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  1. Hi I am spreading the word on some updated information. Please read the blog post here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Solutions-to-Quickly-Resolve-Your-Billing-Issues/ba-p/903833 
  2. Hi I am spreading the word on some updated information! Please read the blog post here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Solutions-to-Quickly-Resolve-Your-Billing-Issues/ba-p/903833 
  3. Spreading the word on some updated information: Please read the blog post here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Solutions-to-Quickly-Resolve-Your-Billing-Issues/ba-p/903833 
  4. lechatnoir86 wrote: Hi Everyone!!! I'm new to second life and having a little bit of a hard time connecting and navigating around :matte-motes-crying: Please help!! lechatnoir86 Welcome to Second Life. As you can see, you will find great people here on the forums!!! :smileyhappy:
  5. Storm Clarence wrote: I think forum consolidation and more appropriate title nomenclature would eliminate the 'posts' to wrong sub-fora. What do you think? Agreed and working on it! :smileyhappy:
  6. Luc Starsider wrote: So the poll would be: Which pet do you like best? And the alternatives would be: 1. Cats - Luc - Or cats Small cats Large cats Indoor cats Outdoor cats Someone Else's cat Stuffed Animal cat
  7. Irene Muni wrote: Buf... Thanks, Rand, very kind. I cannot be sure if this a Lithium bug or is only my issue, but in fact I have marked ALL: all revisions, all edits, review requests, publication requests... But I only receive email notification of the KB articles that I signed individually. Hi Irene I just tested this and it seems to be working ok. I was notified for a KB that I did not participate in (on the Helper role). Did you subscribe under "Knowledge Base Options" to each language KB that you are interested in, as well as English? I think you need to subscribe to each one. Let me know if this is still giving you trouble. Don't tempt me to make a higher rank for you! haha :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  8. WADE1 Jya wrote: Cool Lexie! I like the polls... I've participated in each so far. Can you do one on pets? Something like..... Which pet do you like best? Cats Dogs Fish Exotics Pie Sounds like a good one!!!!
  9. Just want to point out there is a feedback option at the top of the Search viewer! Please use that to give the search team your thoughts! Thanks!!
  10. I am happy to be happy and to see others are happy in this happy thread. Stay Happy! :smileyvery-happy:
  11. Oh my gosh Valerie! I looked just like that this morning :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: This was posted today by LL on FB so it appears that they are aware of the situation. Correct Perrie, we understand many of you are frustrated. Hopefully that post will help! But, look at this page for a good example of a Resident's use of facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SookieSlaffordDotCom
  13. Kolby Nissondorf wrote: I agree with both of you. Hes a human and he makes mistakes, but what he said was rude. YOUR BOTH RIGHT >_< I am locking this thread now. The support response to this kind of situation in the future, will be improved. The information given was "correct" but I do understand the problem with the response as well. Again, I am sorry for your loss Kolby and any unintentional further upset this may have caused.
  14. Kolby Nissondorf wrote: @Charlotte, once they release the names, could Linden labs at least acknowledge that shes not living anylonger, I.E, posting something on her profile? I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Kolby I know you feel a bit helpless at this point and hurting. Someone related to her or with legal rights would have to contact the Lab, I believe. Sending you a virtual hug.
  15. Hi Pierre - I do not see a setting at this time that will allow us to increase the size of thumbnails. I will do a bit more digging on that topic for you Update: The size of thumbnails has been increased
  16. Macy Verlaine wrote: But now you can't reply to someone who answers you. Checking into to that to see if we can get a reply button!
  17. :Well....we could just smoosh it all together into one scary monster board and try to break a world record or something... :smileyvery-happy:::smileytongue:::smileyvery-happy:
  18. Storm Clarence wrote: May I take this opportunity to propose to the community a consolidation of the forum headings. I would like to get everyones input and place this as an agenda item for the upcoming CTUG. Here is my proposal: SECOND LIFE PEOPLE Your Avatar Lifestyles and Relationships Make Friends Fashion SECOND LIFE PLACES Destinations / Role Play Music and Entertainment / Events Sports Mainland SECOND LIFE THINGS Mainland Off Topic Forum/Blogs/Community/Answers Feedback In my opinion this format may allow people to navigate the forum clutter with a little less difficulty. Any suggestions? I agree that we need to consolidate some of the sub-forums. I don't know if we want to do a total restructure though. I like the feedback in this thread. Keep it coming please!
  19. Void Singer wrote: Changes to Lithium have broken the ability to post correctly formatted code. at fault seems to be a behavior change to how "PRE" tags work... originally they were goofed to forc wrapping instead of scrolling within their box, the workaround was simple, but annoying... you aren't allowed by the software to add style attributes to the PRE tags, so one was added to a SPAN inside to prevent line wrapping, reactivating the proper scroll box behavior. now, adding an encompassing SPAN within the PRE causes the the text to lose all spacing and line returns are converted to spaces. this appears to be a behavior change to the SPAN elements. or the processing of them from the editor. whatever you guys changed, please put it back, or even better, make PRE tags behave as they are supposed to normally I will pass this on for review! Thanks for the feedback.
  20. HI Just pointing out that we have added the poll feature.!  Polls should run for a week.  After you vote, you will see the results from others too! Feedback welcome!   Also, if you have ideas for future polls, add them in this thread!   Ideally they should be related to SL, but they do not have to be "serious".    Fun is good too!!!  :matte-motes-big-grin:  
  21. Wildcat Furse wrote: this SCREEN brings me back such good memories Torley.....it makes me smileeeeeee *meows* "while Lindenlabs was banging on things, I am pretty sure some people, when seeing this message popping up on their computerscreen, were banging on things in real life I think ......their partners, furniture, .....talking about DRAMA" Ohh I loved that screen! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  22. Quinn Morani wrote: For me it's the freeform nature of SL that makes it appealing. I like that there are no "rules" or predefined things I have to accomplish in order to "succeed." My RL is full enough of goals and objectives and measures of success. In SL, I can just hang out with my friends, go where I want, and do what I want. But to answer the specific question in the title of this thread, the thing that keeps me coming back to SL is the people I have met here. They are really the ones who make my SL experience fun and fulfilling. Without these good friends to share it with, I don't think I'd still be spending much time inworld. I very much agree with what you said.
  23. Just in case you have not checked here yet: Knowledge Base article for log in issues Also I have seen various windows 7 users say they had to update drivers as a solution.
  24. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Perhaps there's something to what you say. However this JIRA ( https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2647 ) indicates the issue you complain about was fixed in 2009. Certainly it is no longer the policy of LL. Included in the long issue history is this item by Yoz Linden: 28/Aug/10 7:31 PM - edited We're really sorry this issue has sat here for so long. Fortunately, this problem was fixed a year ago. Any premium account in default will not be purged, merely suspended until the account balance has been paid. (Edit to add: No, inventory should not be purged either. If you can provide examples of premium accounts that were purged when the suspension for non-payment happened less than a year ago, please let me know.) Also, just to add a resource link for those who may want to read the KB for this topic: Click HERE
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