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  1. While Clarance is being silly, there's a germ of truth to what he says. If you have an animation running which is higher priority than the Point animation, you can be editting things / touching things and no arm movement occurs.
  2. That has been an intermittent problem since SL was created. The balance is displayed when the viewer gets an update from the MONEY server. If you log in and MONEY doesn't respond to a query, it displays 0L. If you buy something but the packet with data from MONEY telling your viewer about the new balance gets dropped (a common problem in busy lagged sims) then the lindens balance on the viewer never changes. This can be force updated by paying someone (anyone) or they paying you 1 single Linden. This makes MONEY server change the data on the accounts and send out the updated balances to the two accounts, kicking new data onto the viewer. The problem typically is caused when you are in very laggy areas or are so bandwidth limited that the packets from MONEY get delayed, then discarded. If you have ample bandwidth, it should be a rare thing. If you have only the most basic DSL and your family is watching movies on it at the same time, you're going to see it a lot.
  3. @Cincia: Ah, but you see, that's just it. We DO love SL -- the original SL we had before GrupenFuerer Kingdon tried to beat it into a powerpoint presenter. We want the days of freedom and silly times back. And much change and repair will need to be made before such a party attitude can exist in SL once again. Wandering mainland USED to be fun, barring the odd griefer attack. It would be nice if I could once again wander the mainland and see neat stuff and meet neat people, like I did 5 years ago. It would also be nice if the tech problems from 5 years back were fixed. Half a decade, and we still have simcrossing issues and max people counts in sims. From an engineering perspective, that's pathetic beyond belief.
  4. Okay!! So, LL has seen some light and realized that lowering a price will get them more sales. Huzzah, yippee, and hot buttered squid-on-a-stick for everyone. Now, if they can figure out that permanent lowering of prices on land and tier will bring about lots more land sales, just as lowering the price (albiet temporarily) on premium gets them more premium memberships (for 3 months anyways), then there just may be some hope for SL after all. We now have a CEO who grasps the simple fact that we are in Second Life to do things we cannot do in Real Life. This is outstanding. Once he also figures out that he can get more customers and money by fixing the excessive cost of the land, this ship will finally stop sinking and we can get back to fixing the long-standing technical problems again. Let's say you have 1000 islands at 300dollars a month. You change the price to 200dollars. Suddenly people begin buying up islands, and all those servers that were idle (and you still have to pay for) are in service again, making you money. Suppose only 75% growth occurs. You were making 300,000 a month before the price cut. With 75% more islands, you now make 350,000 a month. And the additional people this brings in means more L sales and purchases inworld too. The customer isn't always right, but they are always the customer, until they decide to take their money and go. LL has driven far too many of the deep-pockets away, and as they are learning (and as we warned them 2+ years ago) those willing to pay outrageous amounts for something they don't own are the first and second adopters. After them, the money starts drying up quickly. LL can forget about churn solving its problems with land sales -- the newcomers aren't buying, partly due to price, partly due to the lab's reputation for shenanigans. Lowering tier and purchase price for the land is critical for improving land sales. And no amount of social media gadgets nobody can find (is it really so hard to add a button on the homepage?) or mesh or shadows will cause more people to buy fake land that they no longer get to own, but is still priced as if we own it. The improvements this year have been nice. But they don't fix the real problem, and LL knows it.
  5. Because before the teens were permitted on the mainland, people were allowed to be naked out in public or in their own parcels. As part of the teen grid closing, land use was restricted so that PG was no nudity and no sex, and Mature could still have nudity. To protect your virgin eyes the lab has to restrict you to PG areas so you won't see anything that would get the lab into legal trouble. Besides, if you want to see nudity, just cam across any PG border into M and look inside people's homes. It's courteous to offer some L to the home owner for the land costs after the sex show is finished, mind you. Oh, you mean the lab and the users aren't really protected after all? Hmm. You know, you're right. And I seem to remember hearing other people say that about this same time last year too. Now who was it that said that? Oh well, it'll come to me later. SL is a virtual world where every user can do anything, be anything, and there are no consequences. Some people will therefore not behave just like they do in RL, chosing instead to be hookers, dragons, other sexes, farm animals, and so on and on. Since the lab has no way of guaranteeing that you won't see the odd schlong or loose nipple someone may have visible on Mature, they simple ban those from PG entirely and restrict you minors (and legally you are minors - deal with it) to those areas. This has no chance of working as we told LL when they came up with this **bleep** and bull answer to a serious problem. But that's the way the world is today, so relax and wait a little while -- you'll be 18 before you know it and can then verify and see anything you want -- which isn't a whole lot more than you are already able to watch.
