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  1. Hey there! I have just come back to SL and im looking for a group to hook up with for a project. If you have a project your wokring on and need another scripter please contact me. I have been scripting from day one in SL. I like doing huds,or anything real technical. Even been working on some external call stuff for a while to. Please leave a reply or drop me a note card. Thanks.
  2. Hello, i am looking for a dev for some php/html for buissness website. I can give more info about the project in SL or skype please IM me thanks.
  3. Thank you i belive that is the only way to go with this.
  4. Hello, im mesing with a sword and i need to make it do damage so im trying to use llSetDamage(10); and nothing. I turned damage on the land. Ive tryed walking into it nothing. How can i check to see if a item have damage applyed ? I know the script is hitting it i put a llOwnerSay under it to see if its hitting it. SO idk help please.
  5. Hello, im a scripter just looking to make a little L$. I do most any type of scripts, custome is my game. Please IM in world thanks.
  6. Well thank you for the post, the deal is this he had a rep for the land estat bann me after he lied adn said i did some thing to steal the land group "that he was never in " she was stupid and took his word for it. And thats just the most recent Ohh and i had to pretend afk but he watched my avi for 4hrs to see when i was no longer afk. This guy knows all the places i go and stuff. Its really creepy and sad. I wish I could AR him but that wont ever work. If i derender him "already muted" then its kinda hard to tell when hes chillen in the same sim trying to watch me and listen to convos.
  7. So it seems that my friend and i more so my friend has a SL salker. He herrases us and get us banned from our land by lieing and just wont leave us alone. What should i do. I wont make a new avi i only have the one "and one i use to test one" but ya i can make him stop....with out going RL and prombly breaking some laws lol. Is there any TOS rules that may apply to this at all ?
  8. LastRestraint Productions is looking for Beta Testers. If you are active in the RLV / BDSM community OR your just onterested in the style you fit what were looking for. Were deleloping a new Collar system and we need 100 people to test it out. There will be a nondisclosur agreemment and a noncompetitive agreement. Please IM me in game or shoot me a message here.
  9. from what i understand you need to beable to listen on port 80 for SL scripts. right?
  10. I have setup a server at home for testing some scripts and it turns out my IPS blocks port 80. So is there a work around to this at all? Server is Xampp Linux ran from home, all ports forwareded. Can only be seen from local ip
  11. Need some help with a project im puting together, im just learning php and having a little trouble with it. Have my own dedicated server and all that up. Just need a few kinks knoced out. Willing to pay. just IM in game or leave reply ty need ASAP
  12. Im starting to set up a web server so my clients can interact with some product. Im still super new at http/php and all that. So i need a way to interact with a product from RL webpage. If you can help or even setup this let me know.
  13. Thank you for the responces everyone, first part of the hole sharing function is) you can only see the persone wearing it's message, "i would never want nor attempt to share messages from a person that wasnt in valved in the product" second part who sees it: well only the Dom can see this, yes its possible for him/her to copy past it, but thats out side of our responcibility. And they realy ont need out product to do so. It simply would take a min or two of reading to find out how to intercept IM's. lastly, i am satisfied with these answers they all make sence personaly and ToS wise. I will in clude this functon like someone said with a drop down dialog explaning in PLAIN ENGLISH how it works and wether they aree or not. If any LL employee actually coms accross this please IM in game or here on forums with a straight answer Thank you all.
  14. Its illegal to gamble with RL money not L$ as far as i know every clucb or social sopt has one. I wouldnt worry about it.
  15. My point here isnt to sound any way other then upfront, There is a user base (RLV) that use this function and i want to know a way to protect my product from any one that violates TOS of SL. I just thought placing this TOS (disclamer ) would put the fact that using this product you are allowing the sharring of your IM's. Generally people that do this (for RLV reasons) its a DOM / SUB role play were the dom can see all the subs IM/public chats and so on. so how can i avoid this being a issue with my product with out removing the option. Does the option being there make me and my company liable or is it like hey you paid for a gun and its illegal to kill so not my fault ??? or what. So ya thank you for the ToS info there, but question still stands till i get a mod or someone with the right to say yes or no. ....that sounded like a jerk but thats the only whay i could word that. I thank and welcome any input on the subject please. Thank you.
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