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  1. Irene Muni wrote: Please, go tho the "Recently Created" menu and click "Forum Threads". The link goes to "Answers > All topics", not to Forums Good catch! We will get this fixed Thanks
  2. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Aw... u is back Community Feedback. I thought u was gone for good but.... was u away at rehab? Was it a rough program? Well, dats behind u now. Back to the fun, the total randomness that made u who u r. Oh.... no more of that? Total focus now, the straight and narrow? Okay then! Good for you. A new life for you. I'll try to help but u know there's gonna be problems. One day at a time though, keep moving forward, you'll do fine. ok, I have to admit this made me spill soda while I was laughing! :smileyvery-happy:
  3. Peewee Musytari wrote: Woots!! Community Feedback is back!! Lexie, is Answers being fixed today? Is it? Is it? Huh? How about tomorow, is Answers being fixed tomorrow? LOLOL Hahaha! Not yet. Hoping for some good news to pass on soon! :matte-motes-grin:
  4. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: I'm sure many will be thrilled, Lexie. Thank you. But while we're on the subject of moving stuff around... I saw you posted a thread in the new Forums Feedback sub-Forum, but it doesn't seem to be visible from the "front page"? Ah yes eagle eye! You are correct. :smileyvery-happy: There will be a link available for forum feedback later today. It will be listed under the additional links section on the right sidebar.
  5. Animation threads are moving back to their own forum!  We have heard many of your thoughts on this topic, and agree!  Thanks for the feedback. 
  6. Hippie Bowman wrote: Baltar Torok wrote: ..Twi Ki av from Buck Rogers I contined to walk around I was scared to talk becasue every sentence I said was preceded by the phrase "bee dee bee dee". all of a sudden to my right I heard a huge angry roar that shook the sim and I realized I was within inches of a... ....giant mech avatar. It was belching smoke and fire. Suddenly it turned and looked at me, and started lumbering my way. I tried to scream out, but all that came out of my mouth was.... lovely pastel colored bubbles. They began to take float and change shape into letters! Am I imagining this? It looks like the word...
  7. Eric - Please contact support and give them the details of what happened and your location etc. They should be able to look into this for you. Eric Boccara wrote: I was working on some animations for my next machinima, when i was randomly logged in. Apparently the sim was restarting and i didn't notice the warnings. I go back in and SL crashes constantly when running shadows Which i need for my Machinima. Whenever theres one or more avatars on the screen now, sl instantly crashes. I used to be able to run SL with dozens of people and shadows on. But now its failing at 2 while running on Phoenix. I try kirsten viewer, Everything works fine, but when i try to upload my animations, which always upload perfectly fine, it tells me that it cannot initialize the motion, and my animations wont upload. And all this worked perfectly fine before i got kicked off Second Life. Did LL just install something or change something without informing people? Why is my phoenix currently immobilized, and impossible to run, when it ran perfectly fine 20 minutes ago. What the hell is going on here.
  8. This forum is for community feedback on the Second Life Forums, Answers, Knowledge Base and Blog areas only.  Posts that do not fall within those subjects will be deleted.  Thank you! 
  9. took a look around and suddenly saw a strange sight. I walked closer and saw Lexie Linden running in something that looked like a hamster wheel! I asked her if she had seen Philip run past, but all she would say was..."Powering the grid, powering the grid, 50,000 more rotations to power the grid!" I scratched my head and backed away slowly.
  10. Hi Just a quick explanation what this forum is all about.  It's the general discussion many of you asked us to bring back.  But, it is up to all of you to keep it a great place for conversations.  We think you will.  It is fine to post topics about Second Life and Real Life here.  But, keep in mind the only change is that you may post about real life topics. All the community guidelines and moderation are still applied here.  The guidelines have been amended to allow real life topics here, only.    Enjoy!! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. Sigren Panthar wrote: Yes, the old GD suffered, sadly, from perma-forum personalities. Alas, some of the them are still here..!!..*groans*....instead of being in SL, but hey ho. At least some of the tiresome forumites left to form their own clique within cliques elsewhere, although I still see one here who was forced to change her indentity after getting a damm good spank off LL for being rather silly and naughty.....*chuckles* This new look forum, however, is one of the better things LL have done...*holds onto wall for support at the shock of his statement*......it is very helpful and informative. Over-moderated? Hmmm, yes. Very much so, unfortunately. Still, there is always a down-side, I suppose. That said, the return of GD, and a few - gasp :matte-motes-agape:- critical posts of LL, even....*holds onto wall some more*....suggest the forum is healthy and valid. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: *hands you a glass of water! Breathe!! hahha :smileyvery-happy:
  12. This has been a rather "spirited" discussion but it also contains a number of posts that are borderline violations as well as many verging on flaming. I think this thread has run it's course. I am going to lock this thread for those reasons.
  13. and I realize, to my horror, I look just like them now. Is this some sort of test or punishment? Will I need to know some magic words or movements to escape and be released from the grip of "Ruth?". I look around and gasp as I suddenly see....
  14. Wildcat Furse wrote: so in this one the 'community guidelines' don't apply?????? Lexie??? :matte-motes-delicious: *meows* haha you wish! The guidelines have been updated to include this forum and it's real life discussions. All the standard guidelines still apply here.
  15. Ciaran Laval wrote: We still have this bloody awful word filter plaguing these forums, when will it be replaced so people can use completely PG words again? Yes, please feel free to email me and let me know. Also, some words that seem stupid to be filtered, are words that mean something bad in another language. Some common English words get caught that way.
  16. Vania Chaplin wrote: I had just noticed a thread called "this forum will be archived" (or something like that) in the "forums feedback", and **poof** there were no forums feedback anymore. *Stay tuned for updates on that topic!
  17. :smileysad: Im sorry about the saved links. I hope your profile page list of personal posts will help some? Those do point at the correct locations. Peewee Musytari wrote: Drongle McMahon wrote: Another blunder. The mainland forum has been moved into the Land category which is otherwise entirely about buying/selling/renting. The mainland subforum is about all other aspects of mainland, social, policy, events, geography etc. It is totally inappropriate to put it in this exclusively commercial context. Since the SL category has gone, it hould be moved into Places and Events. I think its in the right place now. Its not a commercial section its a Land section and it has the Land GD forum there too. Great job Lexie with the new groupings, it looks much clearer now. Will wait and see if it works better. But you do get a for breaking all my saved links AGAIN!!!!! ....Has this softeware never heard of redirecting URLs??? Aside from it being slightly annoying refinding my personal ones, it has now messed up all those Answers that had useful links in them, so when people use the solved questions for reference they will hit broken links. *facepalm*
  18. Not done yet but working on it! :smileyhappy:
  19. and suddenly realized I had lost my voice!
  20. Interesting topic so I made a sticky so more people see it! :smileyhappy:
  21. Hi Just wondering how many of you simply keep every friendship card you ever got?  I know I do!  :smileyvery-happy:  Or do you clean them out once in awhile for people you have not talked to in a long time?  Hmm, that makes me wonder what the average number of friendship cards is....:matte-motes-nerdy: 
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