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  1. I once had this Issue, I had joined a group using all symbols as my title, when I logged out it blocked me from logging in, I made another avatar and could log in as the new avatar, But not my main avatar that had the Group title in symbols. If you remember joining such a group, have a ticket made to take you out of it and you will have access again, This was NOT common but it was resolved after I finally got a helpful Linden to assist me
  2. The groups should be listed on the right hand side of the web page, If they are not the Person who's profile you are looking at has them hidden. This can be done on the web version which is not smart for merchants to hide their stores, But the 3 levels of privacy is Friends Only, SL Residents Logged In and Everyone Including People on the web.
  3. Does he have a Home? Why not buy him a Picture frame (maybe a picture of you and him will pop in there) or one of those growing plants are nice but not to girlie to put on his desk or bed side stand.
  4. You are able to transfer any items that are Transferable, here is No easy way to do so besides Pilfering through to find those items and transfer one at a Time. You could Box them all up though and let them sort through it, But outfits tend to get mixed up., Easiest way to find transfer items I have found is Look Up No Copy, those are usually Transferable
  5. There is a Known issue with sending gifts to certain residents, LL is aware. Your sister will not be charged for failed delivery. If for some reason it says it was delivered some gifts have been delivered without my knoledge and put into my objects folder before. If you cannot find it and it states it was delivered, Contact th creator with the Order #, Item info, Purchaser name and the receivers name, they are usually very helpful and will usually just send one to you inworldif it is a No Trans Item. Remember to be polite, it is not the Creator who is delivering these items It is a LL site
  6. I made a video but I want to do some editing and chopping etc, any ideas?
  7. If you have a free account, I would just Uncheck receive emails offline, and come back to it if you ever want to, you can keep your friends and Inventory, if it is a free account it will cost nothing if your a premium member (You can always downgrade to a free account and keep it active) , Otherwise go to the web, log into secondlife.com and on the left side is an option for account click that and delete the account. I would suggest just opting out of emails because you can always come back in a year if you want
  8. Hello, and welcome to secondlife! It is hard starting out and you don't know where to go to get stuff, I sent You a Male shape a friend used to use that he made and a LM for a great skin that is a group gift, Feel fee to IM me Inworld if you need any other assistance
  9. Most items are returned In Clumps in your lost and found folder (Looks like Multiple boxes) and named one of the items, Example Picture, Object, Chair Etc. I Once had Multiple Items Returned and had to sort them In a sand box after re Rezzing and taking back into my inventory. the rolling restart did not work for me, But hopefully it will work fo you :smileyhappy:
  10. I am not a Mac user but have you tried doing a character test (under the advanced menu) and then relogging and waiting for your inventory to load completely?
  11. I had this Issue in the Old Phoenix viewer for a while, I checked my ISP speeds etc, I went to 2.0 and seemed to not log out as often and after a few weeks It seemed to clear Up, the steps I took before logging In each time was, Restarting both PC and resetting Router, Clearing cache in the Preferences, and lowering my graphics to Mid. Hopefully It is just temporary like it was for me, as frustrating as it was I as able to stick it out till it stopped doing so
  12. You best bet is to make a New group, Never give Owner tile to any one but yourself, But you can always give them Permissions as a owner would have as say an officer Or as a separate title "owner", and that way in the future you can eject them if needed
  13. You should be able to search for the Birthdate On the profile of the alt, If it is Hidden from search, Join a group you know they are in and Find them that way, Now you have the last Questions answer
  14. If you are the Owner of the sim Go to http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Region-Estate-window/ta-p/700161 for assistance, If you are not the owner, Contact the owner of the Sim and request a restart, It usually is withen 24 hours of the req through LL
  15. Depending on how your company "watches" your PC Usage they can have every website/ IM/ Video/ etc saved. Most companies have Keywords that is a PC uses it (Say facebook) the will Monitor that PC through the IT dept and see if a person is abusing their connection privileges. If you are where you need a Proxy to access certain sites, They can monitor that also, I would be careful as to "Playing" during work hours.
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