  24. Venus Petrov wrote: I think this is the public version of a combo of the LBGTI and 'Mature' forums that was discussed at yesterday's Community Tools User Group meeting. Correct Venus. The board is public and G rated, abides by the guidelines and all of that of course too
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