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  1. any channel other than local, like channel 33. Can you help? Script is below! ____________________ // Global variables list visitor_list; float range = 10.0; // in meters float rate = 1.0; // in seconds // Functions integer isNameOnList( string name ) { integer len = llGetListLength( visitor_list ); integer i; for( i = 0; i < len; i++ ) { if( llList2String(visitor_list, i) == name ) { return TRUE; } } return FALSE; } // States default { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Visitor List Maker started..."); llSay(0, "The owner can say 'help' for instructions."); llSensorRepeat(
  2. I need a script that will delete multiple prims at the same time by sending a command like /99delete Thank You Sally
  3. What is the normal cost per prim on a rental? I've found $5/per prim to $7/per prim $ 19/per prim? very confuse!
  4. Ok I have a 20 x 20 prim that I do not want others to stand or sit on. I tried the no sit script works good for preventing sitting, but I also need a script that will prevent standing. Would be cool if it would automatic teleport the person a few meters off the prim, or push them off. Hope you can help! Sally
  5. made a maze in sl. would like to have the entrance phantom going in, but solid so they can't come out the way they came in. Is this possible? -sally
  6. :smileyvery-happy: I come across these "Clear Visible Cache prims" Do they work and what do they do exacty? ThankYou! Sally "
  7. I'm looking for a script that will not allow you to sit on a prim of any size, any idea? sally
  8. I need to prevent others from going to the ground from my skybox. Are there any tricks other than security orbs? ThankYou! Sally
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