  6. Nothing requires the vendor send you another copy of what you purchased when you made the mistake. But almost every vendor and builder understands that mistakes happen, and if you write a nice letter saying what you bought and when and ask politely for a replacement, almost all of us will send you another copy. Sims crashing and networks faulting and Asset throwing up also cause products to disappear. We lose stuff ourselves, so most creators will replace your lost stuff without too much worry. But you need to be kind in your message to us. Note also that some builders get so many messages in one night that messages are capped. Thus they may not see an IM you give them. In that case, write them a nice notecard and explain the situation, then give them the notecard. That'll reach the vendor even if their messages are capped.
  7. Go to any combat sim and take on the entire opposing army single-handedly. You'll be quite marred in no time at all. If you mean Married, you simply offer to be someone's Partner at https://secondlife.com/my/account/partners.php?lang=en-US If they accept, you do a search for places which hold weddings; there are many. Be sure to give your friends a week's warning about when and where it'll be so they can all attend.
  8. I personally run V3. No, it's not perfect yet. But how long did the 1.x chain take before it got stable? Never mind perfect, as it never got there either. Firestorm and V3 are still a little touchy. But that will be fixed in time. If you don't care about mesh then Pheonix is very popular.
  9. I've always just doubleclicked on the top bar of the window. Voom, Fullscreen mode.
  10. Geez LL. I want to give you guys credit for all your hard work. But that's really difficult when you can't even announce a contest right. Only 2 days to make an avatar for a contest? This needed to be announced at least two weeks ago. For a communications company, you have serious problems communicating, either telling things to us or hearing things from us. *EDIT* I'm now being informed that the sponsors themselves gave LL only 2 days of notice. Thus it's not LL's fault, and I withdraw my criticism of the lab for this. However, may I suggest that whoever is in charge of LL promotion, require that any notice LL makes about contests be at least 10 days before the deadline? It does neither LL nor the contest sponsor any good to publicize said event with an impossibly short time to join in on the fun.
  11. What you describe makes me wonder if the drivers for the GPU are installed at all. I've had a friend complain that they could play no games or anything after putting in the card, and he was still in VGA mode with none of the 3D card drivers installed. Perhaps you could download the latest drivers for your video card from the manufacturer? I've had a bizarre glitch before where the VFS announcement stayed on teh screen as the program crashed. But that was caused by having a particular USB device hooked up which killed Dinput8.dll early in initialization.
  12. I find such claims very hard to believe. More than likely it's a bug in the FPS calculation rather than real world performance. If such a tweak were possible, they could sell a TPV incorporating it and make lots of cash even at 10$ a pop. And even if that worked, your LCD only updates at 60 hz, and the sim state only updates at 45 hz. In a word, pointless. Tweaking the computer to get 400FPS in a game and then watching it on a 60hz LCD monitor has always struck me as odd. Have him tell the tweak here and see if others can duplicate and improve on teh results. If there's a way to get the performance up without hammering the network, better viewers can come of it. But I'm dubious that this is anything but a glitch in the FPS calculations.
  13. go with the Nvidia card. Stay away from the ATI as SL doesn't run as well upon it as it does on Nvidia. I've had both kinds of cards and the Nvidia cards work much better than the ATI ones. The issue appears to be iffy drivers and OpenGL support. ATI wants to drop OpenGL entirely so their drivers are thus poor and only halfway support it. This has been a well-known refraign since 2005 or so -- SL runs far better on Nvidia hardware than ATI.
  14. I could be evil and ask for the card number and the number on the back since you were so kind enough to give me a real name. But I'm a good guy, so I'll pass on the opportunity. I'm hoping you'll not give the card number on the forums, as we are not LL helpdesk but just ordinary users. What kind of card is it? I seem to recall LL only permitting certain European Credit cards (not debit). Look here. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Billing/ta-p/700037 Also a note on that site says: If you are outside the US, your card may not be set up for international/overseas transactions (this is very common with Visa Electron). Contact your bank and get the overseas bit turned on your card, give it a day, and then try again.
  15. If you are wearing something they gave you, that may be what is controlling you. Simply detach it from what you are wearing. Otherwise, you have to give permission to do the animations someone wants you to perform.
  16. I thought that died and was buried. It was an experiment that didn't pan out. All it did was put a bank of computers that had direct connection to LL's servers and streamed the video/mouse/keyboard data. All the graphics would be generated on site and streamed to your computer, making your machine nothing but a graphic terminal. While this is wonderful in theory, in reality, everybody has bandwidth caps nowdays. And it would be easy to bust that cap only playing on SL for a single day on some ISPs. Plus the lab has to buy and maintain a dedicated computer for every person logged into SL -- so if concurrency is 50,000 people, that's 50,000 PCs LL has to buy to do the rendering and streaming. A very expensive proposition, that was. So the idea was shelved. I've heard no hints that their are plans to try it again.
