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  1. Pardon,but I only meant as to illegal as to the idea of a hack tool that seems to promise free $L & that SL should know about it if they don't already.Not the posting of the video.That since I couldn't find any existing info as to such on a search of the SL website.In no way was I intending to use or even download the "program" as to I would assume if true I'ld think it would for sure be illegal.At it ever right to to try to get "free" $L in such a way.& of course always "better safe than sorry."always right?Yeah.I don't spend my time looking for ways to break the law or even cheat anybody if anybody thought that."Why it would it be legal to get sormething like that for free when everyone else has to pay for or earn or maybe be given.I just thought it fair to try to be sure SL did know of such.All apoligies as appropriate & no insult to anyone's intelligence.All the best to all rightly always. :matte-motes-grin:
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