  17. Just because I have an Alt and tell you so, is not permission for you to tell the universe that I'm also "Surgical Resident" and I sleep with "Nurse McKinzie" in the skybox at 122, 140, 600 on the sim Scirocco on alternate Thursdays between 6 and 8pst. If I want the world to know, I'll tell the world myself. But I told you, privately, and I expect you to keep things told in confidence, confidential. No doubt you'd be upset if I told the world details you confided to me, now wouldn't you? Good seats are still available by the skybox at 122, 140, 600 on the sim Scirocco btw. Order your tickets now.
  18. Every horse in SL is a fake horse. How have you been "had"? If the store is selling Copybots of the Amaretto horses, then yes, the lab needs to hear about it and fast. See, you can copy anything but scripts, so a copy of the Amaretto will not function. How to approach this? Well start with http://amarettobreedables.com/ and advise the creator where you bought yours and all the little details like what name is seen in the Created By block of Edit. The real creator must file the DMCA with LL, not you. But they cannot if nobody tells them when they get robbed (like you were.)
  19. You need either an ATI or NVIDIA graphics chipset to be able to play SL with the regular viewer. The Intel stuff isn't supported. That said though, try Phoenix. Just do a search in Google for Pheonix Viewer (since giving you the URL is against the rules here.) That and LL's own Snowglobe have been seen to work SOMEWHAT with Second Life and an Intel graphics system. I say somewhat because the quality of the rendering will be poorer and you'll have far fewer FPS. But if it's poor or nothing, poor at least is something. Just don't be upset when you don't see the wild, vibrant world you expected.
  20. Simple: you MUST have a premium account to OWN any land, be it the freebie house or the new digs you just bought on mainland. As the others have told you, the land you bought has a fixed tier price that you pay directly to Linden Lab. Your 2K parcel will require you to pay only 15$ a month to LL. If someone is trying to tell you that you also have to pay some group membership every month, you can quit that group -- the only requirement for land ownership is the premium account. People can require a group membership and monthly fee for that group when you rent land, but nobody can require that of you when you've bought the land; the only people you have to pay is Linden Labs. If you are going to keep the land awhile, one way to lower the cost is to pay your premium account for a whole year ahead of time. You then pay only 7$ a month for premium after all the math is done.
  21. @natales: That LL has my credit card can hardly be construed as a declaration of Trust. They have it because I buy L with it and pay for my rental with it. They have that particular credit card because I can take it from their greedy hands with nothing but a phone call to my bank. A better declaration of trust would be their posession of my business CC, something they will never even get a glimpse of now. A true declaration of trust would be my continued premium account and ownership of that one island and four Open Spaces around it - attached to my group's existant island chain - that I was weeks from purchasing to demonstrate a rapid assembly simulation technique to the parent outfit. Rather than create the workflow with actual hardware in a hanger over 6 months, do it in a virtual hanger in only one. That would be <b>serious</b> money for a serious application rather than this play money they get from me now. I walked away from said purchase and dropped the premium when the lab's bait and switch with Open Space came about. So yes, I voted with my wallet. Lots of people are still voting with their wallets, as the dropping numbers displayed in Gridsurvey (dot) com illustrate. I'm an engineer and a businessman in RL. I know how hard it is to get a customer's trust back once you've lost it, even accidently. LL's actions have not been accidental and regaining enough trust that people will turn over several K$ a year for "nothing" is a daunting task. If we don't "Own" the virtual property, then don't price it like we do.
  22. @Pegysus - I appreciate your telling what it's like from a newcomer's point of view. We who have been in for years can forget what it was like when we were new, and sometimes we need reminded. On the negativity though, one thing that will shock you is the fact that from 2006 to 2008, I was one of the lab's biggest cheerleaders. I pooh poohed all the old timers who complained about the glacial pace of improvements and the glitchiness of the overall system, saying that a system as complex as this is bound to have development problems. But the harsh fact is that SL's problems are not technological; they are managerial. It is managerial incompetence trying to turn a virtual playground into a powerpoint presenter and telling everyone to pack up their fun and "git!" that has done most of the harm in SL. It is managerial incompetence that directed the company to implement Bait And Switch tactics that we now refer to as the "Open Space Fiasco" and "Zindra debacle". And when even those of us that supported the lab could not count on them delivering the product that they were paid to deliver, it was the last straw and the lab saw even it's biggest supporters turn against them. The ship LL is today sinking, with user numbers and concurrency sinking every month. The lab repeatedly shoots itself in the foot when there's no logic to it, then blames the users who are spending lots and lots of cash and standing by the lab through thick and thin. So while yes, there is some negativity here, you should have been around 1.5 years ago -- now THAT was a snake pit. Today is nowhere near as bad because so many people found other ways to spend their millions of dollars a month with companies that don't treat their customers hostily like LL does. Those of us remaining and complaining are the die-hards who remember what SL used to be and what they'd like to see SL return to once again -- a playground where you can be anything and do anything. But we cannot do that when struggling with the 23 volumes of TOS and Linden policies regarding land costs and the Marketplace that make owning land a sucker's bet. The negativity is because we fell in love with Second Life of old. And the only reason we don't have it still today is because of idiots who couldn't leave a good thing alone and ruined it. We want it back, or at the very least we don't want the current pale shadow of what we used to have to go bankrupt. So please, forgive us for the negativity. We aren't complaining because we love the blue shade our faces turn to. We do so because we hope and pray that once in awhile, something we complain about will actually get fixed. And under the current CEO, a couple of things actually have been fixed. But there is so much damage the previous chimpEO did that remains to be fixed. And if the critical tasks aren't addressed soon, you may not be able to stay in world long enough to become a "complainer" like me, as the world will vanish right out from under your prim boots.
  23. @Adam - well, I suppose we could shoehorn mesh editor in with the Sound creation area. Oh wait, there has NEVER been a sound creation area in the viewer. Silly me. We can stick it in the tab for the Texture editing area instead, then. Wait a minute, there has never been a texture editor either. Nor has there been a pose editor, or a BVH creator or an animation creator or a Heightfield File editor... Why so many of you blast SL for not having Photoshop built in but continue to take photos with your digital cameras that likewise doesn't have photoshop built in, completely amazes me. You cannot make a movie without a video editor and you cannot create a 3D world without learning some 3D tools either. That you can create some things with the basic tools the viewer gives you is great, I agree. But other tools from companies who have forgotten more about 3D than LL will ever learn also exist, and some of them are even free. There are lots and lots of tools already out for these well-documented standards. Your refusal to make a texture because there is no texture editor in the viewer is like saying you refuse to drive your car because Ford didn't produce the gas in the tank, either. Who cares where the gas comes from? If you don't wish to use PaintShopPro or Gimp or Audacity or Aniposer, that's your business -- nobody is saying you have to or you can't play in SL. You can keep building with your wooden blocks all you like. The rest of us who run more than one program on our computers at a time will be generating meshes that will totally revolutionize how SL looks, from realistic trees to ornate wall paneling to elaborate flying toasters. And besides, adding in all those editors would make everyone crying about the size of the download explode in indignation -- How about a nice 250Meg download every couple of nights? That is, if LL could actually build a working mesh or sound editor in the first place. Seeing how poorly they've done anything else the past 3 years, I wouldn't bet money on them delivering anything usuable.
  24. @Dev Khaos: I had a similar problem until recently. I discovered that what was crashing was NOT VFS, but Dinput8.dll, part of directX9c. It crashed whenever directX started to initialize because I had a particular device plugged into USB. In my case, that was a PICKIT3 programming wand. Try unplugging USB devices and see if the lockup problem goes away. When I go to SL, I have to unplug the PICKIT3 first. This is a problem with some poor USB HID programming rather than LL's fault. But yes, it's frustrating to have your 3D GPU not work because of something you have plugged into USB. Strange problem and stranger solution, but I swear it's true. And I am sure I'm not the only one to encounter it.
  25. @Pookiepie -- MANY of us screamed loudly that if the merger had to be done, that a G-rated continent had to be created and everyone else left alone. But instead we got this junk solution which makes nobody happy, jeopardizes everyone and solves nothing -- all a teen has to do to buy a pe*is is go to Idu and cam into any of the shops in Mature land which surround the new arrivals area there. All a teen has to do to see some really hot steaming sex scenes is cam into the sex-pose store to the SE and watch from the PG area of Idu. I even created a very simple solution to the disaster, suggesting that any M or A sim simply pass no data at all to people with the General bit set (teens). The teens would see a world that looks much like Island areas, but not see anything which they should not. This too was roundly ignored by LL. Between the Zindra ghettoization and the teen merger, I think LL has shot itself in the foot two times too many to keep living as they are today. A fundamental change that really fixes the issues in Mainland needs to be implemented that won't destroy the fun people have today. Aside from lowering the prices of tier, LL should also simplify the TOS in the following manner: * all PG areas are no-sex areas, including your homes. Violence and wargames are permitted only in sims/parcels where it is pointedly permitted and expected. Sex furniture and naughty poseballs are also not permitted in PG, the most restrictive of areas. * All M areas are nudity okay and sex okay, so long as it is not visible from public roads. Public roads are considered PG areas within M and what you do in your parcel is your business as long as passersby don't have to watch. Camming from the road or entering your parcel are not covered -- someone deliberately looking into homes or past decorative blocks are choosing to watch and so have no-one to blame but themselves. * All A areas can have anything and everything open and exposed, even on the public roads. Simple, easy to understand, and fair. Well, fair except to everyone who bought a home in PG believing the lie that what they did in their own homes was their business...
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